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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 12 Song Lan !

After everyone fell asleep, Song Yan who was asleep next to Fu Chen opened her eyes and looked around the room, she sat up straight and then changed her clothes that were as dark as night, tidied her hair in a long ponytail and checked up on her son, who was sleeping peacefully at the middle of the bed. Seeing, Fu Chen's peaceful expression, Song Yan felt like her heart was going all mushy, her son was indeed really cute. He must have inherited all his cuter from here because there was no way that Fu Yu Sheng with his stupid expressionless face could be considered cute!

She patted Fu Chen's cheek and then kissed his forehead before summoning a ghost from her ring but this time it wasn't Fang Yanli but a ghost in broken handcuffs and a severed head. He was unfairly charged as a murderer when he was alive, he was trapped in the ring by the Gu ancestor and had been in there for centuries.

" Ah, it seems really nice to get out of that ring," said the ghost while holding his severed head on the side like he was carrying a fruit basket " staying in that ring for so many years caused me to have a stiff neck not gonna lie. Do you get that? Stiff neck? Hahaha"

Song Yan rolled her eyes and stared at the ghost with a dead expression which put an abrupt stop to his laughter. " I didn't call you here to hear your breaking neck jokes, Zhou Yuan. You better get your act straight"

" Yes, Yes. Master Song" he gave her a lopsided grin before reattaching his head on his body and facing her properly " I see you haven't changed much, just the very same.. cold and hardly ever-smiling, you know apart from taking revenge on that bitch who schemed against me, it is my dream to see you laugh."

Song Yan stared at him both marvelling at his stupidity and embarrassed at the fact that there was a jolly and entertaining ghost in their ferocious ghostmunity, it was really humiliating. " Zhou Yuan, if you are done let's get down to business shall we?" She resisted the urge to facepalm and continued " I want you to protect my family, I don't know if Song Lan would try to attack me tonight but I can't take a risk, so keep an eye on anything that's out of the ordinary"

Zhou Yuan tilted his head which made his head wobble and smirked devilishly " and what if there is something out of the ordinary?"

Song Yan's eyes flashed coldly upon hearing Zhou Yuan's question " Kill them and scatter their souls".

" As you wish my lady".

Once Song Yan was done handing out orders to Zhou Yuan she walked toward the balcony of her room and coldly stared at the moon that was shining in the sky. Ah, so many sins aremitted in the dead of the night and only some are judged while the others are left unfinished.

She took out a talisman and stuck it to her body before putting her legs over the railings and jumping down from the seventh floor of the building.

The talisman that she used was one that would ensure her safety no matter what happens thus, even after jumping from such a height, Song Yan waspletely fine. Once her feet touched the ground, she carelessly wiped her hands and summoned Fang Yanli. " where is the array? Take me there"

Fang Yanli drifted in the air and looked around her, her dark, empty eyes took an even haunting look as she turned to her and said " I will take you there but do you really want to go there, first? I think your sister in law is being taken advantage of as we speak, I heard Song Lan and her mother speak that there was some problem borrowing your luck and your dear half-sister is in desperate need of some good luck charm because she is going to audition for some Huo Wei. Tsk, tsk they really move fast, they were discussing about what to do just this morning and yet now your sister in law is already in trouble."

Song Yan rubbed the ring on her finger, a deadened look glimmered in her eyes when she remembered how her sister in law went to have a party while her mourning period was still going on, during that time even drinking alcohol was prohibited by master Gu who warned the Fu family that her soul wasn't at rest but instead ofplying with the rules that were laid down, Fu Rong went to a bar with Song Lan and not only drank alcohol but also ate meat- she understood that Fu Rong was a rebellious little girl who didn't know how to tell east from the west but still- " I thought I told you that I will not be inviting unnecessary trouble in my life, has your memory gone so bad after so many years of cultivation? Just show me where did those two women hide the arrays!" e with me."


In a dark alley, two unshaven men in their thirties cursed and kicked the girl who was lying on the ground helplessly. Not a sound could be heard from her as she silently cried and protected her head.

" Boss, you need to stop hitting her what if she dies? We won't be able to get the money without shooting the video" The portly looking gangster looked at Fu Rong who was tightly holding on to her head and sobbing silently as she tried to crawl away from them.

The macho man stomped on her stomach when he saw that she was still trying to get away from them and snorted " what kind of video can we even make with her trying to escape like this? It's better to make her tame or else do you want to have her bite your tongue again?"

" But, Boss, this girl's family seems to be rich and rather powerful. Just look at those black credit cards she is carrying with her and her clothes look branded as well. I am afraid her family won't let us go"

" You idiot that woman named the one who asked us to do this is the Song woman who is naturally respected and trusted by her family, she assured me that as long as she makes up a sob and bull story that family will believe in her without any trouble and won't chase the matter!" The boss man chuckled " And in all seriousness, we will be finished dealing with her and there will also be this video that we are going to shoot, will that rich family try to take revenge on us knowing that we can destroy their precious girl's image? I don't think so, they will definitely not let others throw mud on their precious girl who will be buried six feet deep in the ground."

Fu Rong was actually conscious when the men said those things, she might have been beaten a lot but she was a hooligan who was often caught trapped in trouble in her college. When she heard them say the surname Song she immediately understood about whom they were talking about, she gritted her teeth while being suffused with panic as tears and terror filled her charming, dark eyes.

There was only one woman with the Song surname who will be able to make her family dance by their noses- Song Lan!

She also understood why these kidnappers were so daring as to say Song Lan's name out loud, in their eyes she was as good as dead. So, why does it matter whether or not she knew the name of her murderer or not?

Fu Rong was really terrified, if she knew she was befriending such a snake, she would have rather jumped in a fire pit than acknowledge Song Lan as her friend but now it was too late for her to regret, now even if she wanted... there was nothing she could do!

She closed her eyes in despair as the man with the scar grabbed her shirt and tore it apart - please, anyone... anyone, as long as they save her she will treat them as her God!

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