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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 25 Eating The Monster Beast...

Justin sat on a small chair and looked at the unconscious couple on the ground. Thanks to the burning fire. The room was warm.

Despite this, he wrapped himself in a huge curtain. He looked at his shoulder where the black liquid fell and took a deep breath. His skin had recovered, leaving no scar.

I guess I recovered faster because of my stats. ' He lowered his head, staring at his stats.


Justin GreenLake's given name

Thread: 100/500 [Existence of a Level 10 thread = +1]

Circle: Second (upgrade successful, defeating two First Circle Beings)

Sound Resonance: (Level > Physical.) (Radius: 50 (+50) meters).

Soul Weapon (2 Rings): (level > Small Success).


Sound Annihilations (Level > Novice) [Skill upgraded: Small Success.]

Sound Disintegration (Level > Small Success)


Endurance: 20 (+10).

[Hidden Stat Unlocked]

Stamina: 20


When Justin saw the changes in his stats, his lips curled upward at the edge.

He clicked his tongue, wondering. What the hell was level 10 thread equals to 1?But immediately after he thought about this, another pop-up appeared before him.


For your thread level to increase. You need to kill a level ten thread beast or existence. Anything lower than that won't have any effect on you. Each level ten beast or existence you kill will only add a single thread to your thread.


Justin's eyes widened. He wanted to curse loudly. But he calmed his impulse, taking a deep breath. He closed his stats and looked deep into the deep fire.

At that moment, a slight groan came from the opposite direction of Justin. He raised his head and saw Nika waking up.

Nika stretched his body lazily, looking at the surroundings, blinking. On seeing Justin, his eyes brightened.

He stood with some difficulty, walking toward him. Justin noticed him in his perception and a smile crept onto his face.

"How's your body?" He asked.

"Exhausted." Nika took a seat beside Justin.

The room descended into an abrupt silence. Only the cracking from the fire echoed in the still room.

Nika bit her lip and turned to Justin. He opened his mouth but closed it slowly, turning his head and looking straight into the fire.

A chuckle escapes from Justin's mouth while shaking his head.

"Merab, I know you are awake. So, stop pretending ande over here. "

Unknown to him, his demeanor had changed greatlypared to before the apocalypse. His confidence had shot out of the roof and the way he carried himself was just so…

"What are you? A wizard! " Merab grumbled, standing up and walking toward the two.


Justin laughed out loud. After a couple of seconds, he stopped and shook his head and.

"In this strange new world. Nothing is impossible. You shouldn't be surprised if you find a person with the ability of a wizard. "

"I know. But I know you don't have such an ability. She pouted, taking a seat on the right side of Justin. She furrowed, tilting her head for a split second before looking at Justin's face.


"You look different," she answered with a puzzle.

"Oh! So, I'm not hallucinating. " Nika murmured.

"Stop all your shenanigans. How's your body? " Justin asked.

"I'm good. just slightly exhausted. " Merab answered. She turned to Justin and asked. "Do you know what's happening out there?"

Hearing this, Nika took a deep breath and looked at Justin. Justin didn't utter a word. He adjusted his seating position, closing his eyes.

Seeing this, Nika and Merab didn't dare disturb him. The two avert their gazes from him and remain silent. The rumbling and splashing of rain echoed from outside with some abysmal noise.

"What happens outside there is a nightmare." Justin spoke up unexpectedly. "I hope the rain stops soon. And if not…"

Hearing this, the two exhaled. Both of them knew something dangerous was going on outside.

The fact that they didn't know what attacked them outside makes them wary of stepping outside. Suddenly, Justin stood up andmanded.

"Follow me"

Without uttering a word. The two follow him into another room. Their jaws dropped when they saw two people fighting to dissect a piece of meat with sweat pouring down from their faces like a dam. Noticing the arrival of Justin.

Nasir said quickly.

"We are almost done processing the meat." He wiped the sweat off his face and pointed at the meat. "The meat is too strong for our knife. If not for that, I would have finished processing the meat. "

"Will you stop your shameless self?" Chloe pouted. She was tired of Nasir's shamelessness.

"Do you want me to leave the rest for you?"

"No, no." Nasir waves his head. "Don't you know when I'm kidding?" He gave a short laugh.

"Humph. You are too serious. "

Nika wasn't surprised by Nasir's attitude. But Merab's eyes widened and giggled.

'Interesting,' she thought.

"Is there any meat for eating?" Justin asked casually.

"Yes." Nasir nodded, pointing to some roasted meat. He looked at Justin and asked. "Are you sure this meat is safe to eat?"

Everyone looks at Justin. However, Justin only shrugged and turned to Merab.

"Your choice."

When Merab heard this, she snorted and walked toward one of the roasted meats. She picked up a large piece of meat and dig in.

After a few bits, she sat and ate with satisfaction. Without uttering a word, Justin and the rest looked at Merab.

While Nasir's eyes were shiny, his hands were trembling. He licked his lip, following Merab every bit. Unknown to him, he swallowed a large lump in his throat, echoing the room.

Nika and Chloe looked at Nasir and shook their heads.

'This guy is beyond saving,' Justin thought without turning his head. After a couple of minutes, Merab finished the meat and stared at Justin.

"Can I take another?" She smiled.

"No." Justin shook his head. "Let's wait for an hour or so."

The others nodded, waiting patiently. Every second, their eyes will dart to Merab. However, nothing happened to her. Just then, Nasir couldn't contain his hunger.

"Fuck! I'm eating. " He dashed and picked up the meat, biting a large piece.

"What! This can't be true. " He mumbled, digging into the meat.

Hearing this, Chloe and Nika looked at each other, but they controlled their impulse to grab the meat.

After waiting for what seems like forever, Justin nodded. "This meat is safe to eat. Besides, do we have other options? "

He looked at the two beside him and said, "It is safe to eat--"

Nika and Chloe didn't wait for Justin to finish his speech before they rushed to pick up the meat. The moment they eat the meat, the expression on their faces says it all.

"Remember, you are only eating one for a day." Justin declared



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