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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 29 Jade Necklace

" who was it, Song Lan? Who called you so early in the morning?" The clock has barely struck ten and yet someone was already calling his sister? Song Lingyan was worried that the Fu - who shall not be named - Sheng would wake up from his daze and start causing trouble for his sister. Thus, even though his wife was poking a hole in the back of his head with her glare there was no stopping Song Lingyan.

There was no way he could let anyone take advantage of his sister!

Song Yan put her worries in the back of her head, she was not scared of Liao Jiming nor she was scared of Li Ruo, the two can scheme as much as they want but in the end, it will be her who will make them dance to her tune like a puppet. " it's nothing, my manager just wants me to return to thepany."

? " But why?" asked Wei Mingzhi, her delicate brows all scrunched up. Though she was going through some tribulations, Wei Mingzhi was once the college belle and she hailed from an aristocratic family, thus even her difficult situations couldn't wither her beauty. When she frowned like this both Song Lingyan and Song Yan felt like they needed to do something and ease those furrowed brows. "Weren't you on a leave, didn't we ask for a leave for sister Yan, dear?"

" Of course we did!" Song Lingyan answered at once. " I specifically went to yourpany and asked for a leave after submitting an application as well as your reports, so why are they calling you back so soon?"

Song Yan slurped her egg drop soup and lightheartedly said, " Song Lan told my agent that I have recovered."

As soon as Song Lan's name was mentioned the temperature around the dining table dropped. Song Lingyan clenched his fingers so hard that his chopsticks started to splinter. " Song Lan, One day I will-"

But before Song Lingyan could announce to the world what he was going to do to Song Lan, Wei Mingzhi elbowed him and tipped her head in Fu Chen's direction who was carefully listening to his uncle.

Song Lingyan had to change his wording at once with a forced smile, " One day I will take her on a car ride" while being tied to the exhaust pipe. Of course, Song Lingyan didn't say a word about what was going on in his head.

Song Yan looked at her brother who was joking around and then glanced at the cadaverous black Qi that was tainting her brother and sister in law's good luck. Fu Chen was severely protected by her and thus, his purple aura of luck was still as pure as ever. Back then Song Yan didn't know what was wrong with Song Lan but she still made sure that Song Lan never came in contact with Fu Chen.

However, her brother and sister in law were not that lucky, obviously, they were being targeted by Chu Lian and Song Lan.

Song Yan took out three talismans from her pocket aka her spirit ring and stretched her hand out to hand them to her sister in law and brother, " Brother, sister in law, I got these talismans from a very skilled master before my accident. These talismans seem to have miraculous property, you two should start wearing them too." Then she didn't even wait for Song Lingyan and Wei Mingzhi's answer and tied the two talismans around their necks. For more chapters, please visit

Song Lingyan awkwardly stared at the red string talisman on his neck and wanted to say something but when he noticed the glimmer in his sister's eyes, he couldn't say anything. Fine, whatever, it was just a piece of paper anyway. If anyone tried to make fun of him, he will just beat that person up! His sister was the one who got this for him, so no one was allowed to make fun of his sister!

Wei Mingzhi was also moved by Song Yan's actions when she first married the Song family she had a hard time adjusting in the Song family that had so many rules and regulations- it was Song Yan who helped her back then but before she could even get close to her sister in law, Song Yan was married off to the Fu family and then her naive and energetic sister in law faded away. Although, she didn't think that the amulet Song Yan was tying on her neck was going to be of much use, she still let her do as her sister in law wanted.

After she was done tying the talisman around her brother and sister in law's neck Song Yan took off the green jade bracelet from her neck and put it on Fu Chen's neck.

When Song Lingyan saw that his sister took off the necklace that was blessed by a highly-skilled Daoist, his brows furrowed and he couldn't help but stretch out his hand to stop Song Yan, " What are you doing? That necklace is not something you can just take off according to your will, what will we do, in case something happens to you?"

Back when Song Yan was still young she would attract weird things, every time they left her alone, she would wander around and when she returned home, strange things would start happening at their home, like a mirror would break in the middle of the night or animals and birds that passed by Song Yan's window would drop dead without any reason. Song Lingyan didn't believe in evil spirits and ghosts back then, he just thought that it was someone pulling the strings from the dark but then one day, Song Yan fell unconscious and no matter how much they tried to wake her up, she didn't respond to them.

Their parents got worried and rushed Song Yan to the hospital, but instead of getting better her condition worsened and she almost died! Fortunately, when their mother brought Song Yan to a temple to pray for her good health and they coincidentally met with a Daoist who took one look at Song Yan, clicked his tongue and then offered them this jade necklace.

And miraculously as soon as the necklace touched Song Yan's this sister of his who nearly lost her life woke up!

This jade necklace was truly valuable, how can Song Yan hand it to Fu Chen? What if the young child lost it?

Song Yan glanced at her brother and smiled, " I am already a mother. How can I still be sacred of those things? Instead-" she turned to look at Fu Chen and continued, " I will never forgive myself if something happened to my son."

She tied the red string around Fu Chen's neck and tapped his nose. " Never take it off, alright?"

How can Fu Chen take it off? This was his mother's love for him. No matter what he will never take this jade necklace off!

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