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Merab felt something drop on her shoulder. Then, she felt pain like never before. Her muscles tensed; her lungs constricted. Her heart squished.

She fell on the floor, eyes reddened, veins protruding on her forehead, wriggling in pain while blood flowed out from the corner of her lips.


"What the hell?"

Justin's mouth was ajar. He looked at the two people wriggling on the floor in misery. Suddenly, his perception changed, making all his hair stand straight. His heart missed a beat.

Instantly, Justine waves his hand and his weapon oscillates over his head, creating a force field, releasing a humming sound.

Pa Pa's

A black liquid fell on the force field and wriggled for a couple of seconds like a worm before evaporating into thin air.

Observing everything that happened with his perception, Justin's back was drenched in cold sweats.

"This is bad!"


Another black liquid fell on the force field. However, before the new liquid evaporated, another liquid fell on the force field.

Justin wanted to sigh in relief when the liquid moved toward each other and mixed together, forming a stronger liquid.


The force field shook slightly. Justin's expression changed immediately. He increased the power of the force field and, without further delay.

He carried both Nika and Merab on his shoulders. He looked at the enormous bear and thought for a couple of seconds.


He gnashed his teeth and held on to one of the beast's paws. He carried the three toward the safe building while sweat poured from his forehead.

Furthermore, the number of liquids on top of the forcefield had increased.



Endurance: 20 (-10).

Endurance: 10 (-5).


Watching his endurance drop at a rapid pace His heart missed a beat. He gnashed his teeth, increasing his speed.

His muscles tensed, trembling. Blood rushing to his face, veins protruding from his forehead.

His breathing was erratic, his chest moving up and down. While the rings had lost their luster, with little to no huming from them,

"I can do it. I can do it. " He muttered, panting. "There are only a couple of meters remaining. I can't fail. "



Justin didn't need to check the force field to understand what the hell was going on above his head. He knew, at any moment, his defense would break.

'Should I drop Merab? '

He thought, but he immediately shook his head from the thought. He took a deep breath and looked at the building in the distance.

It's either now or never.


Endurance: 5 (-3).



Justin dashed forward with everything he had. His muscles bulge while sweat drips from his topless body like a stream. His leg turned jelly, he stumbled, nearly falling.

But in the split of seconds it took to reach the ground, he regained his footing, panting.

"That was close."



The force field broke and the heavy downpour fell on him. 'This is bad. This is bad. ' With a trembling leg, he quickened his pace. He wanted to run, but a light groan escaped from his mouth.

It was only a couple of meters from the building. However, it felt like the longest journey he would ever make in his life.


Justin cried in pain. Veins protruded from his body. He trembled while he was barely holding onto the people and beasts.

He bit his tongue to clear his head. Taking a deep breath, he moved forward while a sudden smoke came from his back.


Another black liquid landed on his shoulder. His skin reddened like a fiery red iron. The skin peeled off, and blood gushed out.

Despite this, he didn't stop. He moved forward and entered the building. When Justine entered the building, he dropped all the baggage and fell on the ground. His eyelids twitched and everything became blank.


"Hmm." Justin murmured, stretching his arms. He stood and looked at the surroundings.

"You're awake." Nasir walked toward Justin, smiling. "It's a good thing you're awake.In addition, 'else,'"

"Stop with your rubbish... " Chloe chided.

She looked at Justin, and a sweet smile appeared on her lips. She adjusted her glasses and asked.

"How's your body?"

"Good! Where are the rest? " Justin inquired, raising his brow.

"They are yet to wake up." Chloe sighed. "But what happened to you three?" She was puzzled.

"How long am I out? And where is the beast? " Justin ignored her question, walking past her.

"12 hours. And what about that beast...What are we going to do with such a huge thing? " Nasir asked.

"Stop with your question. Lead me to the beast and the others. " Justin snapped.

Immediately, Nasir swallowed the next word in his throat and glanced at Chloe. However, Chloe averts her gaze. "Follow me."

"Is there any strange movement or attack during my absence?"

When Chloe and Nasir heard Justin's question, their hearts missed a beat.

They've been wondering what the hell was happening and why everywhere was in total darkness with an eerie feeling and sound.

"Nothing much happened. Only some slight movement from the distant and creepy sounding from the rain. " Chloe answered.

When they entered another room, the enormous body of the howling mountain bear lay lifelessly on the ground. Seeing this, Justin breathed a sigh of relief. 'Good thing nothing happened to it. '

"Who made the campfire?" he asked.

"That would be me." Nasir patted his chest.

"Good. You should be able to handle the beast's meat, right? " Justin asked, though he was not asking.

"I can't—"

"You what?" Justin turned to him with a cold face.

"Leave everything to me. I'm quite proficient at processing meat. " A sweat dropped from his forehead under Justin's icy stare.

However, if he knew Justin was not looking at him, he would dig a hole to hide his face.

A chuckle escaped from Chloe, but she immediately covered her mouth. She looked at Nasir, trying not to laugh.

Just then, she heard Justin's voice. "You will have to support him also."


Chloe's mouth slackened. She rolled her eyes. She wanted to protest but swallowed whatever she wanted to say and stomped her foot.

Justin didn't care about her. He left the room with his voice.

"Our survival depends on that meat."


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