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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 8 Brother

Song Yan didn't have any property under her name, she might have been in the film industry for more than three years but her luck didn't shine, and how can it shine when it was snatched away by Song Lan? For three years she stayed in the film industry the best role that she could get was of a third supporting actress which didn't have many lines just a few scenes where she was beaten by the female lead. Her bank account was less than one hundred thousand dollars and there was no way she could buy a house either. As for returning back to her maternal family -heh, if she even stepped foot in that house, she might not even find her own bones!

" Mother where are we going ?" Fu Chen wasn't a spoiled brat despite being the only heir of the Fu Family he was timid and shy, barelyplain and his aura was practically negligible. It was all because of her who was too scared to deal with Fu Rong and Fu Yu Shen thus she dared not lift her head in front of them, and Fu Chen who saw his mother behaving like this followed suit, he was a son whose father didn't want him -so what right will he have to act bratty?

He was smart enough to understand his own position in the Fu family and thus, stayed away from the other members of the fu family and never came out of the room unless his grandfather came back. Thus, this understanding child despite walking around the street for more than an hour hasn'tplained not once, even now he only asked where his mother was taking him and that too because he was worried that his mother have no place where she can live at.

Seeing the anxious expression on Fu Chen's face, the heart of the unbending, cold and detached Song Yan couldn't help but melt, she stood no chance in front of him " we are going to my brother's, your uncle's place. He doesn't live far away from here"

Song Yan didn't know what kind of magic Song Lan's mother had done on her father that the latter didn't even want his only son and kicked him out together with his newly married wife. When her mother was still alive, her father loved her and her brother Song Lingyan very much but she didn't know what happened halfway through - her fatherpletely changed and became like a pet dog of Song Lan and her mother's, if she got the time, maybe she will try to take a look at her father's condition as well.

By the time, Song Yan reached the dilapidated building where her brother lived, it was already dark as soon as she knocked on the door, it was opened but then the smile on her face disappeared at the sight of her brother's worn out and trodden condition, her eyes flickered over the dark shadow that was looming over her brother's body and immediately her blood rushed to her head - very good! Very good! Song Lan, stealing my luck wasn't enough that you also took my brother's! For more chapters, please visit

Song Lingyan was once a charming young man, with his sharp features and the noble aura he could have easily passed off as a prince but now - his appearance was haggard and the dark circles under his eyes told just how tired he was " Yanyan ? Why are you here ? What happened? Eh even little Chen is here " though Song Lingyan was tired and his mind was laden with worry, he still gave Song Yan and Fu Chen a blooming smile that made him look ten years younger.

Song Yan was still weak after the accident and couldn't pick Fu Chen securely in her arms, she raised her brows and looked at her son who looked back at her, to others it might look like Song Yan was just taking a glance at Fu Chen but in actuality, she was taking a look at the purple Qi aura that he has inherited from his father, her lips curled up as she turned to look at her brother " Brother are you going to talk about everything right here? Why don't you pick Chen Chen up and bring him inside first? I got in a little accident and can't pick him …he has been walking for an hour, isn't he a pitiful child?"

As on cue, Fu Chen turned to look at his uncle with a pitiful expression, it didn't take much on his part, just give the best puppy dog eyes and turns his lips down a little. He was born beautiful with the best features from his father and mother, thus even a little frown from him made others raise him high up in the air. (A/n: as long as they are not blind )

Because Song Lingyan wasn't blind like Fu Rong and Fu Yu Shen, the idiot siblings of her husband - he picked up his nephew at once, and the dark energy circulating around him thinned.

Song Yan saw this and smirked, no wonder Song Lam wanted Fu Chen dead. But this time not only will she save her son but also her brother just wait for her to find out where those bitches hid the array!

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