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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 576 Accept Another Woman

Fu Yu Sheng looked over and when he saw Chu Lian together with the fake Song Dong Ming, his face stiffened as well. He didn't invite the Song family, so how come they showed their faces here? Just how shameless they can be? Didn't they kick Song Yan out and were only willing to accept Song Lan as their daughter, so what were they doing here?

"I will go and send them away," Fu Yu Sheng told Song Yan, he did not want to make his wife uncomfortable.

" There is no need," Song Yan however stopped him, her eyes coldly glanced at the woman who was shamelessly walking inside the mansion of Fu mansion like she had every right to but then her lips curled into a smile that was colder than ice and she said, " I was going to let her have some peaceful days but since she is willing to bring her head in a silver platter to me, then why should I turn her away?"

The reason she was not making a move against Chu Lian and Song Wang Lei was that she was waiting for the fake Song Lan to move all the assets that belonged to the Song family under her name which was why she was lying low but now that this shameless family was here to make things difficult for her, then she will definitely pay them back.

With that thought in her head, she took out a talisman. This talisman was different from the ones that she used, it was as dark as the midnight sky and the words written on them were terrifyingly red as if someone has dripped blood on it. Song Yan flicked her wrist and then watched the talisman fly towards Chu Lian in the middle she noticed that the talisman had a bit of a hard time, looks like Chu Lian brought another safety talisman but it was such a pity that the safety talisman that she brought was not on par with her talisman because the dark talisman flew past the weak barrier and then stuck itself to Chu Lian.

Once the talisman got stuck to Chu Lian, Song Yan smirked. This was going to be fun.

At that moment everyone else in the living room also noticed the three of them. Old master Qi was going to ask Fu Yu Sheng to come and stand by his side when a man who was in his late fifties turned around and then walked over to the stairs watching the two of them come down as he suddenly pulled a woman out of nowhere and introduced her to Fu Yu Sheng, " Oh Yu Sheng, you are here. I was thinking about whether I should come to look for you. This is your aunt's niece Lu Cha Cha, isn't she pretty?——" he wanted to say some more but then his gaze shifted to Song Yan who came down the stairs and stood beside Fu Yu Sheng. Her face was as beautiful as a princess of an Empire.

Third Uncle Fu was stunned when he saw just how beautiful Song Yan was looking but then he remembered how he has made a loss in the new business that he started and wanted to ask for some extra money from Fu Yu Sheng and immediately smiled in an uncaring manner. But no matter how he smiled, Fu Yu Sheng and Song Yan were able to see that the man was smiling at them in a fake manner, even Fu Chen could see that the old man was smiling at them like a sly fox wanting to steal the chicks from the coop of the hen.

" Yu Sheng, your wife looks really pretty but…" as he spoke he paused and then shook his head before clicking his tongue in disapproval. " But what is the point of being just pretty? It's not that I wish to interfere with your relationship but your wife has only given birth to one child and even though he is a son, with you being the patriarch, she should at least have given birth to more than three sons to you just like your late mother. Someone who cares so much about her figure won't do, you need someone with good features who will be able to give birth to your children. It does not mean that you have to marry them just do it the old style, why don't you take another look at Cha Cha?"

Song Yan: "…." She was standing right here and yet this man was introducing a concubine to her husband?

As soon as the third uncle finished speaking, the woman who was standing beside him moved forward. She was wearing an off-shoulder dress and her entire dress seemed to be completely dependent on the fact that she had big breasts. With a shy expression, she moved forward and then looked at Fu Yu Sheng with a smile.

Lu Jiao on the other hand who has been looking forward to embarrassing Song Yan ever since yesterday smiled at Fu Yu Sheng and then said with a slight smile, " What do you think Yu Sheng? Isn't my niece just the prettiest? She will be a wonderful surrogate if you are looking for one ."

To be honest, Song Yan was already prepared for something like this to happen after all she knew that neither Fu Yi Shen nor Lu Jiao was good people but she forgot all about them since they did not appear much in her last life and how will they? They were simply pests who did not know when to stop which was why she was not even thinking about dealing with them at all.

However, now these people were looking a her like she was a fool and were even treating her with blatant disrespect pushing another woman in the arms of her husband like she was invisible. If she was divorcing Fu Yu Sheng then she wouldn't have said another word but now that a pile of rat faeces were dumped in front of her, she could not help but get annoyed.

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