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At that point, Justin retreated a couple of meters, generating a gush of wind while two yellowish images traveled at lightning speed toward the iing zombie.

The black zombie rolled its eyes in their sockets, trying to stop its attack, generating a cloud of dust.

Despite trying to stop its movement, the momentum of its speed made it quite impossible to stop.

Bang! Bang!


Something shot back like an arrow, crashing into the nearby building. The building trembled, the air vibrated, and cracks appeared on the ground.

Meanwhile, Justin appeared a couple of meters from the almost destroyed building.

"Like I guess. Humph! Let me see how you handle this. " Justin whispered, twisting his hand, generating a swirl of wind and sending it forward into the building.

Bang! Bang!

The continuous yellowish afterimagees in and out of the building.

A crack appeared on the building, pillars fell, the wall disintegrated like sand, and a cloud of dust was raised in the air. Amid the dust at the center of the building.

A deep pit was created, and at the center was a humanoid being. All the flesh on its body had almost been peeled off, leaving only its skeleton.

A light crack appeared on the skull right at the back.


The black zombie made an indistinct sound. The sound vibrates throughout the room, shattering any glasses in its path.

Hearing the sound, Justin frowned. All the hair on his skin stood straight while the pores opened.

'This is not good! I need to kill this asshole on time. '

"What the hell is that sound?" A female murmured, raising her head in the sound's direction.

This kind of question appeared in the student's mind when they heard the sound.

However, no one dared check the source. The ominous feelinging from the sound gave them a fright.

While those students who were planning to go in that direction change their minds at the last minute and go in a different direction.

Without further ado, Justin increased his attack. The air in the building vibrated, whispering.

The building shook vehemently, sending tremors through the environment.

The humming became louder; the wall disintegrated quickly, and the building collapsed from the bottom up.

Despite this, Justin ventures inside the destruction. Unknown to him, every dust particle that came a couple of feet away was turned into nothingness.


The building couldn't sustain the enormous vibration and collapsed on top of Justin.

However, Justin didn't care.

He only revolves a ring over his head and all the debris from the building bounces off of him.

Stopping a couple of feet from the black zombies. The black zombie squeaks, seeing Justin. Its red eyes turn a shade of black.

It pointed two weapons toward Justin, who was trying to stand but only to be accosted by another attack.


Many cracks appeared on the sturdy bones of the zombies. Yet, it never breaks.

"What kind of bone is this?" Justin exclaimed in his mind.

"Every being has an inherited weakness. It's only left for me to look for it. "

The glow on the two rings increased while the humminging from them increased. I realized something was wrong.

The black zombie struggles to leave the pit. However, Justin didn't stop it from leaving the pit. He focused on increasing the magnitude of his attack, waiting for the right moment.


When the black zombies jumped out of the pit with a somewhat frightening laugh, Kekeke. Only to halt its movement, as you can see.

At that moment, everything entered in slow motion.

The two rings moved at breakneck speed toward the Black Zombie, while the humming sound caused the zombie bone to tremble.

It blinked its red eyes twice, shaking its skull left and right.

Bang! Bang!



Three things were flung in three opposite directions.

The black zombie flew like a bullet to the back, its two weapons to the left and right before vanishing into the darkness.

Crashing on the ground, the red glow on the zombies' eyes dimmed.

Many bones were shattered into pieces while a hole appeared in its skull. The ribs covering its black heart had been shattered.

"You didn't die!" Justin exclaimed, his mouth ajar.

However, he quickly recovered from his initial shock, taking a deep breath.

"If a single attack couldn't finish the job, then let's see how long you can last. "

Just then, a slight tremor appeared in the air. Justin's ear was packed straight. He furrowed.

The atmosphere's temperature dropped rapidly. Then suddenly, a black cloud covered the sun.

A powerful gust of wind blew out of nowhere. The rustling and rumbling of sound came from everywhere.

Feeling this, Justine's heart missed a beat. A bead of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"What the fuck is happening? Why can't this day get any better!? " He cursed in his heart.

"Hump! Whatever is going to happen, I will kill this asshole. "Justin murmured.

With that, he dashed toward the zombie that was already on one knee.

Noticing Justin, the black zombie eyes rolled in their sockets. And an eerie laugh came from its mouth.


Just then, a swarm of zombies appeared in Justin's perception from every angle. Noticing this, his heart skipped. He took a deep breath and faced the black zombie.

"So, you call your minion to assist you. Futile effort. "

Saying this, a golden circle appeared on Justin's head. At that moment, the world loses its sound. Only the humming sounding from the ring remains.

"Disintegrate!" Justin's voice echoed like an imperialmand. All the iing zombies stop in their tracks automatically.

The two rings flew toward the black zombies, but instead of hitting the target, they revolved around the zombies, oscillating, generating an attracting force field.

In a split second under the attack, all the zombies' bones began to disintegrate into dust.


The black zombie cried its last cry before turning into nothingness. The two rings return on top, oscillating quietly.

Just then, a message appeared in Justine's mind. However, before he could check the notification, a shout came from his left.


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