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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 2 She Won’t Make The Same Mistake Twice!

Song Yan was a cowardly woman who was lucky enough to marry Fu Yusheng, it wasn't because the two of them fell in love with each other. No, instead it was because her mother and Fu Yusheng's mother were best friends, which was why the two of them got engaged to each other even when they weren't born. The two of them were engaged in their mother's womb and this was the reason that Song Yan was able to score Fu Yusheng even though she wasn't as talented and outstanding as her husband who became the Ceo of the Fu cooperation at the age of twenty-six.

While her mother in law and father in law were still alive the Fu family treated her quite well but after the two died in a road accident, her status in the Fu family depleted sharply. Fu Rong, her obnoxious sister in law kicked her out of Fu Yusheng's bedroom and sent her to live in the storeroom while she was pregnant under Song Lan's instigation.

Her grandfather in law didn't reside in the Fu mansion for years-long and didn't know about such things while the other family members didn't bother with her.

Song Yan's lips curled in mockery, she was really foolish. To think that she was bullied so badly yet she still suffered everything with her lips tightly shut until she suffered from postnatal depression.

" sister, how can you be like this?" hearing Song Yan's cold voice Song Lan panicked, she had never seen Song Yan act like this, she hurriedly walked forward to hold Song Yan's hand as she lightly chided " Sister Rong is just worried, nothing else. After all, how can you jump in front of a driving car? Don't you think that's too much?"

Song Yan looked up at the earnest expression of Song Lan and felt her heart burst with hatred. Her yin and yang eyes could see the golden aura that was wrapped around Song Lan and her anger nearly exploded - this luck, this luck was supposed to be hers but Song Lan and her mother snatched it from her! However, unlike her past life she didn't explode in anger instead she calmed down, no - now wasn't the time to raise suspicion. She wouldn't let Song Lan know that she knew that Song Lan snatched her luck.

Song Yan calmed down while Fu Rong who listened to Song Lan like a chick following mother hen exploded in anger " who is worried about her? Such a jinx! If you want to suicide justmit suicide silently why do you have to cause trouble for me and my third brother? "

" Fu Rong just because you have a mouth don't think you can say shit... Just because you have no brain don't think that no one else has it and Song Lan, what do you mean by jumping in front of a moving car? how do you know that I jumped in front of the car? Just because you say that I jumped then does it mean that I really jumped? What are your motives for hiding the fact that it was a real accident? " sorted Song Yan coldly as she gritted her teeth, she wished to snatch her gold luck back but she needed to find where Song Lan buried the array without finding that place she couldn't break the array and snatch her gold luck back! For more chapters, please visit

Pitch black eyes that were as unwavering as stars glared at Song Lan as if she wanted to swallow her alive. Song Lan's heart skipped a beat and she retreated a few steps, yesterday night she and her mother succeeded in snatching Song Yan's luck which was why Song Lan no longer wanted to leave Song Yan alive, she was the one who planned the accident and kill Song Yan to remove the obstruction from her path of marrying Fu Yusheng.

But who knew Song Yan survived! Not only did she survive, but it also seems that she was suspicious of her!

" you! Why are you creating trouble for sister Lan?" said Fu Rong her eyes bursting flames when she saw that Song Yan glared at her favourite Sister Lan" if you are so great then why don't you divorce my brother! Why do you keep hanging on to him-"

" alright"

"You - what did you say?" Fu Rong who had a spleen full of fury was stupefied when Song Yan interrupted her.

"I said alright, I will divorce Fu Yusheng but - I want full custody of my son"

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