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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 7 Innate Weapon - Soul Weapon

"This doesn't follow the script." Justin tilted his head sideways a little, trying toprehend what had just happened.

However, the zombies didn't have the luxury. They pounce on him with their sharp finger claws and their jaws wide open. Prepared to bite his head off.

Taking a step sideways, Justin avoids the zombie arm, sending a sharp stick attack into the head of the zombie.


The zombies made her last sound and put her out of her misery instantly.

The fight lasted only a couple of minutes. However, the zombie population had tripled its previous population. The pressure on Justin had increased. Moreover, he discovered a certain problem.

"Killing these zombies with a stick is no more working… They will overwhelm me if this continues." He murmured.

When Justin spotted Weasley among the zombies, a sigh escaped his lips.

"I can trust no one in this dangerous time." 'I need to be more careful not to be used by people in the future.' He vowed in his heart.

His eyes darted left and right. However, he couldn't see any escape route. Everywhere filled with zombies.

Sweats dripped from Justin's head. A crack appeared on the sticks. He shook his head, taking a couple of steps backward. His chest rose up and down.

"I can't continue like this." He racked his brain, but he couldn't find a way out of his misery. Just then, his eyes trembled.

He looked at the two rings on his arm. He squinted his brow. If I'm not wrong, these are my innate weapons. But how the fck am I going to use them? '

Quickly, Justin tried to remove the rings from his hand. However, his eyes widened when he couldn't remove the rings. He moved backward, dodging the clusters of zombies.

"Why wouldn't you move?" Justin cried. The zombies had already surrounded him on both sides.

His heart pounded, and his muscles tightened. He gnashed his teeth, abandoning the rings. He dropped the two sticks, folding his palm. 'Since I don't have any weapons, then, my fist will do.'

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Justin's mind. 'You better work. You have to work…'


Justine sends a couple of punches to the nearest zombie while taking a couple of steps backward. There wasn't any room to retreat anymore.

He took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the two rings in his mind. At once, everything disappeared. Every pore in his body opened, feeling the surroundings.

The oppressive air turned into a calm breeze. His raging heart slowed down, his breathing following the rhythm of his heart.

The wind blew his short hair slightly. The air around Justin changed, while a small golden ring lit on his forehead.


A light sound came from the rings, with a yellowish glow. Abruptly, Justin opened his eyes and a confident smile appeared on his face. How can I be this stupid?' He laughed in his mind.

He looked at the hundreds of zombies with no trepidation. With no further ado, he changes his stance, looking confident.

"Let's see what you've got." He raised his two arms forward, and the two flew out. They expand slightly while the yellowish glow shines brightly.

Seeing this, a smile appeared on Justin's face. He turned his head, looking at his right and left. He waved his hand and the two rings flew to both sides.


Tens of zombies instantly transformed into smitten. Flesh fell from the sky, blood spread everywhere, falling on the zombies. For a few seconds, the zombies stop. They looked at Justin with lifeless eyes.


An unknown sound came amid the zombies, like a trigger, and instantly they pounced on Justin furiously.

Noticing this, he smirked, swirling his hand in a circular motion. The two rings moved swiftly, leaving behind a yellowish afterimage in their tails.


The continuous sound of crashing never ceased on the field. A 5-meter area around Justin was devoid of zombies.

No matter how the zombies try to overwhelm him with their population, it was futile. While also, Justin's control over his innate weapon became more fluid, getting the hang of his weapon. His confident grin never left his face.

"How many zombies have I killed?" He murmured, shaking his head. I shouldn't care about that. I need to escape from the midst of these never-ending zombies."

He tilted his head and looked at his destination. "I hope I'm safe in that place."


Justin squinted his gaze. A couple of zombies jumped toward him from behind. Without turning back, one ring flew toward the zombies still in the air, and Bang! In a split of seconds, it had squashed the heads of the zombies like a melon.

"What!" Justin frowned. He checked his body but found nothing wrong. "Why am I getting tired?"

Unknown to him, beads of sweat were all over his forehead. Lost in the ecstasy of newfound power, he failed to notice the changes in his body.

If there were any powerful enemies, it would be detrimental to him.

"Shit! This weapon had a toil on my body. "He twisted his lips.

"I guess my stamina is not that strong. I need to be careful in the future."

He controlled the rings, bringing one to his front and the other to his back. Without further ado, he attacked the zombies in front of him furiously, creating a path while the ring at the back oscillated, creating a barrier, sending every zombie backward.

"I almost depleted my stamina. I need to escape immediately."

Justin rushed forward, sending every zombie in his path flying, not caring whether they were alive or not.

Just then, a sudden tremor came from behind his back. 'I guess my display of power has caused the big guys to be furious.'

Without waiting to check the cause of the tremor. Justin increased his attacking power, rushing forward. Sweat poured down his face like an open dam, and his hands trembled from overexertion.


He sends the last zombie on his path flying, rushing toward the entrance with a trembling leg. He opened the metallic door with some difficulty. His breathing was erratic, his chest going up and down.

The last ring behind his back sent the iing zombie flying, crashing into the other zombies. And then, swiftly, the ring entered the door and.



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