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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 578 What A Dangerous Man

Old master Fu glared at his nephew and then spoke with a voice that was full of cold fury, " She is my granddaughter-in-law and I am very satisfied with her. There is no need for you to foist any evil thoughts regarding my grandson and granddaughter-in-law, I know what I am doing … if you are in such a hurry to worry about arranging a wife for someone then take this young miss to your own son. I will give her my blessing and accept her as the daughter-in-law of your third branch. What do you have to say now?"

What could Fu Yi Shen say? He pursed his lips and then turned to look at how wife whose expression has turned just as sullen. How can they even introduce such a girl who has a messy life to their son? Even if Fu Xi Chen was not the son they wanted, he was still their life. There was no way they would do anything to harm their son!

" That is right third uncle, we are very satisfied with second sister-in-law," Fu Rong who came down the stairs after Fu Yu Sheng and Song Yan made her stance clear as she told off her third uncle who was looking down on her sister-in-law. " You don't need to find any flaw with her."

At that moment even Fu Yu Shen who was off drinking with his friends returned and then walked to where his family was even if they were talking in whispers they still attracted the attention of the guests.

" What is going on?" Fu Yu Shen asked as he came to stand next to Fu Rong who was standing protectively by Song Yan's side. " Why are you all hissing like a bunch of snakes? One of my friends asked me if I wanted to call a snake charmer with all the hissing that is going on."

" What nonsense are you talking about?" Old master Fu smacked his youngest grandson with his wooden cane but he controlled his strength and did not hurt Fu Yu Shen at all but the latter still played along with his old grandfather and made a sound of pain while rubbing his arm and then turned to look at Fu Rong who told him everything that was going on, when Fu Yu Shen heard her words, he frowned and looked at the young woman who was standing next to third master Fu.

His eyes lit up as he immediately turned to look at his grandfather and said, " Grandfather, third uncle has really looked for a fantastic woman for second brother."

When everyone heard his words everyone turned to look at him even Song Yan who was detached from the conversation turned to look at Fu Yu Shen, her gaze so sharp that she could have chopped Fu Yu Shen into three pieces if she wanted when Fu Yu Shen saw her gaze, he shivered but he still smiled at his grandfather and said, " This woman is a wonderful surrogate."

" You bastard what are you talking about?" Seeing that Fu Yi Shen's eyes were lit up with hope and he looked like he wanted to harp on the matter of surrogacy again, Old master Fu wanted to smack his grandson.

" I know what I am talking about," Fu Yu Shen took a couple of steps back and then said, " I once went to a special bar and I saw her getting 'surrogated' by more than five to six men, I can assure you that surely knows her stuff."

His words caused the light that brightened third uncle Fu's eyes to extinguish at once before he turned to look at the niece of his wife, he did not even have to ask whether what Fu Yu Shen was saying was the truth or not. The pale complexion of that young woman was enough to tell him that she was indeed treated really well by those six to seven men. Immediately, his face turned red as if he has been stripped down to his underwear and then made to roam around in the street.

Even Lu Jiao's face turned ugly as she looked at her niece earlier she asked this girl whether or not she was clean and even if she wasn't was there any chance of her getting caught and she told her that she was very clean. This was clean?

Old master Fu couldn't help but say in a dark voice, " So this is the kind of woman you are introducing to my grandson? Even if it was for a small matter like surrogacy, do you think such a woman is worthy of carrying the bloodline of the Fu family? Are you trying to slap my face or my grandson's face?"

Third Uncle Fu wanted to say something in reply but instead of giving him a chance to speak, Old master Fu turned to look at his youngest grandson and snapped, " What were you doing in that place you beast? Filth and muck, I wish I could skin you!"

Though old master Fu was scolding Fu Yu Shen even a fool could see that he was actually scolding the young woman who was brought by Third uncle Fu and Third aunt Fu. The young woman's face turned red and then she turned around to run out of the house, only when she ran away did Old master Fu stop scolding and then turned to glare at his nephew and niece-in-law, his eyes glaring and cold.

Third master Fu did not say anything and immediately turned to walk away from Old master Fu and his family, his face red in shame.

Once he was gone, Old master Fu scoffed and then picked up the glass of champagne that held herbal wine and then walked over to the small stage that was made on the side of the orchestra as he muttered under his breath, " I sometimes wish I could beat that man until he sees his trash father."

Butler Ke who was moving behind him immediately paused and took out a metal knuckle that he was carrying in his pocket and said, " Should I use them, old master? I have been itching to use it on Master Yi Shen."

Old master: "….." what a dangerous butler did he hire?

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