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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse


The sudden shout awoke the frozen zombies from their stupor. Immediately, they made a loud roar and rushed toward Justin.

The zombies differed from normal. Their skin had turned dark, and their eyes looked hollow with red pupils.

While some held crude weapons in their hands. Their movements were extremely quick. Now, they look nothing like the students from the former campus.

His perception focused on the inflow of zombies from all sides. Justin's expression never faltered.

He brought his weapon to his front and took a fighting stance. A gust of wind blew on to his face, swaying his short hair.

Just then, a great rumbling echoed from the sky, shaking the earth to the core. Lightning flashes, strong turbulence of wind, raising dust and other debris into the sky.

The strong wind continues to get stronger. Lightning shines brightly in the sky with a thundering sound.


A sudden cry echoed in the heavy atmosphere. Just then, something crashed directly into the midst of the zombies, sending some zombies flying.

Seeing this, the zombies paused for a split second and looked at the intruder. Their nose twitched while they made some inaudible noise.


Some zombies quickly pounce on the intruder. While the others rushed toward Justin. The sky became darker with a strong wind blowing everywhere.

When the zombies were only a couple of meters away from Justin, he made his moves.

The two rings moved swiftly while the glow around the rings was brighter than before.

Bang! Bang!

The rings destroy everything in their path, as if they were pieces of paper. Heads were flying before being squashed like melons.

Innards fall from the sky like rain. However, the zombies continue to rush toward Justin.

"H-H-Help!" A female voice echoed amid the zombies.


His ear twitched. Justin squinted his brow and turned in the voice's direction. Instantly, he sent an attack toward the source of the sound.


He turned all the zombies in the line of attack into smitten. Behold, a female with a bow in hand was struggling with a couple of zombies trying to bite off her head.

'I know you.' Justin thought while he waved his hand and it turned the zombies on top of the lady into a pool of blood.


The lady widened her eyes and looked in the attack's direction. She gasped. Just then, a thundering sound echoed from the sky and a drop of water fell from the sky.

"Will you just keep on staring at me like a fool?" Justine's crisp voice echoed beside the lady.



The land trembled, and an enormous beast appeared opposite of the lady. Its small eyes locked on the lady like prey. The beast growls and pounces on the lady.

At that moment, the lightning spread throughout the sky and then a heavy downpour.


The beast pounces on the girl furiously, not caring about the zombies. Seeing this, the lady scrambles up, holding her bow. And then something that shocked Justin happened.

On the bow, a brown arrow magically formed. Without wasting a single moment, she released the arrow. The arrow travels at an extremely fast speed, appearing in front of the beast in a matter of seconds.

Seeing the attack, the beast ignored the attack and waved its paw, generating a powerful tide of wind.


The lady cursed, jumping away from the attack. Bang! The lady dodged the attack by an inch.

However, the gush of wind from the attack sent her flying. Furthermore, all the zombies were smitten.

"This couldn't get any worse. Howling Mountain Bear. " Justin grumbled. Despite seeing the howling mountain bear. He didn't try to save the lady.

'This rain is not normal rain. I need to get the hell out of this rain. '

Bang! Bang!

He increased his attack, sending all the zombies surrounding him flying. Immediately, a pool of blood formed around him.

'There was something odd about his perception. Why are the darker zombies not attacking me? Hmm, they seem to retreat. Did they have some kind of intelligence? ' Justin gasped after discovering this.

"Hmm, my endurance has dropped again." Justin's heart skipped a beat. "I need to move." Just when he was about to move, he heard the lady's scream

"Please don't leave me."

However, he didn't respond to her, preparing to leave. Noticing this, the lady dodged another attack from the howling mountain bear.

"Shit! If you save me, I will tell you a secret. " She shouted.

She puked out a gush of blood from her mouth, holding her stomach. Her legs trembled, her face pale. Her face was damp, with strands of hair all over her face. She panted.

"For you to know it, it is no longer a secret. And besides, I can capture you and find the secret from your mouth. " Justin said coldly.

"I mean no harm. If I mean you harm, I won't show you the medicine chamber. " She blurted.

"Do you have any choice, then? And besides, that's why I don't want to save you now. Both times I met you, you were in danger. Do you plan it or what? "

Hearing this, the lady didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Did she wish to be in danger every time? Definitely not. But she can't help it. Her luck was so-so.

Noticing that Justin wasn't preparing to save her. She sighed. "I discovered that the beast's meat is edible." Saying this, she closed her eyes after seeing the iing attack.

Justin sent the last zombies into a pool of blood and furrowed. He tilted his head and pricked his lips. At once, a whistling sound echoed toward the howling mountain bear.

Discerning the iing danger, the beast stops its attack and turns toward the attack, howling loudly. All the fur stood straight, shiny with some luster.


The single ring hit an invisible force and bounced back, shocking Justin. A slight gasp escaped from Justin's mouth upon noticing this. However, he recovered immediately.

"I see. That's your ability. "


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