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Justin stood in front of the burning fire while Nika and Merab were on his two sides. Nasir and Chloe stood far back, holding kitchen knives.

Justin released his full perception. His brow was raised. Immediately, his two weapons flew out of his hand, orbiting in front of him.

Seeing this, Nika and Merab withdrew their weapons. Nika hacked at Nika with his butcher knife while Merab knit his bowstring with an arrow, pulling it to the limit, ready to fire at any moment.


A tingling of glasses echoed in the room with multiple shrieks. A cold wind blew onto Justin's face. He took a deep breath. Then he heard another crash. But after the drilling sound came from their front.

The eerie feeling of bone-chilling cold seeped into the bones of Nika and the others. They shivered slightly, gripping their weapons tightly.

Shriek! Shriek! Shriek!

The eerie sound came from every side, resounding close to their ears. Nasir looked around the room, but all he saw was the eerie darkness closing in on them.

"Just what the hell are these things?" He cursed loudly.

"Stay calm and don't lose your position." Justin said sternly. "Don't let the darkness overwhelm you. Be conscious of your surroundings. "


A dark giant worm with hundreds of teeth jumped forward, going for Justin's face. Justin didn't have a change in his expression, one of his rings flew out his arm and went directly to the brain of the worm.


The worm was sent flying, disappearing into the darkness. Seeing this, everyone took a deep breath. Just then, Nasir's voice echoed from behind.

"Is that a fucking worm?" He shouted.

"Will you keep your mouth shut!?" Justin snapped.

Multiple giant worms jumped out of the darkness with a gnashing sound. Without further delay, Justin, Merab, and Nika began to kill the worms.

Justin and Merab were long-range attackers, while Nika's movement was extremely agile with a powerful attack.

"Don't let the worms accumulate close to your position. Try to send them back, "Justin shouted, sending three worms into smitten.

The darkness moved closer, leaving Justin's group in the darkness.

The campfire swirled left and right with a crack. The fire had dimmed, making the room drop a couple of degrees.

Nasir was trembling, his eyes darting left and right, sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Leader, they are getting stronger." Merab gnashed her teeth, shooting two arrows at the same time.

"I know."

"Sh*t. They areing from the ceiling. " Nasir shouted.

Justin didn't falter. One of his weapons moved swiftly across the ceiling, sending the bunch of worms into a pool of black liquid.

However, they continued to pour into the room in a multitude. The burned fire couldn't cast a bright light. It only illuminated a few meters around Justin and his group.

"Watch out!" Chloe shouted, rushing to get Nasir back. She swings her knife, sending the worm flying.

Nasir turned his head and saw the dead worm a couple of feet away and wiped the sweat from his face. He looked at Chloe and whispered. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me. Do your fucking job. " Chloe snapped. When she turned her back, two worms were flying toward her at an extreme speed.


She sighed. Without taking a step back, she swung her weapon twice, dissecting the worm into two.

A groan came from her back. Chloe turned her head and saw Nasir fighting two worms at the same time. She wanted to render help when she saw another set of wormsing her way.

Without further delay, she dashed toward the worms and attacked them fearlessly.

Meanwhile, Justin, Nika, and Merab were overwhelmed by the flow of worms. The size of the worms had increased by two-fold.

This makes it difficult to kill them with a single blow. Nika moved swiftly amid the worm encampment, waving his weapon continuously.

Merab arrow couldn't kill the worm with a single shot. She needs to shoot two arrows to take them down.

Sweats dripped from her forehead. while her hands trembled whenever she shot an arrow. Justin remained unaffected, killing the worm effortlessly.

'If this continues, things will get worse' Justin thought.

"Nika, can you free yourself?" Justin asked.

"Yes, Give me a minute. "

"Ok, Go gather that meat. We are moving. " Justin decided quickly.

"Step back!" Hemanded.


Merab raised her brow but quickly moved back, stopping a couple of feet from the fire. She looked at Justin, waiting for his action.

Suddenly, the sound in the room disappeared. The glowing from the rings lights them up with a powerful hum.

The rings moved around the room swiftly.

While the worms' speed slows down by a degree, A golden circle appears on Justin's head. His clothes and hair swayed in the absence of air.

Suddenly, the rings stopped.

"Sound Annihilation." Justin shouted.

The frozen rings shone brightly and picked up speed, entering the darkness.


The room vibrated. Cracks appeared on the wall. The room descended into an abrupt silence. Every worm that surrounded everyone turned into a pool of dark liquid.

Merab's jaw slackened while Nika shook his head. Chloe smiled as Nasir murmured something inaudible.

However, Justin's expression never loosened. He parked his ear. Suddenly, his ear twitched. He frowned and shouted.

"Nika, get the meat. Now! "


Suddenly, the building vibrated to its core. The window crashes; the wall falls. The dark rain blew into the building. Everyone's expression changed with their eyes widened. At once, Nika dashed toward the opposite room.

"Chloe assists him." Justin added quickly.


A loud piercing cry came from every angle of the building. The building continued to shake vehemently. Justin furrowed. The hair on his body stood straight. He turned and looked at Merab and Nasir.

"Do you know any escape routes?"

Nasir and Merab shook their heads dejectedly. They knew the situation was dire. But they were helpless. Just then, Chloe rushed in and shouted. "I know an escape route"

"Lead the way quickly," Justin announced.

"We need to use the stairs. The escape route is in the basement. "


"We can't go that direction. The worms have surrounded everywhere. " Nasir replied.


A giant worm jumped into the room.


The room shook with a loud shriek. The worm was different from the previous one.


A dark liquid flew out of the worms like a bullet.


Without further delay, Justin circulated his weapon in front of him.


The liquid collided with the forcefield before turning into smoke. Noticing it, the attack was defended. The worm makes another sound.

A couple of dark liquids headed toward Justin. but was defended by the forcefield.


Another worm landed in the room. Seeing this, he twisted his lips and sent two powerful attacks toward the worms.


The two worms stumble back with a deep dent in their chests. Seeing this, Justin raised his eyebrows but quickly sent another round of attack, turning the worms into smitten.

"The escape route is the basement, right?" Justin asked with a raspy voice.

"Yes," Chloe nodded.

"Everyonees closer."

Immediately, the group moved closer to Justin, not knowing what he was up to. However, this wasn't the moment to ask a question. Justin's weapons orbited in front of him for a few seconds, and then he sent them toward the floor.


A hole appeared on the floor. Seeing this, the group widened their eyes. They looked at one another.


Many giants jumped into the room, shooting out the dark liquid.

"Now!" Justin shouted.

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