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The corner of Nasir's lips raised a bit. He looked at Justin and saw his blank expression and a wild smile spread all over his face. It is time for you fools to listen to me. I am your father. *cough* *cough* ' He tried to hide the mischievous smile from appearing on his face, but the group still caught sight of it.

"Will you tell us?" Nika snapped.

Hmm! Hmm!

Nasir cleared his throat and his face was devoid of any smile. "The right way. Hmm? " He stood, placed both hands behind his back, and walked around the campfire.

"Let's take the leader as an example. He has two rings as weapons. If it was one of us, we wouldn't know how to use two rings as a weapon effectively. In the leader's hands, it doesn't look like the usual rings. The leader uses the rings like one of the deadliest weapons out there. But which is not? " He paused and inhaled.

"If the leader cannot use his weapon the right way, we won't be here by now. Either we are dead or have be some kind of lackey to other powerful people. Now, the leader is telling us to use our abilities the right way." Sighed. He shook his head.

"Nika, you have enhancedbat ability, but you're almost surrounded in the previous battle. If not for the leader, then what do you think would have happened? Although you just unlocked your ability, that wasn't an excuse to be clumsy with it. Merab, you have long unlocked your ability, but you are so poor at it. This makes others without ability doubt your ability."

When Nika and Merab heard Nasir scolding them, they lowered their heads. Seeing this, Justin chuckled inside. 'This idiot knew how to use his ability. This is going to be fun. '

"And you, Chloe." Nasir stopped opposite her and shook his head.

"I was previously jealous of your ability. But now, I have nothing to worry about. Having the ability doesn't make you special. If you are proficient with it, that makes you special. You can read a huge textbook in a matter of minutes and understand it. However, you forget the purpose of your ability. You read the history, research thesis, and other uninteresting material. Look around. How helpful is that going to be for us? "

"Do you think your ability is meant for you to read those thesis that you once obsessed with?"

Nasir's voice echoed deep within the group's heart. Without them knowing, a bead of sweat dropped from their forehead. None of them dares to look at Nasir's face.

"We are hiding like rats inside the restroom. Yet, you think that is OK with us. Hmm?" Nasir raised his voice by an octave.

Chloe shivered. The book dropped from her hand. She gripped both hands, trying to stop them from shaking. But it was for nuts.

She sat with her spine drenched in cold sweats, her heart pounding vehemently. Justin raised his brow and looked at Nasir, then back at the three, trembling.

'What a fearsome ability.' He twisted his lips. 'Now, I understand how this ability works.'

"With that brain of yours, you can find many ways for us to live a better life and defend against those beasts. This is a forsaken library, for heaven's sake. This is an opportunity for you to cram your head with all the useful knowledge in this world. Why the fuck will you be reading history?" Nasir shouted.

"That's OK," Justin interrupted and smiled.

When the three heard Justin's voice, their eyes trembled. They raised their heads and looked at Nasir with their mouths ajar. Watching their gaze, Justin shook his head.

"You, sit down. Enough of your charade. "Justin pointed out

"Ok." Nasir nodded and smiled, taking his seat.

The shock on the three faces didn't disappear for a while. They looked at Nasir and then back at Justin, not knowing how to react. "You shouldn't be surprised. That's Nasir's ability. " Justin pointed this out casually.

The three gulped, sighed, and lowered their heads in shame.

"You shouldn't be ashamed of what happened. Be thankful that it was your friend that used it against you. If it is an enemy. You're as good as dead. Do you understand everything now? "Justin looked at their faces.

They nodded, not looking at Justin's face. "This will teach you not to underestimate anyone." Justin chuckled. The room descended into silence, everyone lost in their thoughts.

"Thank you for making me understand." Chloe broke the silence, looking at Nasir with seriousness.

"You're wee. But seriously, you shouldn't thank me. It is all thanks to the leader for showing us the right way. "

"Don't thank me. Just do the right thing. " Justin answered, not raising his head from the book.

Chloe nodded, turning to Merab. "Can you follow me to choose another book?" she asked, biting the corner of her lips.

"Sure!" Merab stood without looking at Chloe. She glanced at Justin before heading out of the restroom.

Quickly, Chloe followed Merab out of the restroom. Just then, they heard Justin's voice.

"Nasir and Nika, you two follow them and be done with it once and for all." Justin announced.

Without further ado, Nasir and Nika follow the ladies. After the exit of the group, Justin raised his head from the book and stared at the burning fire.

His chest rose and fell lightly, and was lost in thought. Most often, the corner of his lips would rise slightly. After a few moments, a light sigh escaped from his lips.

His ears perked, and he stood straight. His gaze returned to his book. Just then, the door opened.

The group returned with a big carton, while Nasir and Nika also had a backpack. With a smile on his face, Nasir cleared his throat.

"Boss. Lady's luck is on our side. We found something useful." Nasir dropped the box a couple of feet from Justin.

Justin raised his head and looked at the carton full of books. However, these are no ordinary books.

? They are ancient ones, not easily accessible for students. He picked one book and opened it. A crisp smell assaulted his nose. He cringed at his nose and looked at Merab and Chloe.

"Where did you find them?"

"I found a room on the top floor with luck. So, when I unlock it, there they are." Merab shrugged, dropping the box with a slight groan.

A bead of sweat dropped from her forehead. She slumped beside the fire while her chest rose and fell.


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