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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 3 How Did You Treat My Child?

" you! You are mad! You have simply gone mad! How can you even say such a thing " Fu Rong asked incredulously " don't you know that Grandfather loves that brat - I mean Chen Chen to death! How can you even ask for his sole custody ?"

" why can't I? Do you really have to overreact like this ?" Song Yan tucked a lock of her hair, her eyes brimming with sarcasm " how have you treated my Chen Chen ever since he was born? You and your third brother kept harassing him calling him an ill-bred child, every time you saw him. It has reached the point where my Chen Chen doesn't even dare to step out of his room, why just because he came out of my womb? Just because you don't like me, his mother does your actions of harassing and mentally torturing a child are justified? Why should I leave my child in your house, to wait for him to turn mentally unstable or succumb to depression? Even if Fu Chen is my son, half of his bloodes from Fu Yu Sheng! I didn't give birth to Chen Chen alone!"

Her response choked Fu Rong who has a triad of things she wanted to hurl at Song Yan. What Song Yan said was right, Fu Chen was just a child, he couldn't choose his parents. So what if he was born out of Song Yan? As a college-going adult, the fact that Fu Rong was bullying a five-year-old child was nothing but sheer embarrassment. Song Yan has rendered Fu Rong speechless, the latter could only stare at the latter viciously but unfortunately for her Song Yan was no longer scared of her, instead of looking away, Song Yan stared right back.

" Yan Yan if you don't want to divorce, just say so why do you have to hurt grandfather Fu like this? Don't you know that Chen Chen is his eldest grandson and if you take him away, Grandfather Fu's heart would hurt ?" Song Lan who was standing by Fu Rong's side immediately interjected though her words sounded as if she was greatly concerned about Grandfather Fu, she was actually inciting Fu Rong. This tactic, Song Yan has seen a lot of times before.

" exactly! You are using Chen Chen to stay in the Fu household! Cheh! Nothing goodes out of women like you! I should have known that you will play such a dirty tactic" Fu Rong whose wits were only limited hurriedly grasped the escape route Song Lan gave her " you can forget about taking that brat, even if he isn't well-liked by us, he is still a Fu! Either you get out alone or just shut up and stay silently like a dead woman in the Fu mansion, you have no other choice !"

" really? You think like that huh?" Song Yan curled her lips and stared at Fu Rong. The Fu family was a family blessed by God for their extreme charity and goodwill, every member of the Fu family was born with a purple Qi, which signified their good luck. If she wasn't wrong after Song Lan snatched her good luck her next target was Fu Rong, though Song Yan had pure Qi that matched with Fu Yu Sheng's purple Qi after it was snatched by Song Lan it was no longer as pure as before. And because of this no matter how hard Song Lan tried she couldn't match with Fu Yu Sheng, in the end, because of her desperation, Song Lan attacked Fu Rong and had her r*ped and killed.

After that, she extracted Fu Rong's purple Qi from Fu Rong's corpse. It was only because of this that Song Yan didn't hate Fu Rong at all, in her mind Fu Rong and Fu Yu Shen were nothing but immature brats who listened to whatever bullshit Song Lan told them.

They will definitely suffer in the future!

" Yan Yan, I know you are angry but think about it calmly, think about Chen Chen, what can you give him? Unlike brother Yu Sheng, you can't give him anything -"

" I can give him love something that Fu Yu Sheng could never give him because for that he has toe back to this country and if he can't turn up when his wife met with such a heavy accident where she nearly I doubt he would ever turn up for Chen Chen, " said Song Yan, she thought that when she will meet Song Lan, she would be uncontrollably worked up and wrathful, wanting to kill her, but she didn't expect to be unprecedentedly calm " to some money can buy happiness but my son and I are different and it doesn't matter what you two think, this divorce will happen and I will be taking Chen Chen with me! "

This time both Fu Rong and Song Lan were shocked as they stared at Song Yan, this woman in front of them lookedpletely different. In fact, she was giving different vibes than the previous Song Yan! However, they didn't think much, they thought it was because Song Yan met with an accident and still Fu Yu Sheng didn't turn up, because of this maybe Song Yan was too worked up.

But what they didn't expect was that Song Yan was serious " you two better go and tell Fu Yu Sheng to prepare the papers, if not I don't think the Fu family would like to have a scandal posted in the social media"

" what do you mean -" began Fu Rong but then halted when Song Yan started playing a recording of their conversation.

" tsk, tsk imagine the traffic it might bring? The heiress of the Fu cooperation scolds and curses her badly injured Sister in law at the hospital, I can practically imagine the curses and loss you have to suffer for torturing a weak and sick woman " casting a pitiful glance at Fu Rong, she indifferently remarked.

Fu Rong's entireplexion paled and she lunged to get a hold of Song Yan's phone but right then the light bulbs of Song Yan's room suddenly exploded one by one and instantly the three of them plunged into darkness. The screams and yells outside the room and the cries of the family members of the deceased made the room strangely eerie and then as if someone had put a halt on the entire noise strangling it - the entire corridor became silent. pletely empty with no sight of Song Yan and moved a little closer, but then she suddenly felt as if someone blew a gust of cold wind at her neck making her shiver.

" Why did this room suddenly turn so spooky? I can't even hear voices from outside !" exclaimed Fu Rong " forget about it, let's get out! get out of this place, I will talk with my brother and see what can be done"

" There is no need to be scared, we are living in modern times now, can there still be ghosts? Come on? How can this room be haunted? " Song Lan who worked so hard to remove this Song Yan named obstacle from her life wasn't willing to leave but then -

" ahhhhhhhhh"

Song Lan jumped and stared at Fu Rong who was screaming and pointing at something, startled she turned to look in the direction where Fu Rong was pointing and her heart inexplicably turned cold because the person standing in front of her wasn't a human but a black miasma!

" you took what belong to mine! And your time is running out, tell her I aming back! Tell her to be prepared! " said the black smoky figure as it raised its head that lookedpletely marred " mine, everything she has is mine"

Song Lan's entire body softened she wanted to believe that it was Song Yan who was pulling this stunt but how did she know it? She felt Fu Rong tug on her shirt asking her to leave but Song Lan was too scared to move, and just as she was about to turn around, the flashlights of their phone went out as well!

" no! My phone! How can it turn off it was fully charged! No, I'm getting out of here" said Fu Rong as she pulled Song Lan

And then they saw the dark figure opening her mouth as if she wanted to inhale them. And then '" ghosts! Ghosts! " Song Lan shrugged off Fu Rong's hand and pushed her away before running out by herself.

Stunned, Fu Rong dropped on her butt starting at Song Lan's backpletely stunned. She wanted to rise and run but then, something gooey and smelly fell on her face- it was flesh! Rotten flesh! She looked up and the black figure was staring right at her, smiling wildly with her half rotten face looking monstrously.

The figure tilted at her head at Fu Rong, and then opened her broken jaw before roaring!

It was too much! Fu Rong wailed and tried to scurry away from the black figure but to her horror, the door of the room wouldn't open! It must be a ghost wall, she immediately realised, horrified she scratched at the door hoping that the door would open but nothing happen instead the black figure kept moving towards her cracking and wobbling like it would break in a second, closer and closer it got and then - Fu Rong fainted while pissing herself out of fear.

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