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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 16 Level Up

Once Song Yan found the van that the kidnappers used to bring Fu Rong to this desolated place, the rest of the procedure went rather easily. With Fang Yanli by her side, she had no problem in opening the door of the locked van, and once Fu Rong was settled in the back seat, Song Yan gunned the engine of the car and drove off leaving the macho thug unconscious in the dark alley.

Her actions surprised Fu Rong who was still trembling, she peered out of the window of the van and asked " are we going to leave that man like that?"

" Why? Are you worried about him?" asked Song Yan as she smiled faintly. She rubbed the ring on her finger that was getting hotter by the minute as she glanced at the ghosts that were greedily looking at their directions aftering out of their hiding places. Damn it, she was really late, the clock has hit three in the morning and now was the time when the evil spirits were the strongest.

Of course, they were no match for her, but still wasting so many efforts on some measly ghosts whose cultivation wasn't even at par with her when she was a ghost, was really … it was like an adult bullying a toddler.

"it's not that!" cried Fu Rong all of a sudden breaking her chain of thoughts " I meant that man clearly tried to force himself on me and even wanted to kill me, why are we leaving him like that? Shouldn't we have called the police and had him arrested?"

Song Yan hummed and then took a right heading towards the Fu mansion. " You don't have to worry about him, and if you have called the police then it would be us who would have been taken to the police station instead of the two men."

Fu Rong's eyes widened as she uttered a shocked " why?"

Song Yan tapped on the steering wheel. " Song Lan is someone who wouldn't make such a low-level mistake as letting two men who have so much evidence over her. She would do everything in her power to nip the bud before it blooms… and for that, she would do anything." Song Yan remembered how everyone who met or became acquainted with Song Lan in her previous life would meet with unfortunate deaths in a mysterious way, it took a lot of time for her to understand how Song Lan was able to do that. " Both of those thugs were cursed by the plague of death talisman. As long as that talisman is stuck to their bodies, evil spirits will find them, tear them into shreds and eat them. It's three in the morning, and right now the evil spirits are the strongest, I am afraid by tomorrow morning not even the bones of those two thugs will be left but maybe if they are lucky, the spirits might leave their half-eaten bodies somewhere for them to be buried. If I am not wrong the unconscious thug might be getting feasted on right now, do you want to explain why you were standing in the middle of a dark alley with a chewed up body?"

Fu Rong shivered after listening to Song Yan's explanation, it was just too terrible. She couldn't believe that behind that innocent face of Song Lan, such a hideous monster lived. She killed without even blinking an eye, those two men might be thugs but they were still human, and because of Song Lan those two living men will be eaten alive! Just the very thought was enough to make her shiver.

" We are here" Song Yan's cool voice broke through her tremors as she pointed to the Fu mansion, " I am afraid that this is as far as I can take you, the lights are still lit, they might be waiting for you and if I am not wrong, Song Lan might be putting on a great show in there, If I go with you, I am afraid that I will end up puking all over the floor, so … get lost"

Fu Rong "…." She kind of missed her old sister in law. pletely desolate and it was so remotely located that it couldn't be even be considered a part of the town, no wonder she never found the arrays in her past life, she would have never thought that Song Lan and her stepmother toe this far knowing how they loved theirfort. She was too narrow-minded and that kind of backfired on her.

Fang Yanli who was hovering next to her, searched the area with her dark eyes and hissed " I thought that this place is not that dangerous but looks like we have to waste a bit of our time here, the number of mutilated ghosts is really too much, looks like before the people here made it a graveyard, it was a mass dead bodies dump yard, the bodies of these ghosts were eaten by dogs and some were killed unjustly, they carry a lot of heavy grudges."

However, to Song Yan this graveyard was no less than a part ground, she took out a bunch of ghosts capturing talisman and smirked " I was going to finish this quickly but if they are being so kind as to deliver their heads to help us level up our level of cultivation, I won't say no to their kind considerations."

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