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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 5 Are We Leaving?

After taking care of Song Lan, Song Yan was much more relaxed. She has indisputable trust in Fang Yanli, that girl's cultivation was only a bit off from hers, as long as Fang Yanli didn't meet an opponent whose cultivation was on par with Song Yan who was a celestial master, she would be fine. With a ghost detective by her side, Song Yan didn't have to bother with Song Lan and blindly search for the place where Song Lan and her mother buried the array to snatch her luck as well the luck of her dead mother.

Though, if she wasn't wrong, the luck that Song Lan's mother snatched from her mother, would soon run out or else they would have never been desperate enough to attack Fu Rong, who was a member of the Fu family.

Song Yan, however, wasn't worried about Fu Rong, that girl, she was too unruly it was good for her to receive a few beatings and a scare only then will be able to learn her lesson.

After taking care of her problems, Song Yan signed off the documents for her hospital discharge. And then left the hospital, she didn't even pay attention to the sympathetic looks the nurses were shooting her, anyway it wasn't the first time when she gave birth to Fu Chen, her husband only came to her side for a few minutes and said " good job"

'Good ducking job ?' was she a surrogate mother that he hired to give birth to his son? He was his wife! Who shared her body with him to make Fu Chen, what did he mean by a good job?

For years Song Yan blamed Fu Yu Sheng but then again she saw his entire life. Even after her death, Fu Yu Sheng remained unmarried, no matter how many women tried to entice him, he never paid any attention to them, and when the time came he left everything to their son and retired, unfortunately, their son died before he could even take over his father's role. That was the one time when Song Yan saw Fu Yu Sheng cry, her husband was cold, emphatic and emotionless but he was a good husband, after making her, his wife, he never took any other woman as his wife. And when Fu Chen died, Fu Yu Sheng donated everything that he had to charity but still didn't look for any other woman to have his child.

He could have done that but he didn't - from start to finish, he was loyal to her alone and she knew that he didn't have Song Lan in his heart either, at most he was kind and polite to her, because of their childhood friendship. But if she wanted to get a divorce from him then she needed to act like a jealous wife who caught her husband in the act - sigh, what a drag.

Song Yan didn't want to go through so much trouble but she knew that if she didn't get a divorce and leave the Fu family, her life will always be threatened. Song Lan wouldn't let her go, For her revenge, Song Yan need to hide herself in the dark, something that wasn't possible while she held the title of Fu Yu Sheng's wife.

Once she thought it through, she edited the audio clip where Fu Rong loudly proclaimed that Fu Yu Sheng loved Song Lan, who was more worthy of him than her and sent a message with that link attached to Fu Yu Sheng. Her message was simple and direct that read ' I finally understand why you never stayed by my side, I'm sorry for occupying a place that does not belong to me. Now I know that you have someone in your heart I want a divorce'

After sending the message, Song Yan felt goosebumps rise all her over the body - never before did she act like this. Even when she was naive and innocent, she still acted as a good wife who has unshakable belief in her husband now that she has to pretend to be ' jealous' , it was really ' Ewww for her.

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Song Yan took a taxi back to the Fu house, because it was still afternoon, neither Fu Yu Shen nor Fu Rong was back, Fu Rong must have done shopping with Song Lan to change the latter's mood after receiving such a scare. As for Fu Yu Shen, the latter was never at home, he must be at his penthouse with one of his flings.

When Song Yan remembered Fu Yu Shen's ending she shook her head, that guy - he deserved that.

She didn't think about Fu Yu Shen at all instead she rushed up to her room, taking two steps at once, five hundred years! Five hundred years of penance, and finally she received what she earned for the most " Chen! Chen!"

Fu Chen who was reading a book looked up. And when his gaze met with his mother's, big fat tears began to drop. He flung his book and then threw himself in his mother's embrace " mommy, mommy, where did you go? I was so scared! They said that daddy will bring a step mommy for Chen Chen now"

Song Yan who loved Fu Chen more than herself felt her heart twist with pain, her poor son. She knew how much he suffered in the Fu house, without his father and grandfather, Fu Yu Shen and Fu Rong bullied him really badly under Song Lan's instigations.

" don't cry, now mommy is here and mommy will never leave, Chen Chen - let's go, let's leave this house. No one likes us here" Song Yan was afraid that Fu Chen would refuse or be shocked but to her surprise, her son nodded firmly agreeing with her at once.

"Chen Chen will leave, no one likes Chen Chen. Aunt scolds Chen Chen, third Uncle teases Chen Chen, even daddy don't want Chen Chen - Chen Chen no longer likes it! He hates daddy! Hates aunt and uncle!" Fu Chen was really upset this time, he was bullied and scolded that bad aunt and uncle kept teasing him saying that his daddy will make that bad Song Lan his stepmother - how can Fu Chen agree? He immediately fought with his uncle and aunt and they pinched his butt in retaliation!

How bad!

" that's right, no one likes us- let's leave" then Song Lan packed her bags, left a letter all the bank cards that she received from the Fu family in the hands of the grovelling butler who almost laid down his life to stop her and then left the Fu house! Even if she has knock the old butler out cold, she would still leave. Maybe the butler understood the situation that he couldn't stop his second mistress, so he hurriedly called his second master, of course, the always busy Fu Yu Sheng didn't pick up the call making the old butler cry tears of regret ' Second master! Your wife and son ran away! Pick up the call or you will be a man without a wife soon !'

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