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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 13 Husband I Was Looking For You

" Ah, to think that Song Lan is just as cruel as she was," the bone-chilling voice that travelled over to the two kidnappers made them jump. The portly thug who saw a figure that was swiftly approaching them was startled and waspletely freaked out.

" Why.. why is someoneing to this dark alley at this time of the night?"

The macho thug was alarmed as well, but unlike his stupid teammate he didn't jump to conclusions and waited for the figure toe closer, when he saw that it was a young woman with a dainty and willowy figure, he slapped the back of his partner's head and cursed " Jesus, you scared this old daddy, screaming and shouting like that, I thought you saw a ghost or much worse a cop."

He turned his head to look at the woman who was approaching them and appreciatively let out a whistle " This woman looks beautiful as well, looks like today is our lucky night. She might be here wanting to play the hero but since she is here we might as well have our fun with her" he laughed lasciviously as his eyes raked over the woman who was walking towards them step by step.

Once the portly thug realized that the figure belonged to a woman, he too rubbed his hands and chuckled excitedly " you are right boss, this going to be our lucky night. We are going to be paid just for having fun with these women, ahahaha."

The macho thug looked at the beautiful woman and smirked " what is it, sweetheart? Are you trying to play hero, want to save this little girl, too bad.. with your thin stick-like arms you can only scratch daddy's back. But don't worry as long as you act like a good little girl, I won't hurt you."

Song Yan shot the macho thug an unamused look, disinterest was pouring out of her as she looked at the man who was dreaming about taking advantage of her. Behind her, Fang Yanli tsked " Just look at that," shemented while floating in mid-air with a disgusted expression on her face " Both of them are shrouded in such a thick layer of black miasma, it's so thick that it can practically clog the air. Surely, they haven'tmitted a single good deed in their entire life."

Fang Yanli was right on point, Song Yan too has long noticed the dark mist that was circling around the two men, if anything it was evidence of what kind of life they have lived till mow but her attention wasn't on the dark mist that was swirling around them, instead her attention was on the small flicker of red that was slowly winding around their necks.

Song Yan smirked, sure enough, Song Lan was someone who wouldn't make a single mistake.

She originally wanted to head straight to the graveyard and break the array that Song Lan and her mother set up but then Fang Yanli wouldn't shut up and continued to give her livementary about what was going on with Fu Rong in the end, the last bit of humanity that Song Yan had was prickled and she had no choice but to turn around ande looking for Fu Rong.

She stared at Fu Rong who was half unconscious and sighed, whatever it was better than having her death on her hands. If she didn't save her despite knowing that she was going to be murdered then who knows what kind of penance she might have to go through to get rid of this sin. e to save her and Song Lan who was her best friend whom she treated even better than her sister in law would hire thugs to kill her.

Fu Rong was so touched but at the same time, her gaze fell on Song Yan who wasn't even half the size of one of these thugs much less the two of them. If they worked together, they will break her into pieces like she was some malnourished scarecrow, so she anxiously shouted " Song Yan leave, you need to leave… or else they might hurt you too."

The macho thug's face changed as he ran towards Song Yan afraid that she will run awaypared to this young girl who was still wet behind her ears, he would rather choose this mature woman- she would be more fun to play with!

However, contrary to his belief that Song Yan will run away, she stood quite still. Smiling victoriously at his jackpot, the man lunged at her, just as he was smiling lewdly and thinking about how he will have his fun with this woman, suddenly a rather nauseating smell wafted to his nostrils causing him to gag and what was more, he didn't feel quite alright with the woman in his arms which was something new to him.

This woman why was she so cold and hard as a statue?

" B…BOSS! Look at what you are hugging first!" cried his partner, his voice full of terror.

Annoyed, the macho man looked down at the woman in his arms but unlike the soft and beautiful woman that he was expecting to see, his eyes met with the gaze of a girl whose eyes were as black as the midnight sky with no light in them, dark blood trickled down her cheeks as she grinned with a mouth that reeked of death and blood, she hugged him tightly as she laughed indecently " Husband...I have been looking for you~ Hihihihi."

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