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Without further ado, the group jumped into the dark hole and the chilly wind blew in their faces, causing their hearts to miss a beat.

Everyone held their breath, widening their eyes as they fell to the next floor. However, the next floor was filled with worms of various sizes.

Yet, Justin didn't dilly dally. When they were a couple of meters from the floor, He sent another round of attacks to the ground, creating a hole big enough for them to continue their descent.

After a couple of minutes of using the same strategy, the group arrived in the building's basement. Justin uses his weapons to lower the fall of the group to a considerate level.


The group landed in the dark basement, rolling on the floor for a couple of seconds before they stopped the huge momentum. Only Justin landed casually, barely moving an inch.

"Which is the way?" Justin asked with urgency.

Gasping for air. Chloe rose from the ground, pointing in a certain direction. There is a hidden door to our east. If we pass through it, we will arrive at the library. "

"Leader, we can't see a thing. Why don't we try to make some fire to light the way? " Nasir suggested.

"If you're ready to fight those things, make the fire" Merab snorted, moving toward the east.

"If you have any difficulty moving in the darkness, follow in my footsteps." Justin announced, walking toward the east.

After moving for a couple of minutes, they arrived at the library basement. They arrived inside the library without incident, thanks to Chloe's leadership. Justinmanded the group to find a secure location to hide.

In between the pile of shelves, Justin and his group sat with a bead of sweat dripping from their foreheads. Hundreds of books were surrounded, while some were covered in blood. However, no one gave a damn about the thick stench of blood.

"How do you see through the darkness?" Justin looked at Merab.

"As an archer, I must have a sharp eye. And one of my abilities is seeing into the darkness. Though it's a little hazy. I can still make sense of my surroundings." Merab answered.

"I see."

"What are we going to do now?" Chloe paused before continuing. "We can't stay in darkness while the cold is permeating through our bones."

"We can't light a fire in the open. It would attract those fcking worms. We must search for a closed room where the light illumination won't spread outside." Nika responded.

"Merab. Take Chloe and look for any room with little to no windows. Any place would do." Justinmanded.

"And try not to make any noise." He added.

Immediately, the two ladies disappeared into the darkness. Justin closes his eyes, lost in thought. 'This can't continue like this. We need to leave the campus. But the fcking rain is making it almost impossible to leave the campus.' He cursed in his heart.

'I just hope the rain stops soon.' He sighed silently.

After a couple of minutes, a light foot echoed in the library. Justin's ears perked. He raised his brow and turned toward the steps. "Did you find it?"

"Yes..." Chloe replies with a wry smile.

"Let's get going." Nasir responded quickly, getting up and carrying the meat wrapped in clothes.

"The only place we could find is the restroom." Merab whispered.

"And so?" Nika asked.

Merab and Chloe looked at each other with wide eyes. "Nothing," they answered together.

A small fire dancer was in the middle of the restroom. The fire could barely produce sufficient heat for the people surrounding it.

However, the smiles on the faces of the people show how contented they are. They covered the small window in the restroom with books, clothes, and chairs.

"I can't read this book on a good day if the world is still the same." Chloe sighed, dropping aprehensive book.

,m "Are you done with that also?" Nasir asked, his mouth ajar.

"Yes." Chloe nodded with a smile.

The group rolled their eyes and looked at Chloe, not knowing what to say. Seeing their stupefied gaze, Chloe shrugged and said, "Have you forgotten my abilities?"

Merab shook her head and continued to read the book in her head.

"We are only in the first or second while you're over a hundred books. This..."

"Instead of you trying to learn how to use your abilities, you are grumbling about someone else's abilities. Do you want to go inside in the rain?" Justin interrupted Nasir. His crisp voice sipped into Nasir's bones, making him shiver.

"Leader, you don't need to worry. I'm already working on it." Nasir quickly patted his chest.

Observing the terrified Nasir, the others chuckled with a wild smile. Only the leader could handle Nasir's shenanigans. They thought. Shortly, the room descended into an abrupt silence.

Despite the fact that some of them hate reading, Reading was the only option available. If they wanted to spend the remaining days in the rain,

"What have you been reading?" Justin asked suddenly.


Those reading raised their eyebrows and looked at Chloe. They all wanted to know what she had been reading. But they couldn't ask. Now, the leader is giving them the opportunity to hear what the genius lady has been reading.

Chloe clears her throat and answers. "Many things. I read about history...." She continued to tell the group the type of book she had read in the span of hours.

Listening to her, Nasir and the others shook their heads dejectedly. What an overkill ability?

"Your ability makes us look stupid." Merab whispered.

When Chloe hears this, she giggles with a satisfying smile. However, they failed to notice the frown on Justin's face.

"Are you happy with what you read?" Justin asked coldly.

Hearing Justin's cold voice, Chloe's smile disappeared, and so did the others'. They looked at each other, not understanding what was wrong with Chloe's choice of reading.

Chloe raised her head and looked at Justin's face, but immediately averted her gaze. Her heart missed a beat.

"She failed to use her abilities the right way." Nasir said slowly.


Everyone's attention fell on Nasir. Is he going to spout his nonsense again? They thought. Seeing their disdainful gaze, Nasir shook his head.

"Though I said a lot of nonsense almost every time. My brain works perfectly fine and I can't understand certain things." Nasir paused and inhaled the somehow warm breeze before continuing.

"The leader has said it time and time again that we must use our ability in the right way. But what is the right way?"

Nasir looked at the faces of Chloe, Nika, and Merab. Watching the conceited smile on Nasir's face. Merab pursed her lips and asked.

"If you know it, tell us the right way then."

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