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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 110 Taking Action!

Chapter 110 Taking Action!

As night falls, in the envoys' residence, Sawamura and Kuze sit down together.

"Sawamura, are you ready?"

"I'm ready, you can leave now."

"Sawamura, be careful!"

Kuze looks at Sawamura solemnly.

Sawamura just nodded and said: "Yeah."

The night was dark, and a silhouette came out of the residence and disappeared into the empty street.

Kakashi who is standing on the branch of a tree secretly thought: "He finally come out, did he want to take action now?"

He then form hand seals, 'Shadow Clone Technique'.

The exact same figure emerged at his side, and the two look at each other and then scatter.

One of them gets inside the envoys' residence, and the other one follows Sawamura who is leaving.

Kakashi's clone sneaks into the residence without no one knowing it.

Kuze looks worried in the room.

Suddenly, the window moved and a silhouette emerged in the room.

"Who is it?"

Kuze cry out in surprise, but before he saw who the person is, his consciousness becomes blurred.

It is because he saw the Sharingan.

Kakashi whispers: "Genjutsu: Sharingan!"

Kakashi took off his mask and whispered, "What plans do you have for Konoha this time?"

Under Sharingan, Kuze confessed the purpose of their trip.

Kakashi frowned: "I didn't expect Yondaime Raikage to come here too, I hope Parker can do it."

After putting a Flying Thunder God Jutsu's formula in this place, Kakashi dissolves the clone.

At the moment Kakashi's clone disappeared, Kuze also woke up.

"What happened just now?"

Kuze's face was puzzled, he recall what just happened, and it seemed that nothing happened, which made Kuze feels puzzled.

"Am I too tired?"

Kuze couldn't recall anything, as he was under Genjutsu just now.

"The time is almost up. I should take someone to witness the scene of Hyuga Hiashi killing Sawamura."

Kuze whispered and then went out.

"Everyone, Sandaime is gone. Let's go out to find him."

At the Hyuga clan's residence, the lights were dim, and the rest of the people had already slept except a few patrolling guard.

Inside a house, Hyuga Hinata is asleep.

This cute little girl doesn't know that a pair of sinful hands are moving towards her.

Sawamura's figure is slowly appearing beside Hinata.

"It's a cute brat, I'm sorry, but this is the World's Rule."

In order to prevent Hinata from waking up, Sawamura uses sleeping gas on her.

"Now it's done. Konoha's defense is too tight, so it's impossible to escape with this brat. It looks like I…"

Sancun thought about the plan and look toward a place.

And that place is the room of the Head of the Hyuga clan, Hyuga Hiashi.

There was a firm expression on Sawamura face, and Sawamura then took out his mask and wear it to cover his face.

"Now, it's time for my dedication to Kumogakure."

Sawamura then picks up the already fainted Hinata and left the room.

At Hyuga Hiashi's room, at this time Hiashi has not rested yet as he still sitting in a chair and reading a book.

At this time, his heart suddenly feels a trace of uneasiness.

'What happened? Why do I feel this way?'

This uneasy feeling makes Hyuga Hiashi unable to calm down.

He then gets up and leaves the room, it was a silence outside.

'Strange, why do I feel that it is extremely quiet this evening?'

Just as Hyuga Hiashi thinking about this, Hyuga Hiashi saw a black shadow moving!

"Who is it!"

Hyuga Hiashi shouted, 'Who dares to trespass the Hyuga clan's residence?'

After Hyuga Hiashi start to see more clearly, he becomes even angrier!

"Damn! He is kidnapping Hinata!"

Hyuga Hiashi whispered, and then he releases some Chakra from his feet, he instantly turns into a white afterimage to catch up the kidnapper!

The speed of Sawamura is not slow, but it is far worse than Hiashi's speed.

It was not long before he was overtaken by Hyuga Hiashi.

Hyuga Hiashi jumped in front of Sawamura.

"Who are you? You dare to come to Konoha to kidnap people!"

Sawamura did not answer, he is holding Hinata with his left hand, and he takes out a kunai with his right hand, and directly moves towards Hyuga Hiashi.

Seeing this, Hyuga Hiashi coldly snorted: "Hmph! He is overestimating himself!"

Hyuga Hiashi directly dodges Sawamura's attack. He then slams his palm towards Sawamura's weak point!

In the face of this terrifying moves that are about to take away his lives, Sawamura only feels relieved.

"Raikage-sama! I succeeded! I will leave the rest to you."

Sawamura closed his eyes and waited quietly for the death.

Hyuga Hiashi frowned, 'Why did this person look like he wants to die?'

A bad feeling emerged from Hiashi's heart, but his attack can't be stopped anymore.

Just then, a black shadow suddenly appeared!

He grabs Hyuga Hiashi's right hand with one of his hand and hit Sawamura's neck with the other one.

Sawamura groaned, as he directly fainted.

Hyuga Hiashi was shocked, he can't believe his full power attack was actually blocked by someone!

The one who arrives wear Anbu's clothes.

This Anbu is naturally Kakashi who had follow Sawamura.

Kakashi naturally can't attack Sawamura before as he has yet revealed his purpose.

But at this time, as someone other than him has seen Sawamura's plan, Kakashi naturally starts to move.

However, Sawamura must not die here.

At least, he can't die where there is Konoha's Shinobi.

Otherwise, it will be hard to explain to the other envoys.

"Hiashi-Senpai, this person is the leader of the Land of Lighting's envoys. You can't kill him. Otherwise, it will be troublesome."

The cold voice came out from the mouth of the Anbu, causing Hyuga Hiashi to have a cold sweat.

'The leader of the Land of Lighting's envoys? If I had killed him just now…'

As Hyuga Hiashi is the head of the Hyuga clan, he naturally is not a fool, and he soon noticed the reason.

"Kumogakure wants to get the Byakugan from Hyuga clan?"

Although Hyuga Hiashi is using a questioning tone, he already knows the answer.

"Hiashi-Senpai, no matter what the Land of Lighting's envoys is looking for, he must not die in the hands of our Konoha's Shinobi."

Hyuga Hiashi nodded and said: "Thank you very much."

At this time, there are shouts from the envoys coming from afar.

"Sawamura-sama! Sawamura-sama! Where are you?"

Hearing this, Hyuga Hiashi starts to get angry. It really is a conspiracy, the envoy has come to find Sawamura now when he is already caught. If not for Kakashi, he would be caught by this conspiracy.

Kakashi said, "Hiashi-Senpai, don't say anything about Sawamura. Just let me handle it."

Kakashi finished, and then Kakashi and Sawamura suddenly disappear from that place.

Hyuga Hiashi was surprised!

"That is… Yondaime-sama's Flying Thunder God Jutsu?"

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