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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 10 Graveyard

" Yan Yan sit on the couch first" Song Lingyan patted the sofa in the living room, the sofa was old so old that it didn't even fit with her brother and sister in law's noble auras but what was the point of having a noble aura when it was being sucked dry by the pair of those luck sucking leeches mother and daughter. Song Yan wished for Fang Yanli's quick return, she knew that Song Lan and her mother were both overly cautious people, something so severe happened with Song Lan, there was no way that neither of the mother and daughter wouldn't visit the spot where they have hidden the array.

Especially, Song Lan was in her late twenties and she was getting desperate. For the sake of entering the Fu family, she had worked so hard for so many years, going as far as taking so many lives. But the thing about desperation was that the more a person was desperate the more mistakes they willmit. Song Lan's well-thought plan went up in the smoke and she failed in murdering her, after such a grand failure she was stimulated so badly by Fang Yanli's ghost wall, no way will she able to spend the night without worrying.

Fu Rong was easier to fool since she never dabbled in things like ghosts and dark magic, she would most probably think of it as a stupid delusion or something but Song Lan, that wretched woman with a heart that was darker than the pits of hell will definitely try to seek a proper answer. As long as Fang Yanli doesn't miss Song Lan, she will be able to find the hidden spot where that vicious mother and daughter hid her and her mother's array.

At this thought, Song Yan suddenly felt an excitement rose in her heart. After more than ten centuries she will finally take one step closer to her revenge, just this was enough to raise her mood as she turned to look at her sister in law " Do you need any help, Sister Mingzhi?"

" what help? It's just cooking a portion of two people extra and with your tiny bodies how much can you even eat?" Wen Mingzhi smiled and then placed a packet of some sugar-free snack in front of Song Yan " Go and eat it with Chen Chen, the boy must be getting listless sitting alone there"

Song Yan wanted to refuse but then she watched a pale figure drift inside the room, past the wall. She immediately swallowed her words and nodded with a smile " Alright, sister Mingzhi but if you need my help, don't even hesitate and just call me alright?"

Then she rose from the sofa and went inside the room where Fu Chen was.

Once she was gone Wen Mingzhi turned to look at her husband " are you sure, you agree with Yan Yan's divorce?"

Song Lingyan harrumphed unhappily " why won't I? That Fu whatever Sheng thinks that just because he is the young master of his beloved Fu family, he can do whatever he wants. Let me tell you the number of times he came to visit Yan Yan, I can count it all in one hand! What kind of husband he is? Consummates the marriage and then leaves his wife behind to take care of their son alone. If I could I would have slapped him so hard that his teeth would have been realigned! With a husband like that my sister has been living a life full of trouble and her status though married is no different from being a widow! If he can't even show his face when my sister was involved in an accident I don't think that he needs to ever show his face! Just let him stay in that office and let him get married to that office desk, humph!"

After saying such a long speech Song Lingyan felt thirsty and went inside the kitchen to drink water, Wen Mingzhi saw him go and sighed - looks like the divorce will most likely going to happen, the Song siblings didn't look like but they were stubborn to bones once they decide to do something, nothing could stop them. pany before donating everything to an orphanage in his old age.

She didn't hate him but she did blame him, instead of working so hard to make the Fu family invincible if he spent a few days with Fu Chen, she would have hesitated a little before thinking of divorcing him. But Fu Yu Sheng was just so lost in his future that he haspletely forgotten his presence.

And that was something she can't overlook.

When she entered the room, she noticed that Fu Chen was already asleep and from the tears hanging on in his eyelashes the poor boy has already heard everything. She indeed felt sorry towards her son after all in the fight of parents, children were the ones who suffered the most but what she was doing was for his good. Fu Yu Sheng and the Fu family all except Grandfather Fu trusted Song Lan, and with that trust, Song Lan can harm her son anytime she wants - there was no other way.

" Did you find the array spot?" asked Song Yan as she clicked her fingers and built a ghost wall around the room so that no one could hear her.

Fang Yanli floated in the air and came to stand in front of her, her bottomless pits like eyes flared as she opened her mouth " I did, those women have no respect for the dead, they hid the arrays in an abandoned graveyard, a few miles away from the city." Her lips curled in disdain " they hid the array under a marked grave, it had been there for long and have mostly decayed that's why they aren't scared of a thing." She tsked " and they are quite lucky too, the master they found seems like he knew what he was doing, he selected those graves whose masters have already passed on, so even if they twiddle with them nothing would happen"

Song Yan's eyes flashed with a calculative glint, no wonder she couldn't find the array in her last life. Those women knew no fear!

" And one more thing" Fang Yanli tilted her head as she showed a wicked smile " Song Lan has snatched your sister in law's luck too. Seems like she got scared after what happened in the hospital room, if I am not wrong, sooner or later that Fu girl will be in trouble as well"

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