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Chapter 11

In the land of craftsmen, in a blacksmith shop, an old blacksmith is constantly swinging his hammer.

Kakashi followed Mifune, and Koyuki also follow them.

Mifune said: "Tsukasa, I come for some business."

The old blacksmith raised his head, looked at Mifune, and then look at Kakashi. He then said, "Is it for this boy?"

Kakashi hearing this came up and said: "Yes sir, I wanna aks for your help to make me a sword?"

"I can do it, but you need to find the materials yourself" said the old blacksmith.

"This…" Kakashi took out the white sword and said: "Sir, right now I only have this broken sword. Can you give me some more material to create it? Of course I will pay for it."

The old blacksmith took Kakashi"s white sword and measured it. He said: "This sword is made from Chakra Rare Metal, but it has been broken. Only with such a point, I am afraid that I can"t help you. As for Other materials, I don"t have Chakra rare metal here."

Kakashi is feeling helpless. He originally thought that the blacksmith would have this kind of Metal. He didn"t expect this old blacksmith don"t have it.

At this time, Mifune pulled out a strange ore from his bag and said, "This should be enough right?"

After the old blacksmith saw the ore, his eyes brighten, and quickly said: "Yes, this is a good thing, where did you get it from?"

"Haha, I got it by chance." Mifune said with a smile.

"Mifune-san, this…" Kakashi said unsurely.

"It"s okay, I already have black sword, and it"s already made from Chakra"s rare metal. I don"t this stuff anymore so it"s useless"

"This…Thank you very much."

"That"s alright, what I want is for you to inherit white fang legend and carry it forward."

"Please be assured, I will do it!" Kakashi said awkwardly.

"Tsukasa, how long will it take to make this sword?" asked Mifune.

"Three days is enough with my skill."

"It"s good, otherwise I won"t be finding you just now."

"Then come over and take it after three days, I won"t sent you off." The old blacksmith finished talking and then took the ore and begin to refine it.

"This guy is still the same." Mifune shook their shook head with a wry smile and turned to Kakashi and said, "Kakashi, you can lived in my house for three days."

"Okay, thank you very much Mifune-san."

"You"re welcome. Koyuki also wants to spend more time with you." Mifune said and looked at Koyuki.

Koyuki looked innocently at the two and smile cutely.

Cherry Blossoms tree, at the courtyard, Kakashi is moving a long sword, he is practicing the Hatake sword technique. Mifune looking at him, and he nodded from time to time.

This long sword is not the one that Kakashi wants to make, but Mifune lend it for Kakashi to practice.

Seeing Kakashi training, Mifune said: "Kakashi, your sword skill movement is good, but you still need to believe in your sword."

Kakashi sheathed his sword and said, "Thank you for the pointer Mifune-san."

"Haha, It"s okay Kakashi. I want to practice some movement, you can see it if you want." said Mifune.

"Okay." Kakashi with his eyes shined answered. And it was at this moment Kakashi see Mifune"s sword.

Mifune pulled out his own black sword and start moving under the Cherry Blossoms. The sword was fierce, but it looked calm. It feels really strange.

The pace of Mifune"s movement is even stranger, his speed is very fast which makes Kakashi a bit stunned.

He subconscious wants to open his Sharingan to see it, but he hold it back. After all, this movement may be the secret technique of Mifune, and to copy it, he needs consent from Mifune.

If he is an enemy, then there is no problem, but Mifune isn"t an enemy, he"s a friend of Kakashi"s father.

Mifune sheathed his sword and said: "Kakashi, what did you see?"

"Mifune-san"s sword movement is really fascinating, and it seems that there is a some amount of Spiritual Force attached to your sword," Kakashi said.

Mifune after hearing this laugh loudly and say: "You really are Sakumo"s son, just by seeing it once you get it. Very good, I believe that you will be very strong in the future."

"Thank you for your praise Mifune-san."

"In addition to these, what do else you see?" asked Mifune.

"This… Mifune-san"s footwork seems to be somewhat unusual. It looks very strange and quick. It looks slow at first, but it can be fast at an instant."

"You really can see it. Yes, this footwork is somewhat similar to the Shunshin no jutsu, but you don"t need Chakra at all. Do you know who invented this footwork?"

"I don"t know," Kakashi shook head said.

"You are very familiar with this person."

Kakashi"s pupils shrank and said: "Is it… my father?"

"Yes, it is Sakumo. At the beginning, Sakumo reinvented the footwork that applied to the swordsman, and taught it to me. Didn"t your father teach you?" Mifune seemed to have some doubts.

Kakashi shook his head and said with a wry smile, "No, my father died before he can teach me those skills. My current Hatake sword technique is just based on the records from my family scroll."

"It turns out to be like that. Then I will teach you this skill, its name is Shunpo. After all, it is the move created by your father. If you don"t learn it, it will be really strange," said Mifune.

"Thank you very much Mifune-san."

"Then let us start now" Mifune said as he demonstrated the footwork once again. Kakashi did not open his Sharingan, and use his own eye to see it.

Mifune is moving slowly so that Kakashi can understand it, and at the same time he"s also talking about Shunpo"s movement.

After the demonstration, Mifune then asked: "How about it Kakashi?"

Kakashi didn"t answer right away, but closed his eye and he seemed to be thinking about something.

A moment later, Kakashi opened his eyes and with a smile he says: "Mifune-san, I think I understand."

"Oh? Then can you try it?" said Mifune in surprise.

Just by watching it again, is Kakashi really able to do it?

Kakashi then stand with the tip of his toes and he disappears from his place. The next second he appears five meters away.

"This…" Mifune is stunned, he can already do it? Although it is only basic, but it is indeed Shunpo. His talent is really terrifying!

"You really are Sakumo"s son." This is the only thing Mifune can says.

"Mifune-san thank you very much," Kakashi said gratefully.

Mifune waved his hands and said: "You"re welcome, this is the skill of your father. I only help teaching you in his place."

Shunpo, which is a kind of Taijutsu will become more terrifying as long as his own fitness continues to increase. Today"s Kakashi is still at the basic. Even Mifune is far from mastering it.

How terrifying is the real Shunpo? Is it comparable to the Shunshin of Shisui? But today"s Shisui is probably just a seven- or eight-year-old kid. It will be long before he can be that fast.

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