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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 108 Kakashis Preparations

Chapter 108 Kakashi's Preparations

The journey from the border of the Land of Fire to the Konoha village will take at least two days even with Shinobi's speed.

In other words, Kakashi has at least two days to prepare for the uninvited guests who are coming.

Kumogakure reason to come here is to cause trouble, and their goal is the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan.

Although Kakashi knows about it, it is impossible for him to tell Sandaime about this.

First of all, there is no way for him to explain where he had heard this news from.

Even the large Konoha Intelligence System didn't know about this, but why Kakashi knew about this?

Although Sandaime won't necessarily doubt him, once this question arises, there may a gap between them in the future.

Once this thing happens, there may be trouble in the future. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

Therefore, he obviously can't tell Sandaime about this information.

So he can only rely on himself to solve this problem.

Kakashi recall the plot of the original story in his mind, looking for things he needs to remember about this.

In fact, Kumogakure's action can be said to be a provocation towards Konoha.

And Konoha didn't have enough Strength and confidence to fight against Kumogakure at this time, and more importantly, Sandaime longed for peace.

Therefore, Hyuga clan and Sandaime will choose to compromise with Kumogakure.

If it was when the Nidaime Hokage's reign, Kumogakure wouldn't dare to do this kind of thing as their envoy will then be killed and there won't be any compensation.

After all, Nidaime Hokage is not someone soft like Sandaime.

It's not that there is something wrong with Sandaime's softness. It's just that in this World, it is a bad thing to have as people will always pressure him.

If his strength is superior, it will naturally become understandable and he will be treated as a kind person, just like the Shodaime Hokage.

But if he didn't have enough Strength, he will be treated as a weak person.

Unfortunately, Konoha's condition right now is really bad. Otherwise, if Konoha still can unite all of its strength, Kumogakure won't dare to threaten Konoha.

The Elite of the Root, Sandaime's Anbu, and the Elite of the Uchiha clan. If these three together are united, Konoha won't be in trouble like this.

Clearing all these thoughts out of his mind, Kakashi is not considering these issues at this time.

Kakashi's main goal is to find the way to prevent Kumogakure to cause any trouble to Konoha.

This is the place where his teacher, Minato and his father desperately protected, as he blended with the consciousness of the original Kakashi, he naturally has this feeling to protect this place too.

If the White Fang is still alive, when Konoha is being bullied by Kumogakure like this, Kumogakure would be slashed by him.

"Strength, it is important to have formidable strength in this World."

If Minato is still alive, then Yondaime Raikage wouldn't dare to be impudent like this.

Thinking of his teacher, Kakashi's eye couldn't help but brighten up, and then he takes out the unique kunai he made before.

With the help of Mangekyo, Kakashi has made three unique kunais before.

Kakashi touched his chin and muttered: "Maybe with this, I can perfectly solve this problem."

Thinking of an idea, Kakashi showed a smile.

'Kumogakure, this time you won't be able to cause any trouble to Konoha.'

'Two days, itt is enough for me to prepare!'

Biting his right thumb, Kakashi then forms hand seals and slams his palm into the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"


"Hey Kakashi, it's so late right now, is there anything you need?"

The one who appears right now is Pakkun.

"Pakkun, there is something I need you to do, the thing is…"

After Kakashi explained it, Pakkun said: "Don't worry Kakashi, I will take care of this thing."

"Well, thank you."

Under the moonlight, Kakashi looks at Pakkun who has leave.

"Pakkun, the time is limited, please do your best."

At the road to Konoha, Sawamura sat in the carriage that is moving towards Konoha.

This time he needs to go to Konoha, and Sawamura knows that he didn't have any chance to stay alive.

But Sawamura doesn't care. His relatives and friends are all dead. If there is something he is worried about in this World, it may be the wellbeing of Kumogakure.

If he can finally sacrifice his life for Kumogakure, it's a good ending for him.

Sawamura only feels honor to accomplish this great task for Kumogakure with his own meaningless life

In this mission, in addition to Sawamura, there is another person who knows about their real mission, his name is Kuze.

Other than these two, the rest of the envoys are not sure why they are coming to Konoha.

It's not that Kumogakure doesn't trust these people, but it is better if there are fewer people who know about this.

Otherwise, if the information leaked, their chance to succeed this mission will be smaller.

As for why Kuze know about this is because after the death of Sawamura, Kuze will be responsible to oppress Konoha.

Therefore, he must know about their real mission too.

Of course, this matter can't rely on Kuze alone.

Kuze is just the spokesperson at the beginning, and the one that will come out later is naturally the Yondaime Raikage!

First of all, under the pretext of Sawamura's death, he will threaten Konoha. If Konoha compromises on this, it is good. But if Konoha didn't compromise, then Yondaime Raikage will come and carry out further threats.

As long as Yondaime Raikage appears in the border of the Land of Fire near Konoha, then, if Sandaime doesn't want war to happen, he must compromise about this matter.

It can be said that Kumogakure has plan meticulously for this mission.

"Sawamura, are you ready?"

Kuze came over and asked at this time.

Sawamura reveals a smile and said: "There is nothing for me to prepare. I'm ready from the moment I left Kumogakure. This time, I dedicated myself to Kumogakure. I didn't feel any fear towards dead as right now I feel really calm."

Kuze then sighed.

"Sawamura, you…"

"Kuze, your mission is tougher than mine, I hope you can complete it perfectly."

"Sawamura, you can rest assured. With the strength of Konoha right now, they will never dare to offend our Kumogakure. This time our plan will succeed!"

"I hope so, but I don't know why, but the closer we are to Konoha, the more I feel ominous foreboding."

Sawamura said as he frowned.

Sawamura didn't know he got this kind of feeling just before dying.

When Kuze heard this, he pats Sawamura's shoulder and said, "Sawamura, you are too nervous, you can rest assured that nothing will happen."

"I hope so."

Sawamura couldn't think of any reason, so he decided to temporarily let go of this feeling.

After all, the mission is the most important thing, so Sawamura must adjust his own state to the best.

The reason Kumogakure chooses Sawamura for this mission is not because of Sawamura's strength, but because of the hidden ability of Sawamura.

Only Sawamura who has this hidden ability can enter the Hyuga clan's residence.

This is a suicide mission, but Sawamura didn't have any regrets.

Because of the belief in his heart, this belief is the love for Kumogakure.

For the village, Sawamura is willing to pay for everything, including his own life!

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