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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 17 Missing Grave

? As soon as Song Yan stepped inside the burial ground, the Yin energy that was calm got suddenly stimulated, and dark webs of Yin energy shot through the ground aiming right at her. Song Yan narrowed her eyes and released an annoyed sigh before she flipped her and collected the malevolent yin energy that was targeting her in one swoop. Once she collected that energy the residual yin energy that was flickering in the surrounding calmed down as if hesitating to attack her again, Song Yan didn't bother with it as long as she could finish her job here with peace and tranquillity she wouldn't bother with anything that wasn't going to hurt her.

"Looks like we are not weed here," said Song Yan with an amused grin as she paved her path through the narrow cobblestone path that was built like a century ago in the middle of the abandoned graveyard.

" Don't be so careless," warned Fang Yanli from somewhere above her. " You might think that this is a task beneath your capabilities but you should still be careful."

Fang Yanli wasn't wrong, Song Yan was quite assured that Song Lan and her stepmother must have planted a guard or two here, but since the two of them didn't dare to tell anyone what they were hiding here, the guards might have not taken their orders seriously. After all, who would take a trip to this creepy graveyard where Yin energy was so ubiquitous, Normal humans can't see the yin energy but they could of course sense that there was something off about this place, if she didn't have her years of yin cultivation, she too wouldn't have stepped another step inside this place.

As she walked deeper inside the graveyard all kinds of ghosts started to pop up, malicious ghosts that were murdered, ghosts that were pinning and some were purely evil.

" Pssh, Song Yan something is following you," said Fang Yanli as she cast a disgusted glance at the mangled ghost that was crawling behind them. She could sense that the ghost died with a heavy grievance, the dark and mottled black mist that was covering it was enough to show just how many grudges it held, not to mention those creepy dark eyes, unlike her blank eyes they were alight with malice. " This ghost has sunk to the bottom by relying on sucking the yang energy of those whoe here, it's no different than a malevolent spirit that harms innocent. I think you should just finish it off, anyway, he wouldn't be able to reincarnate after making so many innocents suffer."

Song Yan has of course sensed the presence behind her, she was just hoping that the ghost would leave on it, but this ghost was unlike the one that she just dealt with at the entrance, his cultivation was higher than the others ghost and after sucking the yang energy of humans, his strength wasn't bad either. If she dealt with it, there surely will be a lot of noise, she turned to look at the blur mess of mangled shadow and was immediately disgusted upon seeing it, with her yin and yang eyes she could see that this ghost died while working in the factory, it made a mistake and somehow got mangled by a heavy machine and died on the spot, it had been dead for many years and carried a very deep grudge to everything alive. She looked at the ghost and raised one brow, it was clearly confident to take her on, most probably its cultivation wasn't high enough to sense that her cultivation was higher than his or maybe it was simply a fool that was too arrogant to accept defeat.

Considering the life this ghost led when it was still alive, the possibility of the latter being true was more. Song Yan waited for the ghost to make its move, since it was delivering its head to her, she will let him deliver it properly. When the ghost saw that the woman in front of him stopped moving, it opened its mouth and a gust of cold wind drifted towards Song Yan, there was clearly no wind blowing and the trees werepletely still, yet the wind that was surrounding Song Yan was spine chilling. The ghost of the factory worker looked at the young woman in front of him greedily, it could sense that the woman in front of it was one with good fortune, so he hungrily stretched his hands and started to crawl towards Song Yan unconstrained. ing" the ring was made of a stone that was discovered in an expedition to a historical site from the tomb of the Emperor of that dynasty, the ring's stone was obviously suffused with yin energy strong enough to eat the life force of a human, the first master of the Gu family and her master was the one who purified it such that it sucked the yin energy of a malevolent spirit rather than sucking the life force of a human.

He renamed it as ' hell's fire', the power of this ring was, of course, something that many craved but only a few managed to take control of it. She was one of the few people who could take control of this ring but the only downside of this powerful weapon was that it was a bit too bright like the flames of hell.

Fang Yanli returned after a short while. " one of the guards was startled but I knocked him before he could get inside."

Song Yan nodded. "let's go to the grave for which we came here for."

" Yes," said Fang Yanli as she hovered in the air and lead Song Yan to the old grave where the array was hidden but when they arrived at the spot where the old grave should have been - there was nothing, the spot was totally clean.

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