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My Vampire System

Chapter 8 Fate

Chapter 8 Fate

After seeing Vorden perform well on the test, Quinn couldn’t help but think about what Vordens ability was. When Vorden went to shake his hand that time, it said that Vorden had tried to use his ability on Quinn. Yet for some reason, his ability didn’t work.

If Vorden’s ability was ice, surely his hand would have just frozen, unless Quinn had an ability to block all ability’s but that was highly unlikely. Not only that but straight after even Vorden had a strange reaction and had asked Quinn what his ability was. As if he knew his ability didn’t work.

Then another thought came into Quinn’s mind, why was Vorden so adamant on shaking everyone’s hand he had just met? If Quinn remembered correctly, Erin refused to shake Vorden’s hand but in the end, Vorden still went to touch Erin on the shoulder, at the time it seemed like a weird thing to do but now Quinn realized it wasn’t and everything was starting to make sense.

Touching was the condition. The last person Quinn touched was Erin, it couldn’t be a coincidence that both of them had the same powers. Which meant most likely that Vorden’s ability, was the ability to copy other people’s ability.

It didn’t work on Quinn because his ability wasn’t straight forward. Quinn couldn’t help his curiosity and had to ask.

"Hey, Vorden is your ability..." Quinn whispered, "are you able to copy other people’s abilities?"

Vorden looked at Quinn and smiled.

"I’m surprised you figured it out so fast, how did you know?"

"When you shook my hand, you were surprised when nothing happened."

Vorden thought Quinn was quite amazing to be able to guess something like that just form a handshake. After all, it was much more likely that Vorden had obtained the Ice ability from an ability book. The power for copying wasn’t available as an ability book which meant one thing.

"Are you an Original?" Quinn asked.

Vorden didn’t say anything but simply gave a wink back at Quinn, which pretty much confirmed Quinn’s thoughts.

Vorden was an Original, a person from a family who decided to not share their abilities with the outside world. Someone who was usually able to surpass the power level of 8.

Once the test had been completed, the hooded man teleported the students to the front of the academy where they would be staying. The academy was huge and the tallest building in the entire city. It was as if someone had put together three hotels.

There was a total of ten different teachers that were currently standing in front of the academy. In front of them were groups of students who had all finished taking the test. The students were told to wait with the teachers until all the students had finished conducting their tests.

Once in a while, a group of five students would be teleported in front of one of the teachers. Finally, where Quinn was standing, there now was a total of 20 students.

"Okay, you all need to follow me as I take you around the school." The teacher up front said.

The teacher was a middle-aged man with blonde curly hair and wore Glasses, his name was Del.

While Del walked around describing the various places of the academy he couldn’t help but smile. It looked like nothing was able to upset him.

"You guys should start to get to know each other a much as you can," Del said. "After all, the people you are with now will be your classmates."

Suddenly everyone started to get chattier with each other as they were being shown around the school but there was something Quinn had noticed. The mid-levels were trying their best to get friendly with the higher levels, while the low levels were being completely ignored.

And Quinn and Peter were the only two level 1’s in the class. Without realizing it, they had been pushed to the back of the class, and Peter was plodding along with his head held down. It seemed to have affected Peter a lot more than Quinn but Quinn had already suspected this would happen.

Suddenly though, a familiar voice was heard calling out Quinn’s name.

"There you are!" Vorden said, "Man people just started jumping all over me, then all of sudden I look to my right and you’re gone. Come on let’s look around together friend."

Quinn truly thought Vorden was a strange person but that wasn’t a bad thing. Vorden then noticed Peter was on his own as well.

"Come on, you come over too, stop being a downer."

Peter looked up and pointed a finger at himself.

"Who else do you think I’m talking to," Vorden said.

The three of them continued to hang at the back of the class while the teacher continued to tour around the school. They were shown a battle arena, where they had similar testing equipment to the filed on the wasteland, as well as several square fighting platforms.

They were also shown their homeroom classes, battle classes, sports rooms, and all sorts. Del would explain a little bit about each area of the school they visited but Quinn was uninterested in most of it until they had finally reached the library.

"The library here is split into three floors as you can see. First-year students are only able to access the first floor, second-year students can also go on the second floor, and finally, the last floor is only for Military personal."

Quinn was interested in the library because it contained books that weren’t available to the public. Here, Quinn just might find some information about his ability, he just hoped it would be on the first floor.

Finally, the tour was coming to an end as Del stopped just outside the school’s dorms.

"And this is where you will be staying during your stay here, once you have dropped off your things, feel free to explore around the academy. There will be no lessons today so you will get to have the rest of the afternoon to explore."

Each student was then handed a number on a piece of paper one be one which displayed which room they would be staying in.

Quinn then noticed form the corner of his eye Vorden coming towards him.

"Hey, Quinn what room number you got?" Vorden asked.

"Err 23."

"No way you’re kidding right, I got the same number, maybe its fate bringing us together," Vorden said excitedly.

"Maybe," Quinn replied.

Meanwhile, somewhere down the hallway, two other students were having a conversation.

"Woah what happened to you?" A student said looking at his friend.

"I don’t know man some guy just came and hit me out of nowhere and swapped room numbers."

"Man, should we try to get it back?" the student asked.

"Nah if I saw his wrist correctly, it said he was a level 5 it’s best if we just leave it"

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