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My Vampire System

Chapter 13 School hierarchy

Chapter 13 School hierarchy

The next day at 8:00 AM the students were woken up by the sound of an alarm in the dorm rooms. It was the signal for everyone to wake up and get dressed. Once everyone was ready, they were to head down to the canteen together for breakfast.

When Quinn woke up, he was greeted with a nice surprise from the system.

\u003cYou have completed your daily Quest\u003e

\u003c Avoid direct sunlight for 8 hours\u003e

\u003c Reward 5 exp\u003e


The daily quest had reset at midnight and Quinn had slept for 8 hours rewarding him with his exp. Quinn was pleased as this meant he would easily be able to gain 5 exp without having to go out of his way.

Then a rumbling sound came from his belly.

"I’m hungrier than I usually am for some reason, maybe my body really did use up a lot of energy in that fight." Quinn thought as he headed down to the canteen.

The canteen was a large hall but it was quite plain. In fact, while walking around the school Quinn noticed most of the school was plain. Single white walls, no picture frames, or anything, just windows now and again.

It was the sleek modern clean look that the world had taken. The canteen was then filled with large tables that we’re able to seat three people on each side of the table. As soon as Quinn entered though he noticed something straight away.

There were no set seats in the canteen meaning students were free to sit where they liked. This straightaway led to a divide in the school. The low levels sat next to the low levels and the high levels sat with the high levels.

When Quinn was waiting in line with Peter and Vorden they noticed a student come late into the queue. He walked past most of the students and eventually cut into the line ahead of the others. Not one person said a word and the simple reason was he was a higher power level than them.

Quinn hated these types of actions but right now there was nothing he could do. Once the three of them got their food they started looking for a place to eat.

"Why don’t we go over there?" Voden pointed at an empty spot.

"Are you sure Vorden?" Peter asked, "That’s a level one area, you don’t have to sit with us if you don’t want to, right Quinn?"

"Yeah don’t force yourself," Quinn replied.

"Quit talking nonsense you two, we’re friends, I don’t care about this stupid power level hierarchy going on."

The three of them then went to sit down with the other lower levels on a table. The area slowly started to fill up but not one other person had decided to sit on their table. There was a simple reason for this, they were scared of Vorden.

They could see his high-power level and the other low levels wanted to stay away.

As soon as the food was put on the table Quinn started to dig in straight away eating everything that was given to him, even the bits he usually didn’t like.

"Hey if you’re not going to finish that do you mind if I take it," Quinn asked.

"Sure, go ahead," Peter said.

Quinn not only ate all of his food but also everything the other two had left behind as well. Not only that but Quinn had grabbed 8 bottles of water as he wanted to finish his quest as soon as possible.

He noticed last time when he was in the sun, he sweated more than usual and thanks to the water he drank beforehand, he didn’t feel as dehydrated. If they were to go outside again then this would be a big help to Quinn.

"For a skinny guy, you sure did pack down all that food," Vorden said.

Although Quinn had clearly eaten a lot, for some reason he still had a little bit of hunger that wouldn’t quite go away. Luckily it was bearable and didn’t distract him too much.

\u003cA daily quest has been complete: Drink two liters of water.\u003e

\u003c Reward 5 exp \u003e


Quinn was now only 20 points away from levelling up and he would soon see what benefits that brought him. Then Quinn suddenly remembered that he had learned the inspect skill yesterday and decided to use it on Vorden.

\u003cHP 10/10\u003e

\u003cRace: Human\u003e

\u003cAbility: None\u003e

\u003cBlood type: O- \u003e

Quinn paused for a second as he read over what he was seeing. For some reason, the system was stating that Vorden had no ability.

"Hey, Vorden can you still use Erin’s ice powers at the moment?"

"Wow, I didn’t know you were so interested in me," Vorden said as he rubbed the back of his head. "Actually, my ability resets every day and I haven’t touched anyone today. Besides you two of course but you two are duds for my ability."

With breakfast over, it was time for them to head to class. On the way there in the middle of the hallway Peter and Quinn managed to spot Kyle. Kyle looked like he was in top condition and had completely healed.

As he walked past though he made sure to avoid eye contact.

"Do you think he’ll tell the teacher what happened?" Peter whispered.

"No I doubt it, it’s embarrassing for him to admit he was defeated by someone weaker then him, plus it will only make him a target if people find out."

It was time for the first class of the day and they needed to head to their tutor rooms together. Their teacher for the day was Del who was the same person who had shown them around the school.

The students took their seats and just like in the canteen people chose to sit next to those with the same power levels, all but Vorden of course. Vorden decided to sit at the back of the class with the level ones and twos and also chose to sit in between peter and Quinn.

Immediately the other students started to talk.

"What does he think he’s doing sitting with those bottom feeders."

"I saw he sat with them in the canteen as well."

"Won’t this cause a problem for the hierarchy at school, won’t the second-year students start to do something?"

"Yeah if he keeps breaking the rules, then they will defiantly step in."

The difference in treatment wasn’t just a school thing, it was a society thing as well. The higher power level you had the better job and more pay you could earn. The more support you would get from the government while the rest were forgotten about.

The ones at the top didn’t have a problem with this of course. The lower power levels would do anything they asked just to obtain a new skill from them hoping one day they could increase their power level and anyone who tried to upset this, where quickly silenced.

It was the whole reason why the Pure group existed in the first place. To fight against this system and it was also why they were treated like terrorists.

Del started his lecture which was about the introduction fo the school and the great war.

"When we were losing the great war against the Dalki race that was when they had come forward. We call them the Originals. This was the first time the whole world had been introduced to abilities. Unknown to all of us they had kept these abilities for themselves for hundreds of years only passing it down to their family members.

Thanks to them they shared their abilities with others of the human race but not all of them of course. When we talk about an Original we are either talking about the founders of the ability or a group that decided to not share its abilities to the rest of the world."

Del then suddenly had a serious look on his face.

"Although we are currently in a time of piece who knows when the war will start again and that is why you are here."

Once the class had finished it was time for the students to take a break. Vorden, Quinn, and Peter headed outside to grab a snack. As soon as Quinn stepped outside though the usual message had appeared.

\u003cAll stats have been halved.\u003e

The three of them sat by a nearby bench and Quinn once again felt weak.

"Hey are you alright, you look sick again?" Vorden asked, "And your sweating like crazy."

"Yeah, I just get hot easily," Quinn replied.

The three of them continued to talk about useless things and the experiences they had at school, until suddenly a group of six male students appeared in front of them. Each of them wearing a black arm badge indicating that they were second-year students.

"Looks like the rumours were true." One of the second-year students said.

"We have some business to discuss with you three, do you mind coming with us?"

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