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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 6 Brother Song ( Part1)

In the Y country, Fu Yu Sheng who just finished handling a meeting, returned to his office. He was tired after taking consecutive three meetings but it was necessary, the Fu cooperations were in a tricky phase, as long as he finishes handling this situation, the Fu cooperations would be the most influential one in the four major families of the A country.

Fu Yu Sheng was looking forward to having a small break but instead, when he entered his office and went to close his eyes, his rest was disturbed by the constant ringing and chiming of his cell phone.

" what is it? " he asked his voice hoarse because of the lack of sleep and water, Fu Yu Sheng hoped that His old butler whom he left behind the house, to take care of his grandfather and son, have something important to say or else he will not leave this old man alone!

" Second master, second madam - second madam ran away from home! She even took the young master with her. She even said that she already told you about it and -" old Butler Zhang spoke like a sharpshooter the second he opened his mouth, his sentences seemed to be endless and his hysterical voice sounded quite similar to that of a chicken which made Fu Yu Sheng frown.

" ran away?" at this moment, the reserved looking man sat up straight as he pinched the bridge of his nose upon which his gold-rimmed glasses were resting making him look like a decent looking scum" what is this new din of her ?"

Butler Zhang wiped his sweat and answered almost immediately " Second madam said - she said that she found out about your affair and no longer wants to stay at home and be an obstacle in your happiness?"

Fu Yu Sheng raised his thick eyebrows, feelingpletely speechless ' affair? He didn't even have time to take care of one, from where he will get time to handle another one? She alone was enough to keep him busy!'

" Tell her that I'm sorry, for noting to check on her. And that there is no other woman, I was busy and didn't see the messages that Fu Rong sent" though Fu Rong didn't tell him that Song Yan was in aa instead sheplained that Song Yan was just trying to create drama over nothing. pletely bewildered. Surprised, at such a vivid expression of his stoic boss, Assistant Yan couldn't help but ask " Master Fu is everything alright ?"

Fu Yu Sheng who was staring at the screen of his cellphone looked up and said lightly " my wife ran away with my son and my sister has gone astray"

Assistant Yan:".." ' sorry what?'

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