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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 111 Situation Development

Chapter 111 Situation Development

Inside the envoys' residence, Kakashi's figure appeared quietly, and he then places Sawamura in the room.

Kakashi touched his chin and whispered: "Now, I should see the ugly face of the Envoys."

Kakashi then uses Flying Thunder God Jutsu again, and disappears from this place, he then appears near Sandaime's home.

"Flying Thunder God Jutsu is really convenient."

After that, Kakashi go to Sandaime's home.

Sandaime right now is at the courtyard in his home.

Knowing that Kumogakure has hidden purpose, Sandaime feels really tortured as he didn't know about it.

He knows that they wanted something, but he didn't know what it is.

Just as Sandaime sighed, a figure suddenly appears in front of him.


"Hmm? Kakashi? Why are you here? Is there something wrong with the envoys?"

Kakashi nodded and said: "Yes, the leader of the Land of Lighting's envoys, Sawamura secretly sneaked into the residence of the Hyuga clan, and tried to kidnap Hyuga Hinata. Then Hyuga Hiashi pursued him."

"What? Did Sawamura die in the hands of Hyuga Hiashi?"

Sandaime turns pale with fright. If that is the case, he's afraid that things will be troublesome.

At this time, Sandaime have also understood the purpose of Kumogakure.

They wanted the Byakugan!

He didn't believe that Kumogakure actually dares to steal the Kekkei Genkai of the Hyuga clan.

Sandaime's face starts to turn ugly.

Unlike the ambitious Uchiha clan, the Hyuga clan is a peaceful clan.

In Sandaime's eyes, the Hyuga clan is definitely an important part of Konoha's combat power.

If the mystery of Byakugan is really explored, it will definitely make thing worse for Konoha.

"No, I stopped Hiashi-Senpai in time."

Hearing this, Sandaime shows a look of joy and said: "Really? That's great! What is the situation now?"

"Kumogakure is obviously prepared. After I stopped Hyuga-Senpai, Kumogakure brought people to our location, but they didn't see me nor Sawamura, and I have already make Sawamura faint and bring him back to his residence."

"It seems that Hiashi should with them right now, we should go there."

"Yes! Sandaime-sama."

On the outskirts of the Hyuga clan's residence, Hyuga Hiashi is still in shock.

'Who is that Anbu? How can he use Yondaime-sama's Flying Thunder God Jutsu?'

It is natural if he was shocked, after all, since the death of Yondaime Hokage, no one can use this Ninjutsu.

However, there was no time for Hiashi to think about this as Kuze had already brought some people to his location.

"Hyuga Hiashi! Where is Sawamura!"

Kuze suddenly asks as if he knows that Sawamura is here.

Hyuga Hiashi was burning in anger, but he didn't do anything.

After all, he is still the head of Hyuga clan. So he needs to calm down.

"Kuze-dono, what do you mean by that? How do I know where Sawamura-dono is?"

"Hmph! Stop pretending. Just tell me what did you do to Sawamura!"

Kuze did not see Sawamura's figure, and he thinks it was strange, as there was an ominous feeling that filled his heart.

"Kuze-dono, I respect you as the Land of Lighting's envoy, but if you continue to be so rude, I won't stay silent anymore."

Hyuga Hiashi' tone is cold. As the head of the Hyuga clan, he also has pride. Being questioned like this by just an envoy is an insult to Hyuga Hiashi.

Kuze feels something is strange, but he has already reached this point, so he can't retreat.

"You're just pretending. Tell me where did you hide Sawamura?"

"I don't know what you are talking about at all. I am just taking a walk with my daughter."

Hyuga Hiashi said as he held Hinata in his arms and he looks really convincing.

However, Kuze knows that that was a lie. 'It is obvious that Sawamura had kidnap Hyuga Hinata, but Hyuga Hiashi caught him so he is with Hinata right now. So where did Sawamura go?'

'Shouldn't he die in the hands of Hyuga Hiashi?'

The big commotion here naturally attracts a bunch of Anbu. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

Then a lot of Anbu starts to surround the place.

Their eyes are filled with killing intent that made Kuze have cold sweat.

"Do Konoha wanted to kill the envoys of the Land of Lighting? So this is Konoha's hospitality? I will go back and tell this thing to Daimyo-sama and Raikage-sama!"

As soon as these sentences were heard, the surrounding Anbu starts to hesitate.

Except for radicals like Danzo, no one yearns for war.

Seeing this, Kuze starts to relax.

At this time, Sandaime and Kakashi also arrived.

"Kuze-dono, what you are doing here in the middle of the night?"

"Hokage-dono, Sawamura is gone, I suspect that he is harmed by Hyuga Hiashi, please give us justice Hokage-dono. The Land of Lighting is not that easily bullied."

Kakashi sneered, 'The Land of Lighting is not that easily bullied? But now you try to bully Konoha?'

Sandaime frowns after hearing this, he then said: "Kuze-dono, of course I will be fair. But you can't talk nonsense like that. Please at least show us some evidence."


Kuze just thinks that this place gonna be the evidence. Originally, as long as Sawamura's body and Hyuga Hiashi are here together, they can't deny anything. But now, there is no trace of Sawamura's body here.

"If there is no evidence, please pay attention to your words Kuze-dono. Here is Konoha, not your Kumogakure."

Sandaime said as he releases pressure from his body, making Kuze unable to breathe.

"Well, is this Konoha's attitude? Let's see what else you have to say when I find Sawamura's body!"

Sandaime narrows his eyes and said, "Kuze-dono, why are you so sure that Sawamura-dono is dead?"

"That's because… It's because…"

Kuze was at a lost as he didn't know how to answer it.

"Kuze-dono, if you can't find Sawamura-dono, we can help you find him."

Kuze coldly snorted after hearing this, but he still agreed.

Seeing Kuze agrees, Sandaime then said to Hyuga Hiashi: "Hiashi, please search for Sawamura-dono."

"Yes, Sandaime-sama!"

Hyuga Hiashi said as he gave Hinata who is in his arms to one of the Anbu, and he then lightly shouted: "Byakugan!"

Hyuga Hiashi's veins starts showing, and his white eyes exudes powerful pressure. It seems that everything will be seen under that pair of eyes.

Kuze looks at the eyes. His heart is full of greed.

'Is this the Byakugan from Konoha? Sure enough, it is terrifying. It would be nice if it could belong to Kumogakure.'

Under Hiashi's Byakugan, the distant landscape is presented in front of his eyes.

A moment later, Hyuga Hiashi said: "Sandaime-sama, Sawamura-dono is resting at his room at this time."

Kuze hearing this then yelled: "What? Impossible!"

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