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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 28 A Valuable Lesson.

Song Lan indeed lost the role in Jiang Yanxi's movie, this morning she woke up like usual, tied the talisman bracelet around her wrist and dressed appropriately before leaving her house for the audition house. She thought that just like always she will be able to get the role of the female lead and shoot another blockbuster hit with the film emperor Xiao Lingye but instead, she was rejected!

She - the nation's goddess was rejected and that too so ruthlessly! Director Jiang called her a novice and actually scolded her for wasting his time by showing her above-average skills. Never before had she been embarrassed like that, Song Lan couldn't help but anxious, she went to her house and called the old master who helped her snatch Song Yan's luck but even after trying more than twenty times, she couldn't reach him.

Song Lan was frustrated and wanted to go and check the graveyard where the array was set up but when she remembered the grudge field, her courage faltered and she didn't drive to the graveyard but instead went to a bar.

She was just pondering what went wrong while drinking when she was groped by a lecherous old man, she could have thrown him off her but then she recognised that perverted old man. He was one of the investors in Director Jiang's movie- she despised his touch yet she couldn't offend him either. It was then, Song Lan remembered Song Yan, to save her own skin she instantly threw Song Yan's name, she even emphasised that her sister was more beautiful and she would satisfy him much better as she was more skilled.

Just like that, she managed to divert the attention of the old investor and even managed to get a chance to get the role of the female lead. She just needed to send Song Yan to that old man's bed when she discussed this with Agent Li, the latter immediately agreed.

Song Lan was the face of herpany, and agent Li paid a lot of attention to Song Lan when she heard Song Lan's plan, she didn't even refute her, instead, she immediately called Song Yan. Compared to watching Song Lan lose her fame, she would rather watch Song Yan's name being dragged through the mud, after all that woman was nothing but an uncultured swine.

Their plan was simple but Song Yan refused to act like they expected her to, instead she was shooting sarcastic jabs after jabs at them. Sister Li was once again rendered speechless by Song Yan when the latter made fun of her, she stared at her cellphone in shock before her entire face flushed red with anger. " Song Yan, are you mocking me?"

'How dare she mock her? Just wait, once she returns to thepany, she will teach her a lesson that this bitch will never forget.'

Song Yan who was on the other hand the phone, of course, had no idea about the scheming trap that Song Lan has prepared for her but she knew that Li Rou wouldn't call her without any reason, thus, she faked a gasp, " Of course not, sister Li. I was just asking a general question, Sister Lan was given a month off when she injured her elbow, but I wasn't even given two weeks to recover from my car accident, why is that?"

" Hah? Is that even a thing that you need to ask? If you can reach Song Lan's level then you can take as many leaves as you want! Anyway stop wasting my time by asking ridiculous questions, I called you to tell you that there is an investor who is interested in casting you as the female lead of the movie he is investing in, he has requested to meet you. So, dress accordingly ande to thepany." Agent Li knew how fanatic Song Yan was about proving her worth, though her acting was good, her luck was so bad that every movie in which she was cast as the female lead was shut down or flopped. At first, Agent Li was indeed intrigued by Song Yan's beautiful face and wanted to launch her as the face of thepany but that girl's luck was- sigh, it was better not to think about it.

As she expected Song Yan who was eagerly waiting for an opportunity, immediately took the bait.

" Oh, I see. I wille to thepany at once but sister Li who is this investor- I mean, if I know about his preferences, I will be able to prepare myself appropriately." pany only in her birthday suit before she could even plead her case. Don't worry, she knows what's at stake,"

Only then did Song Lan's heart settle down a little.


Song Yan stared at her cellphone, as she sneered. " So, you intend to send me to that pervert's bed huh?"

Of course, she knew about Liao Jiming, he was the president of a punypany but he loved to act like he was some big boss. When she was living as a ghost, her favourite past time was to look at the news on the large television screen on the Gliding light street, one day she was sitting on top of a building and watching the news being telecast on the big screen, and one of the headlines was extremely flashy- ' YOUNG ACTRESS KILLED - she was subjected to excruciating torture before she was murdered brutally'

She would have forgotten this one piece of news if not for Li Rou's reminder because under the headline, the name of the murderer was - Liao Jiming.

At that time she was already dead but Song Yan was certain that if she somehow survived the car accident, she would have been the one killed by Liao Jiming instead of that unknown actress.

" Haha, Li Rou, Song Lan. You dare to play with me? Very well, I will play with you till the end," as she stared at her dark screen, Song Yan could see her beautiful face which was as cold as ice. " Since you both refuse to learn then as your good sister I need to teach you a very valuable lesson."

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