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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 25 Divorce? Not A Chance.

Fu Yu Sheng's words were like a bolt out of the blue to Song Lan, brother Sheng didn't remember her but he remembered Song Yan, that bitch! But why? She took away Song Yan's luck, just this was enough for her to be noticed by Fu Yu Sheng. After all, the reason Song Yan could marry Fu Yu Sheng was because of her luck! However, instead of getting closer to Fu Yu Sheng, it felt like she was getting further and further away.

Fu Yu Shen's expression was also filled with shock, his brother has always been like an immortal. Aloof and untouchable, he as his younger brother always believed that his second brother deserved the best out of the best yet he was actually asking for that woman? Why! The more Fu Yu Shen thought about it, the more agitated he became until he could no longer help it. " Second brother, why are you asking for that woman?"

Fu Yu Sheng was heading to his bedroom when he heard his third brother's question, his brows scrunched up unconsciously as he turned his head to look at Fu Yu Shen and scolded him in an admonishing voice, " Fu Yu Shen, it seems that you have forgotten the rules of the Fu family, who are you calling that woman? She is your second sister in law, how many times do I have to tell you this?"

Every time, Fu Yu Sheng returned home, he would have to sing the same song again and again- this was why he didn't like toe back home, annoying siblings, a pest that stubbornly buzzed around him and a wife who was always gloomy and weak-willed. He wished that Song Yan would start standing up for herself because he was getting tired of doing it.

" She is not my sister in law, second brother! You can have any woman, why are you still married to her?" Fu Yu Shen was also Fu Yu Sheng's brother extremely stubborn, he would never believe that he did anything wrong. In his eyes, Song Lan wasn't worthy of his second brother, so why will he accept her?

"FU YU SHEN!" having reached the limit of his patience, Fu Yu Sheng pinched the bridge of his nose and thundered furiously, he swept a furious glance at his brother. " You need to take the teachings of the Fu family seriously, we only marry one woman and stay loyal to her till the end of our life, our grandfather followed this and so did our father, and I will follow this teaching as well, so you better give up those nonsensical thoughts and stop fooling around."

Fu Yu Shen might have the gall of the leopard but he still didn't have enough guts to go against his brother when he was furious, so even if he felt that he wasn't wrong, he still pursed his lips and turned silent. Once Fu Yu Shen stopped bickering with him, Fu Yu Sheng turned his attention to Song Lan and a flash of annoyance flashed in his eyes- Song Lan, so this was the woman who created trouble in his and Song Yan's married life.

At first, Fu Yu Sheng couldn't even remember the name of the woman who was supposedly having a nonexistent affair with him according to his wife, but when he noticed how Fu Yu Shen was constantly protecting her just like Fu Rong did, his expression of Song Lan fell even further. He wasn't a fool who would just fall in the clutches of the beauty and what was more this beauty was not even mediocre.

When Song Lan noticed that Fu Yu Sheng was looking at her, her heart soared and she coyly called out, " brother Sheng-"

However, Fu Yu Sheng only glanced at her for a few seconds before turning around and walking up the stairs. But even as he was walking, he didn't forget to leave an order behind. " Butler Fan, show the guest out. It's still early and our family can't entertain a guest so early in the morning."

He was clearly drawing a line between his family and Song Lan, by calling her guest and at the same time, he was subtly warning Song Lan not to get too cosy with his siblings. He might not have much experience with women but he can smell manipulation from miles away. For more chapters, please visit

Fu Yu Sheng's order left Song Lan and Fu Yu Shen's minds in a frenzy. Only butler Fan and Fu Rong gleefully enjoyed the disbelieving expression on Song Lan's face.

Clearing his throat with an air of extreme professionalism, butler Fan walked up to Song Lan. " Please, Miss Song"

Only then did Song Lan get out of her daze, she stared at Butler Fan who was gesturing with his hands asking her to leave and then turned her glance at the cold side profile of the man who didn't even glance again at her. What was the difference between being kicked out and being asked to leave like this? She turned to look at Fu Rong pleading with her eyes but to her surprise, Fu Rong just ignored her and started climbing up the stairs.

Fu Yu Shen wanted to ask Song Lan to stay but he didn't have the guts to go against his second brother and could only look away awkwardly.

Even if Song Lan had thick skin, she couldn't stay behind even if she sold all her shame. In the end under butler Fan's urging, she was kicked out of the Fu mansion.

Once she got inside her car, Song Lan hatefully glared at Butler Fan who was walking with a skip in his steps, she gritted her teeth in anger and clenched the steering wheel so hard that her knuckles turned white as she snarled, " Just you wait for old man, once I deal with that bitch, I will definitely send you off to a very long journey."

If Fu Yu Shen saw Song Lan's expression right now, he would be so surprised that he might even go into shock. Because gone was the innocent and loveable face, all that was left behind was an eerie smile that was even wicked than the devils.


On the other hand, Fu Yu Sheng was sitting in his room holding the dust covered divorce agreement and the wedding ring Song Yan has left behind in their room. For a long time, Fu Yu Sheng didn't move but then- those long and veiny hands that were used only to sign important papers, tore up the divorce agreement and the chic leather shoes stomped on the torn pieces as Fu Yu Sheng stared at the pieces expressionlessly. " Divorce? Not a chance."

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