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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 27 A Terrible Trap

Song Yan's eyes glimmered with a murderous intensity at the sight of the name that was displayed on her cellphone but she timely masked her killing intent and smiled when Fu Chen leaned closer to peer at her cellphone. She rubbed his fluffy head as she spoke, " Don't worry it's nothing that Chen Chen needs to worry about, just eat your food and I will be back after taking this call."

Though she could sense her brother and sister in law's worried gazes, she didn't tell them who was calling her and just smiled reassuringly. This small fry she can take care of her alone, there was no need to implicate her beloved family.

Once she was out on the balcony, she answered the call and as soon as she did that, a fierce voice roared from the other hand of the cellphone. " Song Yan, you really think that you are something huh? You actually took so long to answer my call? Useless thing, do you know how much of my precious time you wasted, if you want to act like such a big shot then do something about your worthless acting first!"

The woman was extremely rude and harsh as she started to call names to Song Yan before giving her a chance to so much as say 'hello'.

Song Yan frowned as she listened to the harsh female voice lecturing her on the phone and pursed her lips tightly. She knew there was no point in interrupting the woman, thus, she silently stood on the balcony and waited for the woman to finish.

Maybe the woman on the other side notice her peculiarity as she didn't go on and on like she usually did and ended her lecture in just fifteen minutes instead of an hour before sharply asking, " Song Yan are you even listening to me?"

"Mhmm, I am listening sister Li," said Song Yan as she leaned on the railings of the balcony, it has been so many years. Just remembering the name of this annoying fly took her so much time.

" If you are listening then say something!"

Song Yan sneered at theplaining voice as she inclined her head and stared at the ground where the pedestrians were walking and smiled, " I thought that you called me just to let out your steam like always, so I didn't say anything. It's not like you need me to respond, you can hold on by yourself for more than an hour why the sudden change? Did you forget about calling me a miserable wretch who is bound to be struck by lightning someday? No, wait you even forgot the part where you call me a jinx who is holding you back like a burden."

Agent Li who was on the other side of the phone was shocked, she indeed called Song Yan these things but instead of snapping at her sarcastically, Song Yan always apologised to her. If someone needs to ask what was wrong then it should be her! Song Yan was such a timid and shy girl upon whose head anyone can dance upon- so howe, she became so sharp-tongued?

Agent Li was surprised but her surprise didn't last long, she was a C grade agent of herpany and she has been managing many celebrities. She was more than used to seeing shy celebrities bing bold and rebellious within a night, Song Yan was no different. As she thought about it a thought flashed in Agent Li's mind- 'Song Yan must have gotten a backing that's why she is acting so high and mighty, humph but never mind, no matter how good her backing was, she will neverpare to Song Lan who was second young master Fu's girlfriend.' pany and you didn't answer my calls either, do you think that thispany belongs to you?"

Song Yan: ' Technically yes, thepany was under Fu Yu Shen's charge but the CEO was clearly her husband-so yeah, thepany belonged to her.'

However, Song Yan had never publicised her relationship with Fu Yu Sheng, everyone in the family thought that she was going to take advantage of Fu Yu Sheng's fame and made fun of her. Back then she was still young and her heart was set ablaze, she clearly married Fu Yu Sheng under the orders of her father and Grandfather Fu, so howe she was the one who was called a vixen?

So, Song Yan swore in her anger that she would never use her relationship with Fu Yu Sheng to attain new heights and held up to her promise even when she was being bullied like this, thinking about her past self, Song Yan had an urge to slap herself. What an idiot she was, such a big pie fell in her lap and instead of gobbling it up, she threw it away.

But no matter how regretful she was now, she couldn't do anything about her situation anymore. She couldn't use Fu Yu Sheng's name before and she couldn't use it now more so, now that she signed the divorce papers and mailed him.

Song Yan sighed and pinched the space between her brows. " Sister Li, didn't my family apply for leave? I just met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital, why are you rushing me?"

" Aren't you already discharged from the hospital? And besides Song Lan was once injured too and she finished her shooting with a fractured arm." came the sneering reply.

'So, it's like that. It wasn't that she was going to hide in her house for long just a week until Chen Chen gotfortable with his surroundings but looks like someone was even more impatient than her.' Song Yan's lips curled in a smile as she studied her nails, " Oh, sorry sister Li. I didn't know that in your eyes, meeting with an accident and getting out of aa was similar to getting an elbow fracture."

The fact that Li Rou called her, could only mean one thing- Song Lan failed to get the role.

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