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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 6 Wesley And Tristian

There are rules for luck, not everything is chanced for the wise; Skill can help luck. We must believe in luck.


Watching the new arrival, Justin forgot about his new discovery. Immediately, the smile on his face disappeared into thin air. He looked straight into the eyes of the two people without uttering a word.

Seeing the icy eyes of Justin, the two students shuddered. "H-hello, fellow student," the young man stuttered, averting his gaze from Justin's piercing gaze. "I'm Wesley and... this is Tristan."

Tristan clutched on to Wesley's hands while her gaze darted from Justin to the dead giant rats. Seeing this, Justin's expression softens a little. "Why are you in that room?"

Taking a quick deep breath, Wesley replied. "We were chased by the giant rats... We were saved by entering the inner room on time."

"I get it. So you locked the door when you two were saved, right?" Justin asked, shaking his head slightly. Did he have the right to judge them? Definitely not. Everything has changed. It is now the survival of the fittest. Who cares how you do it, as long as you survive? That's fine.

Tell me what happened. Rather, tell what you witnessed. "Justine averted his gaze, looking at the 10-story building in front of them. "I need to get to a safe place."

"We were in class when a sudden shock wave spread everywhere. Ten minutes later...." Tristan said in a trembling voice, looking at their lecture room, close to them.

"Everything changes. People started changing before they pounced on us. "Wesley exhaled.

"We barely escaped the slaughter." He looked at Justin.

"Can you tell me what the hell was going on? All my friends had been eaten or turned into zombies. Is this like in the movies, hmm? "

Without looking at them, Justin shook his head. "I don't know what the hell is going on. But this is not like the movies. You better get your wits together if you want to live. We need to find other people. "

Having said his piece, Justine didn't wait for the two before heading toward the enormous building. However, seeing the large expanse of the field, he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"This won't be easy."

Justin adjusted his breathing, taking every step with caution, gripping the two short sticks. Hearing the slight sounding from behind; He halted briefly and said.

"If you're going to follow me, don't make a fucking noise. And forget that I'll be your nanny. You're responsible for your life." With that, Justin continued forward.

Hearing Justin's bitter words, Wesley grumbled.

'Who the fck are you? Just because you killed those stupid damn rats, you think you're some kind of superman. Don't worry when we assemble with other students. I'll teach you, I'm your senior, and you need to respect your senior.

Besides, who says you're going to survive? Those stronger than us have been eaten by zombies and rats. Humph!' His lips curled upward, looking at Justin in disdain.

Unknown to Wesley, every bit of his actions were under Justin's radar. He didn't care about what they were thinking.

All he cared about was saving his own ass and if they were preparing to do anything. A cruel smile appeared on his lips for a brief second before disappearing.

After walking for a couple of minutes, they'd almost reached the center of the field when a sound came from their right.

Taking a deep breath, Justin turned to the source of the sound. 'Why can't I have some freaking fcking luck and leave without encountering these assholes?' He cursed in his heart.

"What is that sound?" Tristan asked, trembling with tears.

"Will you shut up?" Justin snapped. 'If you want to die, die alone, don't rub your bad luck against my lady's luck. '

Hearing this, Wesley was furious, while Tristan shuddered, clutching tightly to Wesley's arm. Wesley gnashed his teeth.

He wanted to retort with a furious yell. However, when he saw a couple of zombies running toward them, He swallowed whatever he wanted to say, shivering.

"We are dead." Wesley murmured absentmindedly.

"Run!" Justin screamed. He dashed forward, not looking back.

Justin rolled his eyes, looking at his left. Where the hell are theying from? He increased his speed.

His speed was already faster than the fastest man on earth before the apocalypse. Nevertheless, the zombies surround them from both sides.

"I can't make it." Justin reduced his speed, controlling his breathing. He looked at his previous fellow students, now zombies, and sighed.


"What are we going to do?" Wesley shouted. His eyes darted left and right, trembling. The ominous pressureing from the zombies scared the shit out of Tristan. She wept, trembling profusely.

"We fight!" Justin dashed toward the nearest zombie and attacked furiously with the two short sticks.

Swiftly, the short stick pierced the skulls of the zombies like it was nothing. "En-- Shit." Justin rolled his eyes, noticing how easily the zombies were killed. However, he controlled his impulses, concentrating on killing the zombies.

Justin continued his attack, targeting the head of the zombies. He dares not let himself be surrounded by the zombies. He attacked while trying to keep a certain distance from their encampment.

Though, he didn't have any prior training. But as he continues to fight the zombies, his movement bes more fluid, not as clumsy as at the beginning.

With his bizarre perception, Justin could move freely among the horde of zombies.

"Howe they never ceaseing?" Justin furrowed. He noticed the zombie population had increased. He couldn't determine how plenty they'd be. 'I need to escape. I need to…'


A sudden cry jogged Justin from his killing rampage. He halted for a few seconds and turned back.

Upon discovering what had just happened, Justin's jaw dropped to the ground.

What the hell?


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