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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 24 Fire Her?

" Brother Sheng!" Before anyone could react to Fu Yu Sheng's appearance, Song Lan was already on her way to stand beside him, and why wouldn't she? That was the place that originally belonged to her. If not for Song Yan who was born in the Song family with that golden aura for luck, she would be the one who would have married Fu Yu Sheng, both of them was the daughters of the Song family yet she was born with nothing yet Song Yan was born with everything. But there was no need for her to rush, as long as she continued at the pace she was going, one day everything will belong to her!

When these thoughts flooded her mind, Song Lan's smile became even wider. She wanted to rush up and sidle to Fu Yu Sheng's side but then she remembered that Fu Yu Sheng liked girls who were gentle and elegant so she slowed her pace and walked toward him in an extremely patient manner. What she didn't know was that without even thinking she was unconsciously acting like Song Yan whom she hated very much, when she was standing close enough to Fu Yu Sheng, Song Lan gave him her best smile that was praised by the nation for being pretty, " Brother Sheng you must be tired, here let me take that."

She reached her hand to take the jacket that Fu Yu Sheng was carrying in his arm but before she could so much as touch even a strand of the fabric, Fu Yu Sheng pulled his arm away with a frown, handing his jacket to butler Fan who has very wisely came to stand between Song Lan and Fu Yu Sheng. Though butler Fan trusted his young master and knew that he will never fall for the tricks of such a woman but what he didn't trust was this woman! She was always buzzing around his second master like a bee, even though she was a young heiress her attitude was very much similar to those children born out of mistresses. Putui! Only blind people would like such a terrible woman who tried to ruin a well family settled family and that too when it belonged to her sister- half-sister or not a sister was, in the end, a sister!

Fu Yu Sheng stared at Song Lan who went red in the face, aiya! What was this? Did brother Sheng finally realise that she was the prettier one here? If so then she -

" Butler Fan, did you hire a new maid?" asked Fu Yu Sheng with a frown as he looked away from Song Lan without so much as giving her another glance, " did she not receive proper training at the institute? If so why are you keeping her here? Fire her, right away."

Fu Yu Sheng was known for his impatience, he firmly rejected outsiders and rarely had any contact with anyone who wasn't important in his life. Except for his family, Fu Yu Sheng has never paid any attention to anyone else and he wasn't even interested in expanding his world beyond the people he cared about but with those people, he will be really considerate as much as his emotional capability would allow him to, and from his indifference, towards Song Lan, it was clear that she held no importance whatsoever to him and since she wasn't important why will he concern himself to remember her?'

Butler Fan almost choked and had to feign his laughter as cough, see? Didn't he say that only blind people would like this woman? And since his second young master wasn't blind, he will definitely not care about her! Hah! In your face mistress wannabe!

Though he was laughing at Song Lan's predicament inwardly, he still cleared his throat and answered his second master diligently, " No, second master. This is miss Song," hon Fu Yu Sheng continued to frown, Butler Fan silkily added, " Madam Song's half-sister Miss Song Lan." For more chapters, please visit

See this? To my second master, you are no one, if not for madam Song he wouldn't even remember you but you still have the audacity to dig in madam Song's corner? How shameless, tsk, tsk.

Song Lan had once lived under the tag of mistress's daughter and she was exceptionally wise in understanding the subtle put down like Butler Fan's, she knew he was contemptuous of her because she was trying to seduce her half sister's husband. But so what if this old man was holding her in contempt? Her mother was once held in contempt too but now look where she was, humph, she will definitely take good care of this old man once she became the madam of the Fu family.

But for now, she just withdrew her anger and suppressed the rage that was pumping in her body and made herself look more pitiful than ever. It wasn't hard, Song Lan just have to secretly rub the ' sickly beauty talisman' she carried around with her and that was it - all of a sudden, all the blood on her face drained and she looked so pale that it looked like she was going to faint any second. This was the talisman that she had made the master draw after spending a lot of money, if not she would have never been praised for her amazing acting.

She blinked the tears that were brimming in her eyes as a reaction because of the talisman and then looked at Fu Yu Sheng, her act was good. Even Fu Yu Shen who always tried to bring his second brother and Song Lan together felt a pang of sympathy for her, he licked his lips and looked at his second brother who was striding towards Fu Rong without so much as looking at the 'pitiful' Song Lan and hurriedly said, " Sister Lan, it's not that second brother doesn't remember you. It's just that he suffers from face blindness, he hasn't seen you for a long time that is why he can't remember you-"

Right at this moment, Fu Yu Sheng swept his eyes around the living room and scowled. " Where is Yanyan?"

Who doesn't remember you because he hasn't seen you for a long time? The truth was that he couldn't care less about this pest called Song Lan.

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