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My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

Chapter 200 Birth Of Framework

William didn't blink as he watched his charade and after a couple of moments. He shook his head and sighed.

"I hope you change your mind and realized how stupid and selfish you are." He muttered as he began to arrange the scattered papers.

Storming out of the room with raging fury, Mack moved to another section of the ark with various thoughts in his mind. With William out of the equation, he knew to pull off his plan; it had gotten more difficult than before but he wasn't ready to let go of his plan. Right from the beginning, he believed the reign of the group had been tyrannical and must be stopped. Most especially, Justin. He must put an end to his selfish reign.

"Chief, we are preparing to move out at any moment and the Commander is waiting for you." A young man accosted him and said with a slight bow.

"Right, lead the way."

Since they entered into unknown territory, the ark had been on high alert with the defense team scotting the district from a small window and use of a microscope. In the royal suite, Justin stared at the newly created armor and weapon with a bright smile. He raised his head and looked at Chloe and Grandpa Philip.

"Tell me more about them."

Chloe and Grandpa Philip looked at each other before Grandpa Philip cleared his throat. "This is rank 3 armor. With the new forging technology from the book of knowledge. I managed to create a basic rank 3 armor...." He paused to arrange his thoughts before he continued.

"Without the runes, this armor is lightweight and could be worn by anybody with a bit of strength. It could withstand an attack from any being from Second Circle or Grade downward. While the weapons could cut and penetrate any object from rank 3 below. But with the runes…" He looked at Chloe and she nodded.

"The defense of armor rose to rank 5 and could defend against Third Circle attack while the weapon would cut anything from Third Circle downward. The armor consisted of three runes. The strengthened runes, deflection runes, and the elemental runes. The elemental runes consist of two main elements. Fire and Ice. If the temperature is too high, the ice rune could regulate according to the body temperature and vice versa.

"As for the weapon, it consists of two runes. The penetrating runes and the sharpening runes." She concluded her monologue and looked at Justin as she adjusted her glasses.

Justin nodded and picked up the saber and felt its weight for a moment before he tested the weight of other weapons. After scrutinizing the weapons and armor from the inside out and saw many things that weren't obvious to the naked eye. He nodded once more.

"How long will it take you to create each of these?" He asked.

"With the runes?" Grandpa Philip questioned.


"To create a single armor… I use about 45 minutes and for weapons…. 35 minutes. But with the runes, an hour plus…"

"In short, to equip our men, you need about a week or more."


"What if I took the runes part out of it? Can you equip our men in 3 days?"

Grandpa Philip rolled his eyes and looked at Chloe before nodding his head. Seeing this, Justin stood up slowly and waved his hand. A dome covered the duo as they looked at him with wide eyes.


They closed when a blinding light flashed into their eyes. What the hell was that!? They screamed in their heart as they opened their eyes slowly.

"What are you doing standing there like that?" Justin's voice echoed in their ears, jotting them from their trance.


The duo jumped backward and screamed with their mouths agape. They were inside the forging room while he was already placing a formation plate on the ground. The duo looked at each other and saw the shock written on each other's faces. How is this possible? That was the question in their mind.

The distance between the royal suite and the forging department was over 10 cars but they appeared in the room in a flash. And from the look of things, they had arrived earlier and were already setting up the formation before his voice echoed in their ears.

"This should be ok for now…" He said casually, not minding their stunned expressions.

They recovered from their initial shock and looked at the blue light, blinking beside the forging equipment.

"What's that?" They asked in unison.

"A formation combined with runes. I called it a framework."

A framework?

"This framework will serve as a medium of inscribing the runes on the weapon. When you place any weapon inside the formation… Maximum of three at the same time. The blue light would change to green, thus signaling the process of inscribing and when done. It will turn to white."

"If you place an armor inside. it would change to orange and when done. It turned white. And if the inscription failed, It turned red."

"Any question." He raised his head and looked at both Grandpa Philip and Chloe.

It took the duo a couple of seconds to recover from the initial shock and yet, they had nothing to say. Chloe was an inscription master and she couldn't wrap her head around what she just heard and fixed her gaze on the blue lights.

"How long does it take to complete the inscription?" Grandpa Philip managed to ask.

"10 minutes max for three items and for a single item… 5 minutes or so."

They were too numb to get shocked as they looked at Justin like some kind of freak. After waiting for a couple of seconds and receiving no response he clapped his hand twice and prepared to leave.

"Chloe, I'll give you the framework to study with Susan for it to become more perfect and efficient."

"Grandpa Philip, you can start now…"


The duo covers their eyes with the back of their palm from the blinding light. When they removed their hands from their faces, Justin was long gone.

Sighed! The duo sighed and prepared to test the formation.

"When did you enter!?" John's voice came from behind.

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