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Justin moves closer to the raging mountain bear. Locking its eyes on Justin, the howling mountain bear growls louder.

It stumped its paws on the ground and dashed toward Justin. Pita Patters of water and blood fly everywhere.


Justin dashed toward the iing howling mountain bear while his weapon oscillated around him. A couple of feet from each other, the howling mountain bear howls loudly, sending a condensed vibration toward Justin.

His ear twitched, discovering the attack. Without further delay, his first weapon flew into the iing vibration.


Instantly, the vibration shattered like a broken glass. The mountain bear stopped abruptly on its path, a groan escaping from its mouth. However, before it could notice what was happening,

Another attack was on the forehead before it. growl. The howling mountain bear quickly raised his paw to defend against the attack.


It sends the bear a couple of meters back, crashing on the ground, creating a small pit. The howling mountain bear cried in pain as blood gushed out of its right paw. All the flesh in the right paw had been torn into pieces, making its bones visible.

It cried again, trying to stand up. However, when it discovers the presence, It growled louder and opened its mouth to attack.

But at that moment, a yellowish line appeared under its jaw and, bang! The Howling Mountain Bear went deeper into the pit, sand flying everywhere.

While the bear's mouth had been disfigured, it couldn't be closed. There weren't any teeth left in its mouth while blood gushed out from its major orifices.

The heavy rain fell into the pit, and in a matter of seconds, the pit was full of blood water. The howling mountain bear looked at Justin and its eyes trembled, closing, never to wake up again. After a few seconds of staring at the dead bear, Justin let out a light sigh.

"Thank you..." Merab announced to Justin, back.

"I didn't help. I only kill the beast because it is eatable. " Justin leaves the pit, not looking at Merab.

Merab opened her mouth, but the word wouldn'te out. She wanted to curse Justin, but her brain failed to provide a suitable curse. She only sighed, preparing to follow after Justin.

"What are you doing? Won't you bring the beast? " Justin questioned


Merab gasped. Her jaw dropped. But before she recovered from her shock, Justin was long gone. She widened her eyes and searched for him.

Only the heavy sound of rain and thunderous rumbling in the sky met her eyes. The thick stench of blood drifted into her nose while bones and blood flowed under her feet.


An ominous red lightning flashed in the sky, followed by heart-piercing thunder. When Merab heard that she witnessed this, her heart missed the beast.

She sucked in a cold breath. Under the heavy downpour, a bead of sweat fell from her forehead.

This is bad! Something is happening. " Merab shivered and rushed toward the pit. "How can I carry such a huge beast?" She grumbled. However, she never stopped walking.

"Where is the beast?" A voice came from Merab's back.


Immediately, a bow appeared in Merab's hand with an arrow. She pulled the bowstring, ready to fire, turning to the voice. A young man with a huge kitchen knife stood a couple of feet away from her.

"Who are you?" Merab asked coldly.

"Nika. Justin asked me to assist you. " Nika shrugged and moved closer to her.

When she heard Justin's name. Merab snorted and withdrew her bow. "The beast is over here... If we are going to move the beast, we need to move quickly before something happening. "

Meanwhile, Justin stood on the balcony of a tall building, feeling the heavy downpour, lost in thought. The sky was getting darker by the minute, while the wind was getting fiercer.

The strong wind blew in his face, causing his hair to fly around. But when he felt the wind, he furrowed his brow and a frown appeared on his face.

"This is no ordinary rain." He murmurs. He turned and looked in the direction of Merab and Nika. He took a deep breath and wrinkled his brow. He thought, "What's taking them so long?"

Another red lightning spark in the sky, followed by the booming sound of thunder. Just then, a red bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

At that moment, everywhere was totally silent. The wind stills. The rain drops slowly. And the little light illuminating the sky disappeared. Everywhere was in total darkness.


A tear sound echoed through the world. Every living thing was wondering what was going on except that moment. The earth shook, the mountains vibrated and cracked.

Volcanoes erupted.

The ocean and seas overflow their banks. A cackle cried deep within the ocean while a magma of fire shot into the sky.

After a couple of seconds, all of this earth-shaking event stops. And the heavy rain fell like never before. But this was no ordinary rain; it was something else.

Justin froze on the balcony. With his high perception ability, He could feel every change occurring deep in his bones.

Despite that, it didn't happen around him. Yet, he could somehow perceive it. Unknown to him, his heart pounded and sweat was pouring from his head like a dam.

After a couple of seconds, he recovered from the shock and took a deep breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "W-Where the hell are they?" His voice trembled, biting the corner of his lips.

"Shit!" He cursed, ready to jump into the darkness.



Nika cried in agony. He dropped the beast, falling down, wriggling in the pool of mud. His eyes turned red, veins protruding from his forehead.

"What happened to you?" Merab shouted. Her voice wavers. She moved closer to Nika with a trembling hand. She inhaled a deep breath and looked at Nika in the darkness, not understanding what was happening.


Chloe felt something drop on her shoulder. Then, she felt pain like never before. Her muscles tensed, her lungs constricted. Her heart squished. She fell on the floor, eyes reddened, veins protruding on her forehead, wriggling in pain while blood flowed out from the corner of her lips.


"What the hell?"


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