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Seeing the sudden notification popup in his head, Justin blinked twice, wiping thick blood off his face, waiting for a couple of seconds to recover from the initial shock. He stood up slowly, supporting himself against the toilet door.

He stumbled to the faucet. Opening it, he poured cold water on his face. Shortly, he took a deep breath and looked at the dead zombie with wide eyes.

Now, he realized that everything that happened previously was not a dream. But real. He adjusted the rim of his glass and sighed for the umpteenth time.

"What in the fucking world is happening?" He murmured, soothing his short hair.

After regaining his bearings, he stared at the somewhat blurry notification in front of him. "Where did this thing pop out from? " He squinted his brow, pursing his lips.

"This panel pops up when I kill the zombie." He looked at the zombie. "Is this some kind of game, Hmm?" After thinking for a couple of moments, he sighed and said, "I may be delusional."

Justin put off the unnecessary thoughts in his mind. He picked up the mobbing thick and cut it into two, forming two short spears. 'I couldn't let my guard down until I found out what the hell was going on.'

"Wait... Why did I feel somewhat different?" He widened his eyes. He shook his head. "It's not possible! Probably, the stick is not as strong as I imagined." He dismissed the thought.

Taking a deep breath, he walked out of the restroom as quietly as possible. His eyes darted left and right while walking. Unknown to him, he held his breath. Breathing as slowly as possible,ing out of the restroom, he saw the thick stench of blood.

He shivered slightly. He continues to move forward, looking for people. However, he couldn't find anyone after a couple of minutes.

Suddenly, he felt a slight tremoring from his left. He halted and stared in the direction of the tremor. The beautiful field of flowers was dyed in red, with broken glasses and chairs scattered everywhere.

Every passing minute, the vibration in the surrounding area increases. Beads of sweat form on Justin's face. He gripped the two sticks in his hand tightly, while his legs tremble. He wanted to run. However, something was telling him not to run. Else...


Justin gasped. His jaw dropped to the ground. The hair on his body stood straight, making his heart pound vehemently.

Without further ado, Justin turned and dashed backward. "Why would I have two legs? God, can't you give me six legs? Do you really want me to die this early? " He grumbled, pushing his speed to the limit. Looking over his shoulder, his heart missed a beat.

Something blurred, approaching his back at the speed of light. "What the hell!?"

'I need to avoid this. I have to... '

Instantly, Justine twisted his body to the side with some difficulty, while a light groan escaped from his mouth. Boom! The wall near him exploded like it was nothing. Seeing this, Justin widened his eyes. He caught sight of the attack.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! "

Justin dashed into the restroom in the nick of time before a gnashing sound echoed from his back.

Anyone seeing him inside an enclosed space would think he was nuts. However, he had his plan.

Instead of running to the far end of the restroom, he rested his back on the wall near the entrance, holding his breath and raising the two sharp sticks in his hands as high as possible.


The building shook vehemently. However, it stood still. Only a couple of cracks appeared on the wall. A huge red lizard head with yellow eyes entered the restroom. Just then, a furious yell echoed in the room. The huge lizard rolled its eyes and looked upward.


Justin used all her strength to attack the lizard. He doesn't know how strong the lizard was. But he wasn't ready to find out. The two thick in hand swiftly entered the huge red eyes, going straight to its brains, puncturing it like a balloon.


The huge red lizard wasn't expecting such a sudden attack from Justin. In its eyes, Justin was merely an ant that should be easily eaten for breakfast. However, the reality was different.

Stuck between the entrance, the lizard had no way of using its body. The huge red lizard twisted his body furiously, struggling a few times before stopping.

Seeing the lizard wasn't moving anymore, Justin sat on the ground, panting furiously. His eyes never once left the huge lizard. After taking a deep breath, Justin finally relaxed. Suddenly, three golden threads came out of the lizard and floated toward Justin.

He wanted to dodge the strange golden thread. However, he found it somewhat strange. No matter where he bends over to, The thread will follow.

With no choice, the three threads entered his forehead. Instantly, he felt a soothing feeling watching over him. A slight gasp escaped from his mouth. Suddenly, all his tiredness disappeared into thin air.

"Now, I'm sure I'm not hallucinating. I'm definitely stronger than my previous self. " He murmured absentmindedly.


Name: Justin GreenLake.

Thread: 1 (+3)


Seeing the notification, Justin squinted his brow, looking at his stats intently. After staring at his stats for a couple of seconds, The corner of his lips curled upward a bit.

"So, this is how it is." He stood up and nodded.

Just then, he noticed his sight was not clear like before. He was too concentrated on the previous battle to notice anything was amiss. He wiped his eyes and gasped.

"Where the hell is my glass!?" He exclaimed.

He looked around, but everything was somewhat blurred. Not only that, but he couldn't see them clearly. He wanted to cry, but had no tears in his eyes. How am I going to survive without my eyes in this strange new world?

Heplained bitterly in his mind. Just then, something unexpected happened.


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