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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 3 Sudden Change - Chaos

I know, creation and destruction are one, to the eyes who can see beauty... Only with an open mind can one see. But did I have an open mind?


"Then, you wait outside until shees. Currently, I'm busy and can't waste my precious time hearing some piece of crap twice. So, stay put. When shees, I can resolve what shit you have on you once and for all. "

"Ok, sir."

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Justin spotted Miss Freya, matching her gaze with her icy gaze. Seeing this, Justin's heart missed a beat. "Shit."

'What should I do? ' He tapped his foot, biting the edge of his lips.

"Follow me," Miss Freya announced, not waiting for Justin's reply before she knocked on the deacon's door twice.

"Come in."

"Ma. I will use the restroom. Please go ahead. I'll join you. " Justin bolted off, not waiting for Miss Freya's response.

Seeing this, Miss Freya snorted and entered the office. 'You have nowhere to go. Unless you want to leave and nevere back. '

Justin didn't care about what Miss Freya or Dean thought. What he wanted to do was get away from those two and clear his mind. Perspiration filled his forehead; his breathing became erratic. He bent his head, looking at the floor, rushing toward the restroom.

"Man, watch it." A voice yelled.

"S-Sorry. Sorry. " Justin apologized, not stopping for once with his head facing downward.

Banging into the restroom, panting. His chest was moving up and downward. His hand was trembling. Quickly, he switched the tap, pouring cold water on his face. He rested his head on the mirror, panting profusely.

He didn't want to think about the oue of the meeting he would have with the dean. His heart pounds. He clenched his chest, feeling the thumping of his heartbeat.

Only a few students were in the men's restroom. They stared at Justin for a couple of seconds before minding their business. He felt the piercing gaze on his body. His hair stood straight. He adjusted his glasses, clearing his throat.

"What should I do?" He racked his brain for an answer, but nothing came up. He entered an available toilet and sat on the WC, tapping his foot and grinding his teeth.

'I can't be expelled from school. I can't. I can't. '

Lost in his thoughts for an unknown period of time, Justin rested his head on his right palm. Suddenly, he heard a piercing cry. His ear twitched, bending his head sideways a little. "Why can't I have a normal life like those people playing outside?" He grumbled.


"What the hell is that?!"

A sudden explosion shook the entire building to its core. Immediately, Justin held the WC with both hands tightly, looking at the ceiling and furrowed.

'Probably some students are conducting another experiment.'

He sniffed. He creased and sniffed again. 'What is smelling?'

After trying to identify the strange smell, he shook his head and opened the toilet door absentmindedly. He arrived at the entrance of the restroom and smelt a thick stench of blood. He blinks his eyes twice, then adjusts the rim of his glasses.


He jumped back, seeing the river of blood outside. His chest was moving up and down, panting. He took a couple of seconds to calm himself. Suddenly, a creak came from outside. Hearing this, Justin's heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He was still trying to wrap his head around what happened outside when a young man came out of the blue, drenched in blood, with lifeless eyes staring at him. Justin stared at the young man in shock.

'Please tell me this fucking zombie is a prank. I have enough of this shit. '

"Buddy, stop this prank. I have enough on my plate right now," Justin said, shaking his head slowly.


The zombie pounces on Justin furiously with its mouth open, blood dripping from it. Blood was gushing out from the cut veins around his neck. Instantly, Justin took a couple of steps backward.

"Stop. Stop. Don'te near me. " Justin shouted.

The zombie increased his pace, gnashing his teeth for fresh meat. "Sh*t. Oh,e on. This can't be real. " He fell on his butt. His eyes darted from one angle to another, sweat falling from his forehead like an open dam.

The zombie pounced on him, opening his mouth wide and trying to rib off Justin's head. 'I can't die. I can't die now. ' When humans are on the brink of death, they turn to do the unexpected.

Justin summoned all the strength in his thin muscles. He used one hand to hold the zombie's neck while the other hand was on its face, using it to stop the zombie from biting him.

Panting. He tried to push the zombie away from his head. However, the zombie was just too heavy for him. Or perhaps, he was just too weak. His eyes caught a mopping stick in the corner of the room. Without further, he struggled with everything.

While the zombie continued to gnash his teeth. Thick liquid and blood poured on Justin's face. However, he was too preoccupied with saving his ass to notice all this.

Picking up the mopping stick, the teeth of the zombie were only a couple of inches from his face, and he could smell the foul smelling from it. In the corner of his eyes, he saw a piece of meat hanging in his teeth.

"Fck off!"

Justin uses all his strength to stab the zombie straight in the eyes. The zombie made a strange sound, but it was far from death. Noticing this, Justin withdrew the mopping stick and stabbed the zombie multiple times.

It was only when he noticed there was no sounding from the zombie did he stopped. His breathing was erratic. He pushed the zombie away from his head, gasping for air. Suddenly, something happened before his eyes.


Name: Justin GreenLake.

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