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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 4 Follow Her

When Song Yan saw that Fu Rong fainted she snapped her fingers and the ghost with the half-rotten face immediately stopped, turningpletely tame and restrained as if she was on a leash.

" mistress," said the ghost, as she retreated back. It wasn't because the ghost was willingly submitting to Song Yan but because she was afraid of Song Yan's pure spiritual Qi and couldn't help but be wary of her powers.

Song Yan nodded then said " pull back your ghost wall"

The ghost nodded and pulled back her ghostly barrier, sure enough, once the barrier was pulled back everything waspletely fine. The broken LED lights were shining brightly and there was no sign of any weird thing happening in the room at all, even Fu Rong's clothes were dried up. Song Yan took out a memory locking charm from her space ring that she got from Gu Yijin and pasted it on Fu Rong, this memory wasn't useful for her today instead it mighte in handy when Song Lan shows her real face to Fu Rong.

" put her on the sofa, " said Song Yan as she returned back to her bed and reclined on the hospital bed " after that stay here, I have a job for you"

" yes" the ghost girl shuddered uncontrollably she couldn't understand how her luck was so poor that she was still trapped in that yin ring. Wasn't she and Song Yan peers? Then why was she still not released yet Song Yan could return back to her life! Ah doesn't it mean that her years of cultivation was gone too?

" it's not," said Song Yan correctly interpreting what the girl was thinking because after Gu Yijin passed away she was the master of the Yin ring, so she was also the master of these evil spirits that were trapped in the ring. She could easily understand what was going on in their minds " your cultivation is still there if not you wouldn't be able to build a ghost wall so skillfully, as for why you are still trapped - unlike you no matter how much resentment I bore, I didn't kill anyone. As I didn't spill the blood of my enemies, I was able to retain the nature of my pure Qi, while you couldn't do the same"

This girl was named Fang Yanli, she was killed by her stepfather after she found him having an affair with his mistress. The adulterous couple planned to have her killed in an accident and then kill her mother to take over her mother's inheritance but before they could do kill her mother as well, Fang Yanli killed the two of them, avenging herself but damning herself to punishment to redeem herself. If not for the Gu family's headmaster she would have be a Malevolent spirit.

Fang Yanli said nothing and simply stood by Song Yan's side she knew she was damned and could only pay for her sins.

Song Yan cast a glance at the depressed state of Fang Yanli, the ghost and said " tsk why are you do ugly, can't you do something about this appearance of yours,? You spoil my appetite every time you appear" her tone was somewhat dismissive but Fang Yanli understood that she was trying to take her head off the past and smiled ruefully but before she could reply.

The hospital's door burst open and shrieking and bewildered, Song Lan rushed in " I am telling you there is a ghost here! I saw it myself! You have to believe me! "

Behind her was a group of doctors and nurses who were staring at her like they were sure that the woman in front of them was mentally sick. e here to treat themselves? Thus, when the doctor spoke his voice was really loud so as to tell everyone lurking near the vicinity to eavesdrop that nothing was wrong.

" how isn't anything wrong, I saw-" Song Lan was in the middle of her speech when she caught sight of Song Lan who was sitting upright in her bed, looking at her amusingly while Fu Rong was snoring on the sofa next to her. It was as if nothing happened at all!

" see, there is absolutely nothing we can do because nothing is wrong here," the doctor in charge of Song Lan said briskly before entering Song Yan's room. Whatever he was here already he might as well take Song Yan's vitals.

Song Lan was stunned silly, she looked at the ceiling where the LED bulbs were totally fine and then looked at the ground that didn't even have a single shard of glass, of course, the room was colder than usual but that was it! Nothing like what she experienced was here!

Song Yan saw Song Lan act like she was shocked beyond belief and smiled mockingly " sister you know sometimes it's not the ghost that we should fear but the living, I think you are guilty about something and that's causing you stress, why not have yourself checked by a psychiatrist? "

" I think Madam Fu is right, you should see a psychiatrist miss Song," said the doctor whose sleep Song Lan disturbed, then he let go of Song Yan's wrist and said" you are fine to leave, you were in aa for a very long time but your body managed to heal itself so you are free to leave now"

That woke Song Lan up, alright. She glared at Song Yan viciously, this bitch actually called her a madwoman! Just wait she will teach her a lesson, anyway she has snatched Song Yan's luck. There was no need for her to stay alive! She woke Fu Rong and then dragged the hazy and sleepy Fu Rong away.

After Song Lan left the doctor left as well after giving Song Yan some minor instructions - once the door closed, Song Yan turned to Fang Yanli and said " go and follow Song Lan, she would definitely go to the place where she hid the array. That array is where she trapped the doll with my hair strand, I need to break that array before she could suck my luck"

" I understand," said Fang Yanli as she rose in the air and then vanished in thin air.

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