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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi

Chapter 102 Summoned Beast

Chapter 102 Summoned Beast

Kakashi naturally recognized Shisui, it's just that Shisui is carrying another person, and Kakashi does not know who it is because he can't see his face.

"Silver, are you okay?"

"I'm okay Blink. That man is?"

Shisui hasn't answered yet, as Terumi Mei has already rushed over.

"Let him go!"

Shisui is stunned, he can't reacts as Ao on his shoulder has already been taken away by Terumi Mei.


Shisui is about to do something but Kakashi stop him and said: "Don't do it, tell me what's going on? Is that person a Kirigakure's Shinobi?" 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

"Yeah, when I was looking for you before, I met this guy. I didn't expect this guy to be so rude, so I naturally fight him."

Kakashi smiled, this guy's luck is really bad. With Shisui's current level, this Kirigakure's Shinobi will not be able to last long.

Terumi Mei looks at Ao's condition in a worried state and she then found out that he was just fainting, and there was no danger to his life. Knowing this, she then starts to relax.

At this time, Ao also slowly opened his eyes.

Terumi Mei looks at him and calls: "Ao! Are you okay?"

When he heard the voice of Terumi Mei, Ao suddenly sober up and said, "Mei-dono, are you okay? You are not injured right?"

"Yeah I'm okay. How do you feel?"

"I'm fine. Mei-dono, why are you here with me? I remember that I was fighting against Konoha's Shinobi just now."

Shisui then said: "You remember correctly, it's me."

Ao's pupil shrank, and he immediately stands up in front of Terumi Mei and said: "Mei-dono, be careful, this guy is an Uchiha clan member, he is very powerful."

"It's okay Ao."

Terumi Mei stopped Ao who was going to fight and said, "Hatake Kakashi, we are done here and our previous debts are written off."

"No problem."

"Good, then don't follow us. Ao, let's go."

"Mei-dono, aren't we looking for Hatake Kakashi to settle accounts?"

"No, I changed my mind. Let's go."

"Yes! Mei-dono!"

Hearing Terumi Mei's order, Ao didn't say anything and only follow it.

As for the fact that Ao said they are going to find Kakashi, it was long abandoned by Terumi Mei.

Not to mention that their debts had just been settled, even if it is not, Terumi Mei has no confidence to defeat Kakashi right now.

What's more, Ao obviously can't beat that Uchiha.

Under such circumstances, if they still fight, they will be defeated?

Looking at Kakashi who didn't stop Terumi Mei and Ao leaving, Shisui then asked: "Senpai, are we just gonna let them go like that?"

"Yeah, we are not in a war, so there is no reason to kill the other village's shinobi. As for that time, there is no other choice. After all, it will be bad for Konoha's reputation if we kill other village's shinobi just like that."

"I understand!"

Shisui originally want to say that they need to recover the Byakugan, but after hearing Kakashi said so, Shisui naturally gave up.

Anyway, Byakugan is not his problem, for an Uchiha, he didn't really care about it.

"Senpai, the three headed dog…"

Shisui pointed at the huge three headed dog that is lying at the ground.

"He has been knocked down by me."

"How does Senpai deal with him? Why doesn't he leave this island after he was defeated?"

"He said that his place was destroyed by some human, so it was impossible for him to go back."

"What are we going to do Senpai?"

Kakashi touched his chin and said, "This is really a problem."

At this time, Pakkun run over to their location and said, "Kakashi, the three headed dog have something to say to you."


Kakashi was amazed and said, "He is looking for me?"

"Yeah, there is something he wants to tell you."

Pakkun said mysteriously.

Kakashi then stand in front of the three headed dog and said, "Do you have something to tell me?"

At this time, the look of the three headed dog to Kakashi was not as fierce as before, and his expression has became much more peaceful.

"Human, the little guy told me that it seems that I have misunderstood you."

"Yeah, I am not trying to do anything to you, but your appearance has affected the residents of this island. I accepted the mission to expel you, so I hope you can leave this island."

The three headed dog snorted and said: "Human, my home is already gone. Where can I go to?"

"This…" Kakashi was helpless as this is a problem.

The three headed dog looked at Kakashi seriously, making Kakashi feels uncomfortable.

Just as Kakashi wants to talk, the three headed dog suddenly said: "Human, you just said that those six people that are wearing black robes are also your enemy. Are you telling the truth?"

Hearing this Kakashi is stunned, and then he immediately said: "Yes, although I have not encounter them yet, the wheel of fate will eventually make me hostile with them."

Yes, in the original plot, Kakashi have died once in their hands.

After hearing Kakashi's answer, the three headed dog makes up his mind and said: "Okay human, since we have a common enemy, then I am willing to be your summoned beast and help you to deal with those six people!"


Kakashi apparently did not expect that the three headed dog would make such a decision.

But soon, Kakashi becomes very happy.

After all, the combat power of this three headed dog is very good.

He is not inferior even if he is compared to Jiraiya's Gamabunta and Orochimaru's Manda.

If he wasn't injured before, even Kakashi wouldn't defeat him so easily.

If he can become Kakashi's summoned beast, then Kakashi's force will become even stronger!

"What? Human, you don't want to?"

Seeing Kakashi hesitated, the three headed dog said uncomfortably.

Pakkun said, "Kakashi, I have promised him that he can go back with me."

"Well then, we should officially introduce ourselves. My name is Hatake Kakashi!"

The three headed dog swayed and then stands up. Looking at Kakashi, he then said: "My name is Nanairo!"

After that, the three headed dog spit out a summoning contract from his mouth.

"Kakashi, this is our race's summoning contract, but now that our home is destroyed, I don't know how many of my companions that have survived."

Nanairo said as his expression was a little bleak.

"Okay human, sign your name."

After hearing that, Kakashi did not hesitate to bite his right thumb, writing his name on the scroll and pressing his own handprint at the scroll.

Kakashi also looks at the scroll to see who was the contractor before him, and found that there was only one name before him.

Not waiting for Kakashi to see it clearly, Nanairo has already takes back the summoning contract.

"Human, try to summon someone and see if you can summon the rest of my race."

Kakashi nodded as his hand starts forming hand seals.

Kakashi then slammed his palm at the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"


Nine Hellhounds that look like Pakkun appear in front of Kakashi!

Nanairo looks happy, as he sees that there are still nine dog who are still alive!

"Nanairo-sama! You are still alive! It's great!"

When the nine Hellhounds saw the huge body of Nanairo, they immediately rushed over to him, not knowing that they were summoned by Kakashi.

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