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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 575 What Are They Doing Here?

Song Yan was dragged the entire day and by the time the stylist curled the last strand of her hair, she was prepared to give up on everything and run away before coming back after everything was over but as she stared at the mirror and looked at her reflection, her lips dropped open.

" This is fantastic," Song Yan was in awe when she looked at her reflection and touched her cheeks, her face which was already pale and fair looked even paler than usual, and her lips were painted pink with light gloss to give it a sparkling touch. Soft eye makeup and hair curled and tied in a bun emphasised her small palm size face even the stylist who was responsible for getting her ready was stunned.

She knew that the second madam Fu was a mother of a seven-year-old and yet somehow Song Yan seemed to have taken care of herself properly, even in her late thirties she looked like a young girl who was going to leave for college in a few days.

" Second sister-in-law you look really pretty!" Fu Rong who was dressed in a dark midnight floor-length dress looked at her sister and cupped her cheeks and then gushed in excitement, " You look like my sister, if we go out then I am afraid that if you stand next to me they will think of you as my twin sister." She then turned to look at the stylist and then praised the young woman, " You have done a good job, you really stand up to your fame. You have done a wonderful job, this way .,... I am sure no one will look down on us."

" You praise me too much Miss Fu," the young stylist bowed her head lightly before she picked up her curling iron and then placed it on the other side. "It's just because you all took good care of your skin and made sure that it stays tender and youthful. There was not much that I could do."

Fu Rong was really happy when she heard the sweet words of the young stylist, she was going to say something more but then the door was pushed open and in came Fu Chen who rushed inside wearing a three-piece suit with a red flower that was attached to his pocket.

" Mommy, tell father that I don't want to greet guests! They all call me names behind my back why should I smile at them?" Fu Chen complained to his mother as he rushed to Song Yan and clung to her silver sequined dress. " I don't want to do it but he is not listening to me! He is a bad daddy!"

Now that Fu Chen had both his parents by his side, he was getting more and more vociferous. He would no longer withstand anything that he did not like which was why he was quick to refuse the suggestion offered by his father, he climbed up in his mother's lap and then continued speaking, " He even asked me to play something for the guests and grandpa as a gift. I can give my gift to grandpa personally why should I play for people like them?"

Fu Yu Sheng who was chasing after his son heard his complaints and was speechless, it was not that he wanted Fu Chen to do all that but he was only doing this because he did not want anyone to call Fu Chen a mute and autistic child, this was why he wanted Fu Chen to show off his speaking skills and his piano playing talent but instead of listening to him, he ran to his mother.

" Chen Chen, you know that I am doing this for you," Fu Yu Sheng spoke from behind the door, since everyone was getting in this room …as man it was not polite of him to walk inside the room. " I don't want anyone to bad mouth my son which is why I want you to slap those bas—- those bad men and women on their faces."

He did not receive an answer instead the door was pulled open and a fairy came to stand in front of him before she narrowed her eyes and said, " Since when did my son need to show off his skills to those unimportant people? If he does not want to do something, he is not doing it."

Fu Yu Sheng stared at the woman and then—— "….. Song Yan? This is you? How come you are looking so innocent ?"

The sound of a man's scream echoed in the entire mansion causing Old master Fu who was getting ready to jump up as he screamed, " What? Who was that? Do you not want me to celebrate my eightieth birthday? You almost sent me packing to the underworld!"


" I apologise," Song Yan told Fu Yu Sheng who was now limping as he walked. " I did not know that the heel was this sharp." She only wanted to stomp on her husband's feet but she did not think that the heel would pierce the shoe that Fu Yu Sheng was wearing and she would end up hurting his foot.

" Don't say anything to me," Fu Yu Sheng gritted out as he tried to ignore the throbbing on his foot.

Song Yan pursed her lips as she walked down the stairs with Fu Yu Sheng who was wincing with each step that he was taking and asked, " Do you really not want the medicine that I made? It will cause your foot to heal in a jiffy."

" So that you can forget about what kind of pain you have brought to me? No, thanks."

' This man…' Song Yan was speechless when she heard Fu Yu Sheng refuse her help only because he wanted her to feel guilty.

But then her light expression changed as she looked over to the door where she saw someone walking inside and her face turned cold and stiff. " What are they doing here? Did you invite them?"

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