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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 26 Stop Mommy Stop!

Song Yan didn't know that the man she has been running from was back in the country and not only that he was preparing to hunt her down as soon as he can nor did she have the energy to take care of this matter either, after last night's ordeal, but she also was too tired and because she met with an obstacle, she wasn't prepared for, she was already half an hour late. Fu Chen usually woke up by six and it was five-thirty in the morning, she was afraid that her son would be startled so early in the morning in case he didn't see her sleeping next to him and Fu Chen got scared, he would definitely cause alarm in her brother and sister in law's house and then she would have to face her brother's questions - where were you? What were you doing?

She didn't want to tell her brother about her powers, it would only put her family in even more danger. Thus, it was really important for her to reach home as soon as possible.

Fortunately, she reached the apartmentplex where her brother lived fifteen minutes before Fu Chen woke up. Once she walked inside the bedroom, she changed her clothes, took a quick bath and as silent as a ghost slipped next to her son- she hardly managed to do all of this and Fu Chen stirred beside her. When Song Yan noticed that her son was waking up, she hurriedly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Fu Chen who was sleeping next to Song Yan blinked his eyes and sat up straight in his bed, for a moment he was confused because of the unfamiliar surroundings but then the memories from yesterday slowly started to register in his head and the tears that were filling his eyes upon finding himself at a new place finally receded. He sniffed and looked to his left, his mother was sleeping soundly next to him and Fu Chen hurriedly wiped his eyes- pei, pei! What a crybaby he was. His mother was just next to him and he was going to cry just now, if his mother had seen that would have been so embarrassing.

Zhou Yuan who was watching the filial and loving act of mother and son felt an urge to scream out loud, so cute. The little boy was just so cute, most probably he inherited all his cuteness from his father since that cold mistress of his hardly had anything cute about her.

( The human air-con Fu Yu Sheng: Excuse me?)

" Mommy, wake up. It's six in the morning!" Fu Chen patted Song Yan's face as he woke his ' sleepy' mother.

Song Yan opened her eyes after barely resting them as soon as her son's hand touched her face, she smiled and hugged Fu Chen as she blew raspberries on his tummy. Fu Chen who was tickled so early in the morning was somewhat helpless as he laughed, however,pared to his taciturn and timid mother from a few weeks ago, he liked his mother now a lot a more. She was lively and her personality was no longer as bending as it was before, her whole being was excluding an aura that was a lot similar to his dad whom no one can bully.

" Stop, stop mommy, stop." Fu Chen who was tickled wheezed and tried to wriggle out of his mother's hold, his mommy was really too much. Tickling and blowing raspberries so early in the morning.

Song Yan noticed that her son was tired so she stopped and kissed his cheeks and greeted him sweetly. " Good morning, Chenchen."

" Good morning, mommy." Fu Chen's greeting was just as sweet as his mother's, he stayed in his mother's lap and enjoyed the morning hug with his mommy without a single worry in his mind. When they were staying at the Fu mansion that bad woman who always bullied his mommy would often sneak big, ugly rats into their room and many times Fu Chen woke up because of the terrible bite he suffered from those rats. Back then he was too scared to fall asleep, worried that someone would sneak rats again into his room.

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" Good morning Yanyan," said Zhou Yuan as he floated over and peered over Song Yan's shoulder. He smiled naughtily and looked at Song Yan, " Hey, your kid looks so cute by any chance is he looking for a stepdaddy?"

Song Yan felt her good mood flow away as soon as she heard Zhou Yuan's cheesy line, who knows where the ghost learned it but he loved to shoot cheesy, perverted lines at every woman he met. It was a good thing that no one could hear him or else he would have to die again. She raised her hand and swatted Zhou Yuan away before summoning him inside the soul ring.

Fu Chen noticed his mother's ugly expression and asked, " Mother is something wrong?"

"it's nothing just mosquito buzzing around," said Song Yan as she picked Fu Chen up and brought him out of the room before taking him to the bathroom for a bath. By the time, Fu Chen finished brushing his teeth and changed his clothes, Song Lingyan and Wen Mingzhi were also up, the two of them used the bathroom after Fu Chen while Song Yan cooked a table full of aromatic delicious-looking dishes, this was the first time she was cooking for her son and brother, of course, she had to give it her all.

Song Lingyan's mouth dropped in astonishment as he stared at the dishes, he exchanged a look with his wife and the two of them hurriedly sat down as Song Yan served them. " I am not skilled as my sister in law but I hope you won't dislike my skills."

" Dislike?" echoed Song Lingyan as he munched on his egg pancake, " who dares to dislike your culinary skills? Tell brother, brother will knock their teeth out!"

Beside him, Fu Chen also nodded his head as he nibbled on his steamed buns. His mommy's cooking was of course the best!

Wei Mingzhi slapped her husband's arm and chided him softly, " look at you what are you teaching your nephew."

Song Lingyan frowned as he swallowed his food and gulped his coffee, " What are you talking about? I am not teaching him anything wrong, as the man of the house he should protect his mother since his daddy is too busy to do that."

" That's right!" agreed Fu Chen with all seriousness.

Seeing the two act like this Wei Mingzhi was exasperated while Song Yan laughed out loud. However, the harmonious atmosphere in the dining room didn't last for long as a call came on Song Yan's cellphone. She fished out the cellphone from her pocket and upon seeing the name of the caller, her eyes flashed dangerously.

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