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"Why do I feel I can sense the environment?" He exclaimed. His mouth was wide open, staring at the surroundings. 'This is noting from my eyes. Then where is iting from? " He thought out loud.

He tried to understand this feeling, but he couldn't wrap his hand around it. Anytime it seemed he got the feel of it, it would slip out of his hand.

After trying for a couple of seconds without any reasonable answer, He abandoned the thought and left the restroom, jumping over the huge red lizard. He stared at the lizard for a couple of seconds, not understanding how such a lizard could exist.

'Things are definitely not normal.'

"I need to find an answer before I go nuts." He mumbles.

Everything in his sight was blurred. However, his body seems to know the right way while in his mind. A feint image of the surroundings was appearing. Though not crystal clear like the eyes. Nevertheless, it was something unusual.

'I guess heaven did not abandon me after all. If I didn't have this sudden ability, I guess I'll be long dead. '

With two short sticks in hand, Justine quickened his pace, moving from one building to another. However, everything was quiet, like a graveyard. With his heightening sense, he discovered he could feel everything around him in a 5-meter radius without missing a single thing.

"Wow, these feelings"

He raised his brow, halting his steps. He gripped the two sticks tightly. He didn't know what wasing. However, he wouldn't run this time around. His heart pounded, ready to burst out of his chest.

The cold air blew on his face, making his breathing erratic. He wanted to run. However, he stood his ground.

'If I run again, I will never stand my ground. I can't be running every time, can I? ' He thought out loud.

Every second feels like an eternity. After waiting for another couple of minutes without anything showing on his radar, He ventured in the direction of the sound. He held his breath and opened the door on his left slowly, peeping inside.

"Holy Moly!" He cried in his mind.

Instantly, he closed the door and took a couple of steps backward, sweating profusely.


The door was broken into pieces, and two giant rats jumped out with blood ricking from their mouths. Immediately, Justin's body reacted to the sudden change in the surroundings.

Though he couldn't see the giant rats with his naked eyes, What his body was picking up from the environment was telling him the position of the rats.


The two giants' rats jumped at Justin, going for his face and throat. Their sharp claws stood straight, going for his chest. The surroundings sent him every split of action made by the two giant rats. Without further ado, Justin sidesteps to the left, avoiding the jaw and claw of the first rat.


The sharp, thick pierced the skull of the first rats easily, like cutting a piece of paper. While in motion, Justin twisted his body and faced the second giant rat with his second thick. Seeing this, the second rate wanted to change direction. However, it was too late.


Justin pierced the second rat's skull, killing it instantly. Thud! The two rats fell on the ground, causing a small vibration. Justin exhaled. He stared at his hand and wondered what just happened.

It took him a couple of seconds to recover from the initial shock. He shook off the blood from his shirt and looked at the dead rats.

"I guess nothing is normal anymore."

"If a rat could be this big, Then, nothing is impossible anymore. I should be more careful in the future. "

Just then, three threads eache from the two giant rats entering Justin's forehead. Seeing this, Justin was no longer surprised. Immediately, he noticed something change inside his body.

Previously, it was a minute, but this time around, it was obvious. His frail body added more muscle. His muscles budge slightly while his skin adds a little luster. His green eyes became darker and shone more brightly. Comparing the new Justin to the previous was likeparing dirt to a rough diamond.


Name: Justin GreenLake.

Thread: 4(+6) [Level up] [Gene Circle unlocked.]

Circle: First

[Innate ability discovered. Unlocked.]

Sound Resonance: (Level > Physical.) (Radius: 50 meters).

[Innate weapon discovered. Unlocked.]

Sound Resonance Rings: 2


Justin stared at his new status with wide eyes. Many changes in his stats stupefied him. Quickly, he realized what was going on. A satisfying smile appeared on his face.

"So, this is how it works."

'Wow, I can't believe I could easily level up.' He twisted his lips and raised his head, staring at the dark cloud for a couple of seconds. The glow in his eyes shines brightly, filled with more resolve.

However, he didn't know that leveling was not as easy as it seemed. Probably because of his unfortunate life. His luck took another turn when the world changed.

"Now, nothing will obstruct my way of getting stronger." He lowered his head and looked around at the scene, which was littered with broken objects and splattered with blood.

The once harmonious and lively school was now desolate. 'Whatever caused these changes isn't normal. And only with strength can I hope to survive. '

"Now, let's see who is going to stand in my way." He gnashed his teeth and clenched his fist.

Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of a grayish ring with a strange gold marking on his arm. He stared at the ring for a couple of minutes before he realized the details in his stats. "2 rings." His eyes widened. He looked at his other arm and saw the second ring.

"Shit!" He screamed, not caring about the surroundings. His breathing was erratic. He placed his two arms together and noticed the two ringsplemented each other perfectly. He swallowed the lumps in his throat, touching the rings.

"Shit! They're fcking real. " He laughed with a confident smile on his face.


Justin's laughter stopped immediately. He squinted his brow and looked in a certain direction.

A light sound came from the previous room. Suddenly, two people came out of the room and stared at him, petrified.


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