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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 22 That’s Not What I Meant

Only when Fu Rong dragged her name did Song Lan snap out of her daze, at first she was shocked but then she calmed down. Even though Fu Rong escaped from the two thugs, it seemed that she didn't know that it was her who hired the two men for taking care of Fu Rong. Because if Fu Rong found out she would have long lunged at her throat instead of talking so calmly with her.

Thus, under the questioning gaze of the butler and Fu Yu Shen's confused gaze, she rushed towards Fu Rong and took her in her arms, even though Song Lan found the smell of cheap tobacco that wasing from Fu Rong's body offensive she still forced herself to hug Fu Rong like a close sister. " Ah Rong, I was so scared when those men took you away, I am so glad that you are alright," then she pulled away and cupped Fu Rong's cheek and smiled like an elder sister who was sincerely worried about her younger sister. " What I meant was that no matter what a dodgy place is still a dodgy place no matter who owns it. You are still too young to go to places like bars and casinos, I should have stopped you instead of going along with you, that's where I was wrong."

Song Lan cleared of the doubts since she deliberately spoke in a manner that she left nothing questionable behind, no one thought that there was anything wrong with what she said, even head butler Fan thought that she didn't mean any harm. Only Fu Rong felt like tearing off the bitch's face, sure enough, Song Lan wasn't an easy person to deal with, she was glad that she listened to her second sister in law and didn't jump on Song Lan while pointing accusations here and there, if not she would have wiped the floor with her!

Fu Rong turned her gaze sharply away from Song Lan as she stopped herself from slapping Song Lan then she forced a smile and spoke like she always did with Song Lan, " Is that so? Then I think sister Lan is right. I should be paying attention to my studies rather than going to the dodgy places like bars and pubs." However, before she could stop herself, she coldly snorted. " But Sister Lan, you should ask your friend to strengthen the security of that bar of hers, just look two men kidnapped me in front of you and you couldn't even stop them."

Fu Rong did want to stop her temper from bursting out but she just couldn't help it. She was the young miss of the Fu family, since when did she have to lower herself like this?

When Fu Rong said those words it sounded like she was blaming Song Lan. Fu Yu Shen who was sitting on the sofa, his heartbeat has been going down and down ever since he heard that Fu Rong has been kidnapped, he only took a minute rest and had to jump back on his feet when he heard Fu Rong's blaming tone.

Sister Lan was his Sister Lan whom he has been following since he was a child, how can he see her getting wronged like this? He instantly glared at Fu Rong and spoke in a disgruntled voice, " Rong'er what's the matter with you? Do you know how worried Sister Lan was for you? When you were kidnapped, she even ran after the van and fell on the road, just take a careful look, her knees were scarped so badly that she is still bleeding, instead of blaming Sister Lan why don't you reflect on yourself a bit? It's because of your rebellious acts that you were caught by those kidnappers, if you stayed at home silently do you think that something like this would have happened?" pletely right! Then she turned to look at Fu Rong and her fierce expression softened by a lot of degrees as she hung her head in great remorse. " Rong, I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have taken to that bar and should have taken proper care of you, please do understand that I love you a lot and I have been praying for you to return home soon."

Seeing that the little bitch didn't react, Song Lan furtively rose her head and took a note of Fu Rong's expression out of the corner of her eye and froze when she noticed the hint of slight indifference in Fu Rong's expression.

While Song Lan was studying Fu Rong, Fu Rong too was studying her differently. If Song Yan hadn't warned her and she wouldn't have listened to the thugs, she would have felt her heart fill with Song Lan's sincerity and care. Yet now her heart was cold, she felt chilled to her bones, this woman who was standing in front of her was terrifying. If she was a sincere friend then at the prospect of her best friend being kidnapped she would have lost all his rationality but instead of losing her calm, Song Lan wasn't only carefully weighing her words but was also watching her expressions carefully as she schemed against her silently.

Right now no matter what she did,pared to Song Lan's extreme benevolence and concern she would look petty.

Was this something a friend who called her sister would do?

Fu Rong suppressed her anger as she smiled at Song Lan and patted the back of her hand, "it's alright sister Lan, I was just a bit angry, there is no need for you to take the matter to heart." Even though she didn't understand what feud Song Lan and Song Yan had, it was clear that Song Yan hated Song Lan with her entire existence and that hatred wasn't just because the latter stole her father and kicked Song Yan and her brother out of the Song household, it was a grudge much deeper than that if Song Yan can hold back even after suffering so much in Song Lan's hands, Fu Rong was assured that she too can smile in the face of this witch.

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