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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 11 Nothing Is Wrong

Song Yan wasn't surprised after hearing that Song Lan was trying to snatch Fu Rong's luck too, with her overly cautious behaviour, Song Lan would rather think of snatching everyone's luck than get in trouble. " I already knew that Song Lan would try something on Fu Rong, the purple Qi aura is enough to make even the most steady ghost masters salivate, with Song Lan's greedy nature, do you think she would let go of Fu Rong? A woman like her never knows when to stop"

Fang Yanli clicked her tongue " you are right about that, wasn't my dad like that too? He had everything but still had to wag his tail in front of that promiscuous woman," she shook her head which made the rotten flesh on her cheeks quiver " Anyway, do you have any plan to save your sister in law?"

Song Yan raised a brow and chortled " why will I do that? If she died then it's because she is foolish enough to believe in people like Song Lan, why to invite unnecessary trouble for a woman like that?"

Song Lan just finished speaking to Fang Yanli when Fu Chen woke up, his eyes were still slightly red, seeing him like this Song Yan had no intention of continuing the conversation that she was having with Fang Yanli and waved her hand to break the ghost wall. Once the wall was gone, Fang Yanli returned to the ghost ring on her finger while the noise that was being blocked also returned.

" Had a good nap, sweetie?" asked Song Yan as she brought Fu Chen in her lap and wiped his face which was full of sweat, unlike the Fu house the small apartment that Song Lingyan had brought didn't have an air conditioner.

" Mmhm" Fu Chen knew that his mother was going to divorce his daddy but he didn't say anything about it. He was a smart boy and the kindergarten that he went to had a lot of kids who belonged to a single parent family thus, he fully understood what divorce means, and he was often bullied by his uncle and aunt without his father's protection also supported his mother getting a divorce.

Without his daddy, he and his mother will not be bullied by his uncle and aunt, and that was good enough for him. He also heard what his uncle Song said before he fell asleep, he couldn't understand most of it but he understood this much that his uncle Song was unhappy with his daddy because his daddy couldn't protect his mommy, if so many people were unhappy with his daddy then it was better for him to leave.

Grandpa told him that as a man, he should protect his mommy and yet his daddy didn't protect his mommy, then what kind of man was his daddy?

He threw his arms around his mother's neck and whispered " Chen Chen will protect mommy. Chen Chen doesn't need a daddy" For more chapters, please visit

Song Yan felt so guilty when she heard his sensible words, that she wished she could take back her decision to divorce Fu Yu Sheng but she couldn't as long as Fu Yu Sheng and she were tied in marriage, Song Lan would never stop attacking her and for her son's safety, it was important for her to stray away from Fu Yu Sheng. She pulled Fu Chen back and broke the hug, her dark gaze surveying her son's face. She was faintly relieved to see that her son wasn't angry or upset with her.

She smiled softly and rubbed her nose with Fu Chen's tiny one " I know you are feeling sad because we will be leaving your daddy but Chen Chen, you don't have to feel bad about it.. only your mommy will be leaving your daddy if you want you can always meet your dad when you want"

" I. I can? Daddy will meet me? He won't be angry that I choose mommy?" Fu Chen had hardly ever recognition of his father, the last time he saws his father was when he turned five, his father came to congratulate him and Fu Chen who had never seen his dad was over the moon, he stared at his father all night long hoping to burn the image of his dad in his mind but in the end, no matter how smart he was, he was still a child and a child's memory was flickering… in the end even after trying for so long, Fu Chen could only remember that his dad was really strict and stoic and never smiled.

" Of course not, why will he?" said Song Yan as she rubbed Fu Chen's fluffy head " If your daddy wanted you to choose him then he should have spent more time with you instead of his old files and assignments".

Fu Chen looked a bit relieved upon hearing that, he turned to look at his mother and wanted to say something but just then the door of their room opened and Song Lingyan, who was wearing an apron with ' Kiss the chef' written on it, strode inside with his long legs and scooped Fu Chen up in his arms " Let's go, Chen Chen, Uncle Song made a lot of good things for you."

Fu Chen giggled when his uncle raised him high in the air and clapped his hands, he had a father but his father was too busy to play with him, now with Song Lingyan playing with him, Fu Chen's sour mood immediately rose and he happily went with his Uncle Song to the dining room where all the piping hot dishes were placed on the table.

Song Yan stared at her brother's tall back and pursed her lips, smiling a bit mockingly. All at once anger and rage burst in her heart when she remembered how her brother lost his life and couldn't even see his son before his death… she still remembered the joyful expression that her brother had when he found out he was going to be a dad. But all that joy turned to nothing because of Song Lan!

Her brother could have been a wonderful father but that chance was taken away from him because of Song Lan, in this life, if she doesn't make Song Lan live a life worse than a street rat, then it will be such a waste.

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