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Chapter 10

The home of Mifune is a very common Japanese style house, and there is nothing surprising. If there is anything different, it is probably that there are many different swords hanging here.

"Young man, please sit down." said Mifune.

Kakashi sat on the futon and said, "Thank you."

"Young man, are you a shinobi from Konoha?" said Mifune.

"Yes. But how do you know?" Kakashi had some doubts. At this time, he did not wear Konoha"s uniform and did not wear his headband either. His Sharingan iss covered with white cloth. Kakashi did not know how he was exposed.

"Haha, the land of snow is closest to the village of Konoha, and Konoha"s reputation is also the best, so naturally Sosetsu finds Konoha for help." Mifune explained.

"So it"s like that."

"It seems that Sosetsu knows that he"s gonna be dead, so he ask Konoha for help." Mifune sighed and said.

Kakashi stay silent, because as shinobi, he should not make any comment on the employer.

And Koyuki who"s on the side of Kakashi is silent too, obviously remembering his own father.

A moment later, Kakashi got up and said, "Mifune-san, now I have finally bring Koyuki to you, so my mission is finished. I should take my leave now."

"Kakashi nii-san, are you leaving? Don"t leave me alone." Koyuki after hearing this, said with tearful look at Kakashi. Kakashi is somewhat helpless.

At this time, Koyuki has not developed her nasty character like in the plot. She still is a very cute girl. So Kakashi is feeling a little helpless about this.

"Koyuki, you follow Mifune-san, when you have time to go to Konoha Village, you should find me to play?" Kakashi said while patting Koyuki"s head.

"But…but Kakashi nii-san, I don"t want to leave you."

After getting along for three days, Koyuki has already relying on Kakashi, but Kakashi know that it is absolutely impossible to bring her back to Konoha.

She is too special, Konoha is a period of weakness, so they can"t afford it.

"Sorry Koyuki, I really can"t take you there," Kakashi said.

"Sniff… Sniff…" Koyuki got tears on her eyes after hearing this.

Mifune looking at this said: "Young man, it seems that Koyuki is reluctant to leave you."

Kakashi said helplessly: "Mifune-san, you should know that if she is following me, she will be in some kind of danger."

Mifune of course understand that Kakashi really can"t take care of Koyuki, not to mention that this is his friend, Sosetsu who entrust her entrusted to himso he can"t let others take her.

"I understand, I"m gonna take care of Koyuki from now on." said Mifune.

"Thank you very much." Kakashi said, then he turned his body and left. Unexpectedly, at this time Mifune pupils shrank, and suddenly said: "Wait a minute!"

Kakashi hearing this stop and said, "What"s wrong Mifune-san?"

"Little brother, is the sword behind you the white sword?" Mifune said with trembling voice.

Kakashi is feeling tense for a moment. White fang has a lot of enemies in this world. If Mifune is his enemies, he"s afraid that he needs to run away fast.

There was some tension between them now.

After seeing Kakashi looking at him tensely, Mifune said: "You don"t have to worry, I am not an enemy of Sakumo, and I am his friend."

Kakashi hearing this finally relax. Sakumo is the name of Kakashi"s father, Konoha white fang.

"Yes, it is my father"s sword, the white sword, but now it is broken." Kakashi said as he pulls out the white sword.

Mifune is looking at the now half of the white sword. There is a trace of memory in his eyes, he reached out and said: "It really is the sword of white fang."

"Mifune-san, do you know my father?" Kakashi said curiously.

Mifune nodded and said: "Yes, when I was still young, I have a chance to duel Sakumo. Unfortunately, I lost at that time, but he didn"t try to finish me off. Then I became friend with Sakumo. I don"t know how long has it been. Now his son is already this big."

Mifune said when remembering his past. After all, it was already more than a decade ago.

Kakashi stay silent, he does not know what to say, but he did not think that Mifune and his father are friends. It is no wonder that both of them are famous sword masters. It is not a strange thing for them to know each other.

"You father died young, has you learned the sword technique from your father?" Mifune then asked.

"Actually I"m still learning the basic." Kakashi said shyly.

"Then, can you show it to me?" said Mifune.

Kakashi did not refuse after hearing this. After all, Mifune is a sword masters, and he even defeat Hanzo of the salamander during Fourth Great Shinobi War.

If he can get some guidance from Mifune, his sword skill will inevitably advance. In the absence of Chakra, the sword skill is another way to improve his Strength.

Kakashi then walked into the courtyard and start to move his sword slowly under the cherry blossoms. The Hatake sword technique is perfected by Sakumo, he need to train these step by step because it"s a profound technique. Right now Kakashi is clearly still far away from mastering it.

A few minutes later, Kakashi performed a complete set of Hatake sword technique and quietly waited Mifune to evaluate it.

Mifune thought for a while and said: "Kakashi, your sword move like Sakumo"s, but you don"t get the meaning of Sakumo"s move itself, although it is already good for your age. But you have to remember to remember that you need to believe in your sword, moving your sword without believing will make it blunt!"

Kakashi thought about what Mifune said and asked: "What do you mean believe in your sword?"

Mifune then said with a smile: "When you understand why you are slashing, you wil understand what is to believe in your sword. Your Talent is outstanding, as long as you work hard, I believe that you will surpass Sakumo"

Kakashi then sheath his sword and said, "Thank you very much for the pointer Mifune-san."

"It"s okay, Sakumo is my friend, of course I need to help pointing his son the way. It is nothing. That"s right, I see that your white sword is broken, are you intending to re-create it?"

"That"s the plan. I am planning to build a sword that suits me," Kakashi said.

"I just met an excellent blacksmith in this land of craftsmen. Let me take you to find him so he can create you the sword. My samurai sword and my armor are also built there. I believe that you will be satisfied." Mifune said as he touched the black handle on his waist.

"Really? That"s really helpful." Kakashi joyfully said.

Kakashi is unfamiliar with the land of craftsmen. It is not easy to find a master who is willing to build a sword for him.

If Mifune help, it will definitely save him a lot of effort.

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