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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 14 Ahhh Ghost

The macho thug went stiff all over as he stared at the woman who was hugging him, then he moved his neck with a jerk like it has been frozen for years and peered over her shoulder and saw that there was no shadow under her feet even though the moon was shining brightly over their heads and his partner was holding a torchlight with his shaking hands and was currently pointing at him- there was nothing. Only his shadow alone could be seen, The thug screamed in horror as he pushed the woman in his arms away, screaming as he plopped down on his butt and crawled on his trembling legs cursing his body for failing him at the moment when he needed it the most.

The woman who was pushed down groaned as her neck lolled at an angle that wasn't humanly possible, she raised her head and screwed her head back as if she was putting a plunger down a hole as she indistinctlyplained " why did you push me, husband? Didn't you say that we were going to have fun? So why are you running from me? Come on, let's have fun~"

" Get away, get away from me!" The macho thug's face went white as he remembered that one should never try to invite a ghost willingly because it was easy to invite them over but really difficult to send them away and he actually hugged a ghost! Uwaa!! Mommy! This was cheating, when that Fu girl called that woman Song Yan, he thought that this woman was someone she knew, but now…looking at the eerie face that was staring right at him with that transparentplexion that made his feet tremble, he suddenly felt like he was cheated. He came to enjoy a human woman, howe the woman of his dreams became a haunting spirit?

Don't tell him, he snapped his neck towards Fu Rong and gave her a cautious glance before moving away far from her, if this girl knows this ghost woman then certainly she might be … The macho thug gulped and so did the portly man as both of them moved away from Fu Rong who was lying on the ground, stiff as a cardboard cutout or else she would have definitely fought with the two thugs for thinking about her like that.

In fact, even if she wasn't seeing this supernatural phenomenon she still wouldn't have been able to move anyway, the two thugs had beaten her until she couldn't even lift a finger much less run away from the ghostly woman who wasing their way.

Ever since she was a child Fu Rong has always been afraid of the supernatural, when her grandfather used to tell stories about ghosts, she got so nervous that she couldn't even leave her room at night without dragging one of her brothers out their beds. She has always been terrified of them but as she watched the womane closer and closer she wasn't as afraid, maybe it was out of instinct but she wasn't scared of the ghostly woman. She had an inkling that whatever was happening was due to Song Yan and Song Yaning to save her so she will not let her get harmed right?

" Husband, why are you running away?" The woman grinned cheekily as her mouth that was torn went unhinged and her already spooky smile became even more haunting, the portly man who was in charge of the torchlight couldn't hold on and slumped down on the ground, while yellow liquid seeped out from his pants. He wanted to go home, he wanted to get out of here but his legs were just not moving!

The macho thug was regretting his life's decisions as well, why did he have to take on this stupid mess, why didn't he just stay at home and stuck to petty jobs like kidnapping kids and pickpocketing? However, it was already too late for him to regret anything, he hurriedly looked around and saw that there was no way to get away from the ghostly woman who was moving towards them while dragging her left leg which oddly made a bone-chilling sound as if thousands of nails were being scratched on the floor. " Arggh, damn it. I am not dying like this!" Cursed the macho thug as he got on his feet and fished out a knife from his back pocket and ran towards Fu Rong before pulling her up by knotting her hair in his hand and placing the knife on her throat " You are here to save her right? I know you are… I heard her call your name. I don't care what you are, why you are here whether ghost or demon if you take another step forward, I will rip off her throat!"

Fu Rong who was once again placed at knifepoint winced, she already suffered quite a lot of wounds and when these two thugs kidnapped her, they also used a knife to threaten her before, Now that the thug was pushing the knife against her skin with so much pressure coupled with the slight cuts she received before, it didn't take much effort on the thugs part to make her bleed. ing from his partner, he turned around and glared at him in dissatisfaction "what's up with you?"

" Yo..your back... look at your ba..back, boss!" The portly man's expression has gone ashen as he pointed one shaking finger at his back.

When the macho thug heard this he subconsciously wanted to turn his head and look at what was on his head but before he could do that ten long, cold fingers curled around his neck as the pointed nails dug in his skin deep enough to draw blood but not deep enough to kill him. Somehow he looked behind him and what he saw was a magnified version of the rotting face which was half spilt with dark black blood trickling down, his ferocity immediately plummeted as he let out a blood curdling scream " Ahhhh, Ghost!".

Before his eyes rolled back in his sockets and he fell on the ground unconscious.

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