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My Vampire System

Chapter 6 Resul

Chapter 6 Resul

Quinn thought the whole thing was ridiculous. It was quite clear to him that Jane already had all the information on him from his previous school. They knew that he never had an ability before, the problem was Quinn was struggling with deciding what to do.

Before coming to military school Quinn had done a bit of research himself. He knew that the military gave all students who had no ability an ability book. Each ability book given was the same one. It was an Earth ability book.

The reason they did this was so students who didn’t have an ability before, would suddenly feel indebted to the military. Not only that but the military also had a hold on nearly all of the Earth type ability books. Meaning if you ever wanted to increase your strength, you would have to be loyal to the military, and in return, they would give you more power.

Before Quinn had discovered his own Ability, he actually thought this was the best option for him. Even if he didn’t want to join the military after two years, the Earth ability was handy to have. It was easy for employment because the Earth ability was useful in construction.

This was where the problem came in, Quinn already having an ability meant he was unable to learn a new one. The ability book was practically useless. Not only that but Quinn was pretty sure they would keep tabs on every student they had given the ability book to, meaning the teachers would accept him to use earth powers the next time they saw him.

Quinn took a deep breath and said.

"I don’t have an ability."

Just like before the hooded man standing by her side handed her a book and then handed it to Quinn.

Quinn took the book off Jane at first but then suddenly, a notification screen appeared.

\u003cUnable to learn this ability\u003e

\u003cWould you like to convert the book into 10 Exp?\u003e

Quinn had somewhat expected the system to display the first message but the second one truly had surprised him. Quinn was really tempted to take the book and use it as a form of Exp but he knew there would be questions asked later on.

"I’m sorry but I don’t want it," Quinn said as he handed the book back to Jane.

The students watching and the instructor stood there were both shocked. Jane hadn’t experienced anything like this before. In her five years working as an instructor, it was the first time someone with no ability had rejected the book.

"Please give me one moment." Jane then stood away from the group of students far enough so they wouldn’t be able to hear anything.

"Yes, Yes, he says he doesn’t want the ability book what shall I do?" Jane said speaking on her earpiece.

"let him take the test." The mysterious man on the phone said.

As the man hung up, he couldn’t help but think that Quinn was an interesting student. He started to look at Quinn’s file and what he had said seemed to be true. The student had no ability and didn’t seem to have any relations with the group Pure.

"Let’s see how long you can survive in this cruel world Quinn." The man said.

Back at the testing field, Jane had finished the call with her superior and started to head back over to the group.

"Sorry for waiting, "Jane said. "Since you won’t be taking the ability book, we will still require you to take the test please."

Quinn thought the whole thing was a joke. If Quinn truly had no ability then they already knew what the test results were going to be. Was there really a need for him to take the test. If felt like the only reason they wanted Quinn to continue was to make himself feel humiliated and small. Eventually, then he would choose to go to the military and beg for the ability book they were handing out.

"Please follow me."

Jane then took Quinn a little further out onto the field where Quinn noticed that there were huge craters in the ground, burn marks, and all sorts of things. This was all done from the previous testing contestants.

"Please proceed to destroy the targets in front of you as quick as you can." Jane said, " the test will begin immediately."

As soon as Jane finished talking, three targets popped up around randomly around the wasteland. They were metal round targets with a red dot in the center.

The problem was when Quinn tried to look for the targets, everything seemed like a blur in the distance. Quinn then realized that his perfect eyesight, suddenly wasn’t so perfect.

"Is this because I’m out in the sunlight?" Quinn thought.

Quinn had no choice but to slowly run-up to each of the targets and hit them with his fist one by one, his time was incredibly slow of course.

There were then two further tests that Quinn needed to complete. The next test was a strength test were Quinn was asked to punch into a huge drum-like machine. Quinn gave it his best shot and hit the drum as hard as he could. The drum vibrated and made a small sound eventually displaying a digital number in the center.

"5, strength," Jane said as she noted it down on her tablet.

When the final test had arrived they had brought out another machine. This machine was a big circular object with many holes on its front. Once the test started the machine fired holographic spikes at the contestants. All Quinn needed to do was avoid being hit by the spikes.

The machine went up in levels and eventually got faster and shot out more spikes, in the end, Quinn managed to get hit and the test was stopped.

"Agility, 5" Jane said once again as she noted it down on her tablet

Quinn had heard the words from Jane’s mouth and it started to make him think if there was some sought a link to the score she had given him. The last test was a test of strength and Quinn had scored a 5, similar to his system which had stated he had 5 strength. Then once again this test focused on agility and scored a 5 which was the same as his system.

This meant if Quinn was to take the test at night all of his scores would have most likely doubled. This also meant as long as he leveled up he could always increase his score it was as if his ability was the ability to evolve but had some drawbacks with it as well.

"As expected." Jane said, "Unfortunately your current power level is a level 1."

Quinn clenched his fist and went back to stand with the others. He knew that the days ahead of him as a level 1 user would be tough but that wouldn’t be for much longer.

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