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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 20 Breaking The Grudge Field

Song Yan felt a hatred like never before bloom in her heart, she hated Song Lan and Chu Lian. She had hated them from the minute they stepped inside the Song household and she hated them when Chu Lian always pushed for a marriage between Fu Yu Sheng and Song Lan and Song Lan would cosy up to her husband. Her hatred reached its peak when she realized that they were the ones who killed her but she never thought that it was possible for the hatred she felt for those two to deepen any further than it already has but as she stood in the centre of the grudge field and sensed the deep-rooted resentment of her mother towards Chu Lian, Song Yan felt her heart go even colder than her soul.

Splitting a soul in half, Chu Lian actually spilt her mother's soul in half? Didn't she know that if a person's soul was split in half they cannot ascend to the netherworld? No, she must have known it, Chu Lian that witch of a woman, she must have known it all and yet she had that master capture her mother's soul and tear it in half!

" Just what kind of grudge did she have with my mum!" snapped Song Yan as she clenched her fists. The ghost qi that was emanating from the grave was getting stronger by the minute as she stepped closer to it. And the more she got closer, the more she felt the anger that was being suppressed under this old grave.

"It's no longer a luck snatching array" observed Fang Yanli as they came to a stop in front of the tombstone that was chipped and broken in many places. The words written on it have faded away yet the words, ' rest in peace' seemed to have been carved again and again like a nasty joke. Fang Yanli scrunched up her nose in distaste, she should have scared off that mother and daughter pair a bit more. Just look at their antics! She rolled her eyes as she further continued, " That master has modified it into a spirit sealing array, your mother's soul must have been at unrest after her death and most probably went to look for revenge. A spirit with such a strong ghost qi is harder to deal with, most probably that's the reason they sealed her soul in different places so that she won't be able to look for them. If her soul was left intact-"

" The master who is working for Song Lan wouldn't have been able to deal with it, he hasn't reached that level yet to take on such a strong spirit." finished Song Yan, her eyes carefully looking around as she took out the talisman from her space ring.

" Wait! You are going to break that array? If you do that-"

" The spirit of my mother that was so wrongfully concealed will be stronger?" Song Yan sneered as she suppressed her impetuous murderous rage that was rising in her heart. If she wanted she could always kill that mother and daughter pair but a cold-blooded death wasn't what they deserved! They deserved having their souls reaped apart and buried where no one wille to save them! " That's exactly what I want! If not, I will never find out where that woman buried the body of my mother! Unless this resentment is freed, I will never be able to find the other half of my mother's soul."

Fang Yanli retreated several steps back as shemented, " but the soul is torn in half you cannot redeem it, once broken a soul is never accepted by the heavens!"

Song Yan clenched her teeth as she flung the talisman at the tombstone and tried to calm her palpitations. She knew it for a soul to be accepted by the heavens, it should be perfect and untouched but she couldn't leave her mother's soul trapped like that! " I will think of a way to send her to the cycle of reincarnation."

The talisman stuck on the tombstone and just like before the old coffin that was resting in the pit rose in the air and settled next to the deep hole in the ground revealing the array that was hidden under it.

" Chu Lian!" As soon as the coffin blocking the array was lifted a loud roar echoed from the depths of the pit, Song Yan winced as she covered her nose when the smell of a decaying corpse wafted over to her nostrils.

"Tsk tsk, that Chu woman is really smart. She timely sealed of your mother or else-" began Fang Yanli but then Song Yan who was staring at the straw doll lying at the centre of the array and jumped in, startling her. " Hey wait, if you go in there right now then-" e to me."

" I will have your blood, Chu Lian! I will kill you one day and feast on your corpse just you wait!"

Song Yan grimaced as her vision went dizzy as her Qi was sucked by that little straw doll. She rubbed her hand over her face and tried to stop her mind from falling unconscious-

Fang Yanli who saw that something was wrong with Song Yan immediately yelled, " Don't you dare to faint here, Song Yan! Or it will be all over for us! And mistress Gu is not here to help us out!"

Mistress Gu! Song Yan's eyes snapped open. That's right didn't Gu Yijin meet with this situation before back then what did she do? How did she fight the grudge field that sucked a person's life force?

Something snapped click in place as she looked over at Fang Yanli and said, " get inside the ghost ring,"

Though Fang Yanli didn't know what was going on with Song Yan and why exactly was she asking her to get back in the ghost ring, Fang Yanli still followed the order of her mistress. Once she entered the ghost ring, Song Yan turned her attention to the straw doll that was lying motionlessly at the centre of the array and unleashed every bit of Yin Energy that she has preserved and a black sphere of dark Qi covered the surrounding.

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