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Meanwhile, Chloe dropped her box casually, took her seat, and stared at Justin. She opened her mouth but closed it slowly. She tried again but uttered no word.

"What!?" Justin asked, staring at her.

"I—I want to ask you where you want me to focus." She stuttered, looking at Justin's face.

"What do you think?"

"I don't know." She shrank her neck and twisted her fingers together.

"I think we should focus on weapons and armor," Nika answered.

Nasir and Merab didn't utter a word. They only stared at Justin, waiting for his decision.

Seeing their actions, a light sigh escaped from his lips. "Chloe, you are the brain. You must have your idea. Although we may not accept it every time, that doesn't matter." He paused.

"What do you think we need to survive this calamity?" he asked.

Left with no choice, Chloe looked at Justin for a moment. "As Nika suggested, I think the first thing for us is weapons and armor. Although some of us may be born with natural weapons, that doesn't matter. With a suitable weapon and armor, those weaker among us will have a better chance of survival." She paused, scanning Justin's face for any indications.

However, she found none.

"Previously, I thought of using the beast's bones and hides as weapons. But the sudden worm attack made me forget about the idea." She sighed.

"So, you're easily sidetracked," Justin questioned.

Chloe nodded and lowered her head. "That isn't a problem. From this moment, Nasir will be your partner."

When Chloe heard this, she raised her head and glared at Nasir. Nasir shook his head with a sheepish smile. 'What now? Am I the one that chose you as my partner? ' Heplained in his mind.

"Merab and Nika will be partners. Everyone must work hard. I want you all to level up to the second circle as quickly as possible. "

When they heard this, the group inhaled deeply. They just leveled up a day ago.

Now, their leader was talking about leveling up. Is he serious? Although they knew it wouldn't be easy, they all nodded.

"Good. Let me tell you something. "


Their eyes brightened. They looked at Justin with a glow.


The fire in the middle swirls forth and back with little to no smoke. Quickly, Nasir added another log.

"I don't know if you noticed. The more you use your natural or acquired talent, the better. The more you get better, and the more skills are available at your disposal, the Ability does note with skills. But if you do it consistently, you will unlock the hidden skills. "

"Also, when you are trying to unlock your skill, focus on the core of your ability. I believe you all noticed the core of your ability." Justin looked at their faces one after another.

They nodded.

"Good. For example, Nasir. If you want to use your speaking ability, you focus on your core and then begin your speech. You don't just speak nonsense. Speech ismunication. Learn the art ofmunication and use your ability to turn it into something crazy.

Looking at what happened previously, the others dropped their guards, and you subconsciously tapped into your ability and your word reached their hidden weakness. "

"Imagine what would happen if you hypnotized them with your speech, hmm? "

Their breathing became erratic while their faces brightened. They focus their gaze on Justin's lips, following his lip movement.

None of them could hear anything except the raspy voice of Justin's voice.


[Title Gained.]

>> Exarch of Teaching.


When Justin saw the notification. A light smile appeared on his lips. "Your ability is endless. You can only stop at your imagination. I somewhat thought, why are we not giving skills with our abilities?

Then, I realized. Immediate skills will make us rely on them with no room for growth. However, if we can depend on ourselves to create them. Then, the sky is the starting point."

"Do you understand now?"

A sudden breeze came out of nowhere and blew on the faces of the four, forcing them to close their eyes.

A golden ring appeared on their foreheads and disappeared instantly. No one saw the sudden phenomenon.

Not even Justin. Taking a deep breath, the four opened their eyes and stared at Justin with adoration.

"Thank you," they chorused.

Justin waved his hand and dismissed their appreciation. "You chose me as your leader. This is the little I can do for you. Chloe, work on the weapon. "

"Don't worry. Leave that to me, "Chloe answered with a confident smile.

Immediately, they fell into an abrupt silence. Everyone was busy reading one book. Just like that, time wisp by. Before they knew what was happening. Seven days have gone by. Seven days of darkness and continuous rain.

A ray of light escaped through the window and illuminated the restroom. Sleeping on a pile of books, Justin's ear perked, and he stood straight.

His eyes trembled, and he opened his eyes slowly. He looked in the light's direction and furrowed. He looked at the others and found them still sleeping.

'I can't sense the rain and the ominous feeling.' Justin twisted his lips. He tilted his head for a moment and stood quickly.

He walked out of the restroom in a large stride. Is this what I'm thinking? He shook his head, not wanting to raise his hope.

When Justin arrived outside the library, a chilly breeze blew in his face. The squeak of rats and the chipping of birds echoed in the air.

He looked at the sky and everything was clear. He bathed in the fresh morning sun with a wild smile on his face.

Creak! Creak!

Hearing the sounding from the surroundings, Justin didn't care. He bathed in the peaceful feelinging from the sun.

Every pore of his body opens while his white skin glitters in the sun. However, this happiness won't last.


A zombie appeared between Justin's perceptions and rushed toward him with a crude sword.

He got a foreboding vibe from the zombie. Justin furrowed. 'Don't tell me the zombies have undergone another round of mutation.' He cried in his heart.


Justin's weapon flew out of his arm and moved swiftly in the air. In a blink, they appeared before the zombie, and Bang!

The zombie flies backward, crashing to the ground. Justin was about to retrieve his weapon when he noticed the zombie standing up and making a loud cry.

'I knew it.' The smile on his face disappeared immediately.

He increased his attacking power and sent another attack. Sensing the iing attack, the zombie stopped on his track and waved his weapon toward the rings. However, it caught nothing.

Bang! Bang!

The attack shattered the zombie's skull like it was nothing. Immediately, Justin recalled his weapon and dashed into the library.

He slammed into the restroom. Hence, those sleeping scrambled up, taking a battle stance.

"Gather everything. We're moving." Justin shouted.


The group widened their eyes. They looked at each other's faces only to see the shock on each other's faces.

Without further ado, the group rushed to pack their things. Mostly books. After seven days of consumption, only a few pieces of meat were left.

When they arrived outside and saw the clear sky, their jaws dropped. However, a smile easily crept onto their faces. Nasir laughed and shouted happily, dancing in joy. Yet, his joy was cut shut with a scream.




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