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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse


After eating sumptuous meat, the group gathered at the centre of a spacious room. They sat in a circle around Justin, staring at him without blinking.

The cold, chilling breeze blew to their eyes. While the camp fire sparkles at the centre, its flames dance all the way to the roof.

"I feel somewhat stronger." Nasir broke the silence, checking his arm muscles.

Hmm... Hmm...

The others nodded, checking their bodies. Justin didn't have any expression on his face. The shadow of the fire danced over his face as he stared keenly at the fire.

Although he was not looking at the fire with his eyes. However, subconsciously, he'd forget that he didn't see with his eyes.

To him, the howling mountain bear meat had little to no effect on his body.

However,paring the meat of the mountain bear to other normal meat was likeparing dirt to diamonds. They are far apart.

"I need to tell you something." Chloe said slowly, taking a deep breath, looking at the faces of others before finally resting on Justin's.

Everyone looked at her face, waiting for her to continue. But her face was on Justin, who was concentrating on the fire.

After a few seconds, Justin raised his head. Raising his head was meaningless. He was already looking at her.

When Chloe saw this, she cleared her throat and began.

"The meat... It helps me to level up and I unlock my innate abilities. "Chloe looked at the faces of others, but she didn't see the expression she was expecting. She raised her eyebrows.

She opened her mouth and was interrupted by Nasir.

"You don't need to be surprised. I also unlock my innate abilities. "Nasir stated, as a matter-of-fact.

Merab raised her brow and looked at the two. "What! Both of them unlocked their innate abilities at the same time. " She gasped inside. She glanced at the last person in the group, waiting.

Nika noticed everyone's gaze was on him. A wry smile appeared on his face.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to bore my body with your piercing gaze? "He chuckled.

"Why are you getting conceited? It's just because you unlocked your innate ability. Don't forget you are in the leader's presence. " Nasir snorted.

Hearing this, Nika's smile disappeared, and she looked at Justin. But he only saw the blank expression on Justine's face.

Seeing this, a sigh of relief escaped from his mouth. He looked at Nasir, cracking his knuckles.

"What is your ability?" Chloe asked impatiently.

Sighed. Nika shook his head dejectedly. "I don't have any innate abilities..."


Gasp! They widened their eyes and looked at Nika with their mouths ajar. Justin raised his brow and said.

"Since you are now in the First Circle, you will surely have some abilities. It may not be innate. But you will surely receive something. If you're useless, you will have long turned into zombies. "

Nika looked at Justin and laughed.

"Worthy of being our leader. You're right. I don't have an innate ability. But I acquired an ability. Enhance Combat (EC) "

"Enhance Combat." Chloe repeated, blinking, lost in thought.

Seeing this, everyone turned to Chloe and raised their eyebrows. Shortly, Chloe recovered from her thoughts and saw the weird gaze directed at her.

"I just checked my ability. It happens that I don't have innate abilities."

Her tone dropped by an octave while the glow in her eyes dimmed.

"More so, my ability is notbat-effective. "She shrank her head into her chest.

"What is your ability?" Justin inquired.

"It is acquired. Enhance Brain. (EB) "She whispered. Her eyes reddened.

"That's good." Justin announced. He turned his head to look at the faces of those around him, one after the other.

"There is no useless ability. We only have useless people. Acquire or Innate? Both are abilities. If you're mediocre and you're giving the best ability. It will turn to trash in your hand."

His voice rang in the still room. The sound of the torrential rain at that moment disappeared.

The only voice that echoed was that of Justin. Chloe subconsciously raised her head and looked at Justin.

"Those who don't have the tendency to survive have already turned into zombies. So, if you're alive, you know you have value. No matter how little it is. It's left to you to develop it. "He looked at Chloe.

"You're giving us the ability to use your brain far better than we are. Then, that will show in the time toe. We may need to depend on you. "

"I hope when that timees, you won't disappoint us. "

"I won't disappoint you." Chloe nodded.

"You can depend on me." Her eyes brightened.

Justin turned to look at Nasir and said, "Your ability should be about talking, right?"

Nasir nodded with wide eyes. 'What the fuck! ' He shouted in his mind.

"Chloe, you see. Your ability isn't that bad. Nasir has awakened the ability to be more shameless. What do you think?"


Everyone started laughing, including Nasir. Justin only looked at them and smiled. "Leader, why did you think my ability was for me to be more shameless?" Nasir chuckled.

"If you don't have such an ability, that would be a shame and a waste of talent. But that didn't happen."


The room descended into another round of laughter. Chloe held her stomach, tears hanging from the corner of her eyes. She pointed at Nasir.

"Y-you don't need to worry. You only need to bootlick the zombies and beasts. A-and... And watch the wonder happening right in front of you. " She gasped for air after laughing too much.

Nasir puffed his chest and said seriously. "Of course, you don't need to worry. Leave the talking to me."


After a couple of minutes, the laughter ended, and the room returned to its tranquility. Justin looked at Merab and said.

"Though we don't know a lot about you, but the world has gone nuts. No one cares about pleasantries. Do you want to join us? "

Without thinking about it, Merab nodded. "I would love to join you. Previously, it scared me you would reject me." She released a sigh of relief.

"Why?" Justin raised his brow.

When everyone heard this, they rolled their eyes and looked at Justin. Seeing this, Justin shook his head.

Suddenly, his right ear stood straight. He furrowed. Instantly, he stood, and he stared in a particular direction. His heart missed a beat.

Immediately, everyone stood and looked at Justin, wanting to know what was wrong. But everyone held their curiosity and waited for him to tell them.

"We havepany." Justin said seriously.

Just then, a shriek came from the darkness outside. Hearing the cry, everyone shivered. They looked at Justin, waiting for his orders.

"Chloe and Nasir at the back. Others, on me."

"No one should leave the fire!"

"Prepare for battle."

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