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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 577 I Am Doing This For Yu Sheng!

Song Yan wanted to teach the two of them a good lesson but she was stopped by Fu Yu Sheng who pulled her back and then looked at the man in front of him coldly, he did not even glance at the woman who was spilling all her assets in front of him. His face which was usually filled with smiles when he was with Song Yan was now exceptionally cold and looked at the man who was trying to embarrass his wife in front of him. " I do not need third uncle to worry about my family matters, I can assure you that even if Yan'er has given me only a son, he is more skilled and talented than any other kid who might be born with recessive genes."

Third Uncle Fu's face turned red and so did the young woman who was standing next to him. The two of them wanted to say something more but under the pressure of Fu Yu Sheng's anger and the cold air that was emanating from his body, they cowered and turned around to head to where Old master Fu was standing.

The young girl did not dare to say anything but third Uncle Fu who was used to playing along with his nephew and commanding him, he immediately turned to look at his eldest uncle and started speaking fiercely, " Eldest uncle would you look at this? Is this how he should be talking to me, I am his elder. It's not like I am saying anything wrong here, his wife hasn't given birth to another child for so many years. With her by his side and just a single child, don't you think that as the patriarch of the Fu family, he is incapable?"

As soon as Third Uncle Fu opened his mouth to scold Fu Yu Sheng, Old master Fu was already upset with him but when he heard his nephew call his grandson incapable his temper that was already on the verge of exploding soon ignited and then he glared at his nephew as he said, " What are you trying to say? Do you think that this is a place where you should be making a joke of yourself? If you want to stay then stay silently then behave yourself, but if you don't want to listen to me then you can leave with your family. You want to act as an elder in front of Yu Sheng? You even have the face to say that? You know that the men of the main family are supposed to keep control of themselves and never divorce their wives and yet you are telling your nephew to go ahead and cheat on his wife? What kind of uncle does that!"

No one in the family knew how much trouble this nephew of his was, he was trash just like his father who did not know any better. It was said that parents doted on their children the most but his late brother did not just dote on his son, he doted on him to the point where he turned his son into a complete good-for-nothing who knew nothing at all. His brother has been biased towards this son of his and he has treated him with everything that he had but after he passed away the responsibility of doting on this man dropped on Old master Fu's shoulders who was not willing at all.

This was why he was very strict with this third uncle Fu of Fu Yu Sheng but even then somehow this man turned around to become even more of a scum.

This was the man who would join his hands with the enemies of the Fu family and then try to make things difficult for his own family, going around looking for borrowing money in the name of his nephew and then running away when the time of returning the money came, letting his nephew pay for him. Was this an elder? This was how an elder was supposed to act. What a joke!

At first Old master Fu was willing to raise this nephew of his but after seeing the true colours of this nephew of his which was why he had no hope for this man at all.

When Third uncle Fu was scolded by old master Fu in front of everyone in the ball, his face flushed and lowered his head. He almost cursed his eldest uncle but then he swallowed his words realizing that he was standing among a crowd and that he still needed some money from his eldest uncle's family which was why he lowered his head and did not say anything further. He was an orphan and when his father died he asked his eldest brother to take care of him but this old fart did not take care of him at all.

He only doted on these jinxes who cursed their parents and caused them to die. What a waste!

Third uncle Fu was feeling really resentful but he still wanted to save his face in front of the guests, he cleared his throat and then laughed dryly as he said, " Eldest uncle, you are misunderstanding me. I am not doing this for no reason, I have my own concerns as well. Yu Sheng is the patriarch of the family and he has a lot of enemies, I am not cursing him or anything but I believe that he should be prepared for the worst with two or more sons, his legacy will be saved what will happen if someone was to attack him? How can we treat such a matter lightly, I am not saying that he should arrange for a surrogate even his wife will suffice … even though her background does not suffice. I will be willing to ignore it."

Old master Fu was a man who was very smart and now that Song Yan has saved his grandson's life, he was very satisfied with this granddaughter-in-law of his, forget about giving birth to one child, even if she did not give birth to any, he would still be respectful towards Song Yan. Even if he was not worried about Fu Yu Sheng's lineage, who was Fu Yi Shen to worry about him?


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